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Parent Guide to Financial Fitness for Life

  • This guide should be given to parents before unit starts as a helpful tool to reinforce our topic at school

Even though we aren’t following this exact program, this guide is extremely helpful for parent information

 Toys For Me

Goods and Service Lesson

 Forecasting Economics

 Trade to The Tailor   

  Formative Assessment

 Online Interactive Tools

Student Online Site

  • These are great lesson from Econedlink, provided free when you sign up.  The interactive piece is great because you can clearly embed a lesson or story into your own site or LMS

 These lessons will teach to the essential questions of the project.  It will give students the background knowledge they will need to develop their PSAs.

Scarcity Chain Reactions


  • These lessons came from a resource on the Colorado Department of Ed site on teaching financial literacy

Again, these activities will be useful to build knowledge before inquiry begins as to what the students want to find out.

 Scarcity and Choice Lesson


  • This is a great unit for financial literacy put out for primary students from Ohio State.

The importance of choice will come into play during our entire school year.  

FDIC Money Smart Teacher's Guide/Student Activity Book

  • Free teacher’s guide and student activity book that covers all financial literacy topics for K-2

Another resource to gain information or to use as mini-lesson for students.  This would be a great tool for differentiation as it seems for K-1


  • This is a great site to start kids in your classroom to blog.  

When blogging, students can share and write about new learnings or ideas.

Vocabulary Resource for  

 Financial Literacy

  • Great resource for financial literacy vocabulary

 Vocabulary Resource for  

 Financial Literacy


Google Apps for Education

Google Classroom

EdTech Team Google Summits

  • Great tools to create content and use daily in education.  Forms, sheets, documents, and youtube are a few apps available.

Linking the new classroom LMS feature as well as additional place for teacher professional development

Project Based Learning Site

  • gives so many resources for teachers

Many resources are free and other people’s projects inspire projects for your own classroom

Jigsaw Activity with students

  • Easy steps to follow as you put your students in groups


  • This app gives you an easy way to record students and incorporate other resources.  Very easy to teach students how to use.

Using ipads in the classroom are another tool for practicing their 21st Century learnings.

Mad Money

Brand Name Battle

Spending Safari

Money Topics

  • PBS kids has a great site that includes stories and game simulations about financial literacy

I would use these games and stories as another choice during a different time of day for additional practice.

Formative Assessment Examples

  • 56 Examples that were Curated by David Wees, Formative assessment specialist, New Visions for Public Schools

Anyone who puts a presentation together like this to share under creative commons, should be commended!

Google Forms for Assessments

  • Google Forms are essentially a survey tool used so teachers can draft questions, whose answers can be collated and analyzed. Question types are text, paragraph text, multiple choice, checkboxes, choose from a list, scale and grid

Article gives lots of uses for google forms.  

Apps for Assessment

  • This entire website covers many 2.0 web tools that can be used for assessment

Site also indicates what teachers need to do for set up

Kathy Schrock’s Guide to Everything

  • This is specific to her guide to assessments and rubrics

Teachers should start here when developing assessments or rubrics.

Learning from Student Work and Protocol

  • This resource gives educators effective ways for students and teachers to learn from student work

This gives teacher’s specific explanations on using student work.

Making A Case for Financial Literacy

  • This article gives you the reasons why this project was chosen

To be inspired comes from many places.  An inspired teacher will teach subject matter in ways that connect to children

 Jump$tart Coalition website, Clearinghouse

 National Endowment for Financial Education

•  Council for Economic Education

•  Junior Achievement

•  Federal Reserve ( Piggy Bank Primer)

 US Dept. of Treasury/ US Financial Literacy & Edu.

US Mint

•  US Dept. of Labor

  • Great sites for students to research their questions for inquiry
  • Great sites for teachers to get additional knowledge and resources to teach financial literacy to students of all ages