Hello there!  My name is Joshua Buss and you’ve stumbled upon (or more likely I told you about) my personal website.

This has been a long time in coming; I’ve actually wanted to set up my own domain, website, blog, and e-mail for several years now.  Thankfully, with my recent "change" of jobs, I both realized the importance of such an effort and had the necessary free time to make it happen.

Of course, I've done some of these before, but never before have I had a consistent name which I really liked nor a website technology that I was particularly fond of. I came up with "Chicago Buss" a while ago for twitter, but I recently decided it was a good enough alias to use in more places, so I gobbled up the domain while it was still free and have been hacking on it whenever I get the chance.  Building the site from scratch using technologies I’ve learned to love at work has helped keep the motivation up, too.

As with most things I do, I'm multitasking a bit here - I'm simultaneously trying to share some of what I've learned over the years via the blog, put some of my hard-earned best-practices to use wherever possible, and maybe show off just a little where I can.  Oh and of course I'll include a resumé and some project info for those who want to see that kind of stuff.

So far, here are the major points of what I have working and some basics on how they work:

1) AWS-hosted micro instance

2) Cloudflare DNS and content acceleration

3) Nginx + wsgi + flask for this site

4) Blog entries are just published google docs (feel free to link them directly if you

5) Disqus integration for comments (not per article since I feel like that’s overkill on personal blogs like this)

5) e-mail setup "properly" ( josh@<this domain> )

True to my nature all of this (so far) is built on free services with the exception the domain name itself.  Oh, and expect this to break as I keep hacking on it…