Skill Mill Materials Sheet

Our laser cutter is a Full Spectrum P-Series 36 x 24, 90 watt with a CO2 laser. Please see the tables below for cuttable and etchable materials. The determining factor of cutting and etching a material is what the material is made of. Here is a list of materials that are safe to etch and cut on the laser cutter.




Non pressure treated solid woods

Resinous or oily woods may catch fire.  Please do not use.

Non pressure treated plywood

Exterior or hobby grade work great.  


MDF may char when cut.

Paper, card stock, cardboards

All cut great but etching into papers and cardboards does not come out well.


Quality of the cut varies with the amount of glue used in the cork.

Acrylic (Lucite, Plexiglass, PMMA)

Cuts and etches well.


Thicker sheets tend to bubble and warp.

Natural-fiber Cloth

As long as it is not plastic coated, it will cut great.

Leather and Suede

Vegetable-tanned only.

Magnet sheets

This is like the material used in refrigerator magnets.

Non-chlorinated rubber

Very important to make sure the rubber does NOT contain chlorine. If unsure, assume it does.

Corrugated plastic

May take a few passes to cut.

Etch ONLY Materials Include:

Glass, Anodized Aluminum, Ceramic Tiles, Painted Metals, Stone


These materials will cause damage either to our machine or to our health when cut.  If the material is not listed anywhere on this document, we will need a Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) in order to verify whether we can cut the material safely.  



Chlorinated plastics like PVC, Vinyl, pleather/artificial leather, Sintra, Kydex

Emits chlorine gas we cut or etched.  Chlorine gas damages basically everything inside the laser cutter.  


Fire hazard.  Does not cut well.  Tends to melt rather than cut.


Emits cyanide gas and fire hazard.  Cyanide gas is extremely toxic.

HDPE (milk bottle plastic)

Fire Hazard


Emits dangerous fumes.  Glass cannot be cut.

Carbon Fiber

Coated carbon fiber emits dangerous fumes.  Non-coated thin carbon fiber can be cut but leaves frayed edges.

Pressure Treated Wood

Emits dangerous fumes.  Pressure treated wood should never be burned either in your fireplace, campfire or in a laser cutter.

Galvanized metal

Emits dangerous fumes.

Mirror surfaces

The laser beam is a light beam so the mirror will reflect the light.  This will cause damage to the laser cutter.  Some materials can be cut mirror side down.  

Styrene sheet

Creates lots of smoke when cut