Rivercrest Elementary Announcements

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Welcome to Rivercrest Elementary Announcements!  

We look forward to working with you to provide the very best education for our students.

Parents please remember that students cannot be dropped off on the school campus prior to 7:15 AM.  There is not anyone on duty to supervise them prior to that time and we want everyone to be safe.

November 3- Come on out and join us at the Rivercrest Elementary fall festival!  We will have bingo, cake walk, many games and prizes!  We look forward to seeing you.

November 6-Colts Detective Tuesday begins:  A grade level passage and a highlighter                                      

                        will be sent home each Tuesday with first and second grade students in a            

                        Ziploc bag. Directions for completion will be sent home with the first 


Grades K-2 will take Reading and Math NWEA Assessments:

November 26-29-Second Grade

December 3-6 First Grade

December 10-13-Kindergarten  

March 4-7-Second Grade

March 11-14-First Grade

March 26-28, April 1-Kindergarten

Interim II  December 18-19

Interim III  April 3-4

ACT Aspire Summative Dates

ACT Aspire Reading-April 23

ACT Aspire Math-April 24

ACT Aspire Science-April 30

ACT Aspire Writing/English-May 1