undersized PG with top notch ballhandling, and general craftiness. decent decision maker in PnR but seems to only make first read (on ball defender/roll man), moves the ball quickly, and cuts hard without the ball. Solid effort on defensive end, willing defender, with good wingspan to make up for lack of height, but bites on fakes, subpar technique (hops instead of slides, can take poor angles, overpursues, gambles for steals). Slight build and can get bumped off his line easily, especially in the air. Creates penetration towards the rim with ease, but due to size has trouble finishing if he hasn’t created enough separation, so will need be more selective about which shots he takes at the rim and when he needs to kick out or dribble reset. Will need to get stronger and develop more crafty finishes, though already has a passable floater and can use clever angles with both hands. Carried a heavy load at OKST – nearly everything on offense ran through Evans (only other guy who could create offense is Carroll), which makes his turnover rate pretty impressive.

Rim FGA:

https://youtu.be/2uA2AGpcVqA?t=2m11s - transition defense, average speed, easy layup

https://youtu.be/2uA2AGpcVqA?t=3m48s - and 1

https://youtu.be/2uA2AGpcVqA?t=8m12s – easily beats josh Jackson off dribble, crafty finish at rim against jj

https://youtu.be/2uA2AGpcVqA?t=14m15s – josh Jackson switches onto evans, evans blows by to the rim for easy finish

https://youtu.be/2uA2AGpcVqA?t=16m19s – contested drive and contested shot. Poor decision.

https://youtu.be/2uA2AGpcVqA?t=20m54s – misses lob opportunity in transition, misses badly against jj.

https://youtu.be/2uA2AGpcVqA?t=34m33s – crafty drive to create FGA at rim, gets blocked. Lack of size/lack of elite athleticism shows here. Will need to get stronger and craftier - should jump into/absorb contact from trailing defender and draw foul in these situations.

https://youtu.be/2uA2AGpcVqA?t=47m39s – pnr drive, left hand finish high off glass

https://youtu.be/2uA2AGpcVqA?t=1h2m11s – casually blows by mason to the rim, draws fts

https://youtu.be/2uA2AGpcVqA?t=1h5m27s – crafty pnr, creates angle against bigger defender, doesn’t finish but drew defenders to create putback opportunity

Pick and Roll:

https://youtu.be/2uA2AGpcVqA?t=7m44s – rejects screen with clever ballhandling, delivers pass slightly off target with off hand to open man. Better delivery would have resulted in easier shot attempt

https://youtu.be/2uA2AGpcVqA?t=15m – bad decision and bad execution on lob pass to rolling big

https://youtu.be/2uA2AGpcVqA?t=26m38s – recognizes soft contain on pnr, pulls up for elbow jumper

https://youtu.be/2uA2AGpcVqA?t=35m43s – wrong choice out of PnR. Takes contested midrange jumper with two teammates available (corner 3 or roll man)

https://youtu.be/2uA2AGpcVqA?t=37m17s – overpenetrates, picks up dribble with no time on shotclock, forces teammate into impossible bailout shot

https://youtu.be/2uA2AGpcVqA?t=43m59s – pnr, attacks soft contain to create passing window, delivers nice pass for easy FGA, teammate should have finished for an and 1

3 pt attempts:

https://youtu.be/2uA2AGpcVqA?t=14m37s – defender goes under screen, pulls up for long 3. Bad miss, seems beyond his range, but decent read against coverageasdasdas

Midrange attempts:

https://youtu.be/2uA2AGpcVqA?t=17m38s – receives ball with 5 seconds on the clock, forced into tough shot vs josh Jackson

https://youtu.be/2uA2AGpcVqA?t=26m38s – recognizes soft contain on pnr, pulls up for elbow jumper


https://youtu.be/2uA2AGpcVqA?t=5m38s – quick push, delivers good pass to teammate in advantageous situation in transition

https://youtu.be/2uA2AGpcVqA?t=25m52s – quick recognition on outlet pass to open runner

https://youtu.be/2uA2AGpcVqA?t=36m26s – good transition push, questionable decision to leave his feet under the basket but works out OK


https://youtu.be/2uA2AGpcVqA?t=4m33s – on ball contain + sneaky help for deflection

https://youtu.be/2uA2AGpcVqA?t=5m57s – overpursues mason trying to jump passing lane for a steal

https://youtu.be/2uA2AGpcVqA?t=7m35s – opens up too much against mason, allowing straight path to basket

https://youtu.be/2uA2AGpcVqA?t=7m52s – hustles back in transition, gets deflection leading to turnover

https://youtu.be/2uA2AGpcVqA?t=53m10s – picks frank mason up full court and gets completely blown by. Not sure why he was picking him up from there

https://youtu.be/2uA2AGpcVqA?t=1h3m54s – beaten by mason after poor defensive footwork, then bites on weak pump fake and fouls