The Student Preview is a tool that allows you, as an instructor, to view your course as a student. Note: This replaces the Add Test Student tool.

In this tutorial you will learn how to:

To begin viewing the course in Student Preview look at the top of the screen for this icon: 7-21-2014 1-34-54 PM.jpg 

Click on the icon to start Student Preview.  An orange bar will appear at the top of the course, indicating that you are entering Student Preview.


Once the process has completed, the orange bar will now notify you that you are in Student Preview.


From here you can browse the course as you normally would, but you will only see items that are available to students.  You will not be able to see hidden or unavailable items, or any edit options that you would normally see during edit mode.  You will also be able to complete assignments and activities as a student.

While in Student Preview there are 2 options to consider.  Click on the Settings button in the orange bar to see the options:

Once you are done browsing the course in Student Preview, click on the Exit Preview button on the orange bar.  The Student Preview will then exit and revert back to Edit Mode. (If you do not set a default in settings, you will see the settings before you exit).