Excerpt, remarks by Karl Rove to Georgia Republican convention, May 18, 2013 (received by email from Daniel Malloy, Atlanta Journal-Constitution, May 29, 2013)

All of us have a responsibility to carry our conservative message to every corner and every community – the African-American community, the Latino community and young people and women and say our vision, our conservative values, are universal in nature and they belong to you too. We’ve got to get outside of our comfort zone and go places Republicans are not comfortable going. And we’ve got to get candidates who represent the diversity of our country. Look, in Texas we get 40 percent of the Latino vote on average. And that’s because every Republican is comfortable campaigning everywhere in Texas, and because we go out of our way to recruit qualified Latino candidates and run them for office. When George W. Bush won re-election in 1998 and we won every one of 28 statewide elected offices in Texas, white men were a minority of our ticket. And there’s a lesson in there for us. And finally we’ve got to have the grassroots humming at the highest level possible. George Bush would not have gotten reelected in 2004 had we not mounted the biggest grassroots apparatus ever put forth by a presidential campaign. But we’ve gotten away from it and we’ve got to get back to it.