ACM SIGGRAPH Executive Committee Meeting

Friday, July 19

Hilton Anaheim

Anaheim, California


Attendance:  Tony Baylis, Paul Debevec, Jessica Hodgins, Jeff Jortner, Dinesh Manocha, Jacki Morie, James O’Brien, Ramesh Raskar, Turner Whitted, Jackie White, Marc Barr, Mashhuda Glencross, Lou Harrison, Barb Helfer, Aaron Hosier, Scott Lang, YT Lee, Scott Owen, Jaime Radwan, Cynthia Beth Rubin, Daniel Schmidt, Stephen Spencer, Brian Wyvill, Ashley Cozzi, Debra Venedam, Erin Butler, Gregg Talley, Angela Anderson

Absent: Masa Inakage

Guests: Gerrit van der Veer, Kristy Barkan, Dave Sepulsa, Thierry Frey

Avalon B

Jeff Jortner called the meeting to order at 8:40 pm. He welcomed everyone to the meeting and introductions were performed. Jeff thanked outgoing committee chairs—Jacki Morie, Scott Lang and Jaime Radwan—and outgoing EC member Turner Whitted.Thank you to retiring EC and chairs

Motion Review--The EC reviewed May Motions/Meeting Notes and electronic motions.

Electronic Motions, May – July 8, 2013

To approve the Nominations Committee members as submitted by the Nominations Chair.


To approve Rebecca Strzelec for a three-year term as CAG Chair, commencing January, 2014

To approve Marc Barr as the 2015 SIGGRAPH Conference Chair.

To approve Colleen Case as Chair of the ACM SIGGRAPH Education Committee, serving the remainder of Marc Barr's term

To approve Holly Rushmeier as the new PAG chair, and George Drettakis as a new member of the PAG

Finance Report 

Treasurer Tony Baylis presented the financial report. He looked historically at financials from 2005. The information is being presented in a new format so it’s easier to see at a glance where the financials stand.

He reviewed ACM required fund balance. With the projected loss from S2013, ACM SIGGRAPH will fall below its required fund balance. Jeff and Tony will have to explain this to ACM and present a plan for getting back to the required balance.

Tony added that they have looked at the conference expenses and carefully broken them down by program costs. He is happy to share this information with anyone. ACM SIGGRAPH is at 50% contractor costs compared to SIGCHI at 30%.

ACM SIGGRAPH needs to make some changes and more of this will be discussed later today.

Conference Updates


Greg Talley reported a forecasted $300,000 deficit for the conference. Anaheim was viewed as not a local LA meeting, so companies are not funding employees. Lower registration has impacted exhibits and sponsorship. There is a lot of information to be mined, some anecdotally. We need to be looking at the industry and what is happening and how we should be reacting to this.

We are at 91% of Projected Full Conference numbers for 1 week out, and still slightly over projected numbers for Full Conference One-Days.

We are $287,648 behind S2012 for 1 week out.  At this point in S2012 we were at 86% of our total registration income.  We are currently at 77% of budgeted income or S2013.

Symposium registration is lower than expected at 74. Registration, exhibits, and sponsorship are all down. With registration down, our hotel commission also drops. Once you pass March/April with content accepted, there is very little you can do to cut expenses without affecting the attendee experience.


Daniel Schmidt reported on the SA2013 conference. He reviewed program submissions. Art Gallery submissions have significantly dropped over the past two years and technical papers were down about 50. CAF submissions increased by 22 and mobile apps increased significantly.

He reviewed the budget, focusing on the three key areas of sponsorship, exhibition space and registration. To date, sponsorship has exceeded budget at 104%, exhibition space is at 86% of budget and registration has not yet opened.

SACAG is in discussions with Baoquan Chen about SIGGRAPH Asia 2014 to be held in China. A decision needs to be made by end of July because the booking option for Hong Kong (only alternative to China) expires. A preliminary budget shows financial risks for an event in China unless government funding can be secured. Baoquan Chen is working on funding. ACM SIGGRAPH’s financial risk for SIGGRAPH Asia is limited or rather nonexistent. According to the contract Koelnmesse pays a license fee of USD 50,000 even if the conference loses money. The SACAG concluded to propose a risk participation if we are staging the 2014 conference in China. A change in the contract will need to be approved by ACM.

Much of the strategy discussions have focused on SIGGRAPH, but the decisions will also affect SIGGRAPH Asia.  The EC recognizes they don’t have good data. 

Eurographics Agreement

Our agreement states that at US events we hold copyright; all proceedings go into the DL. If the conference is in Europe, they hold copyright but it goes in our DL. SCA and ACC really want the proceedings to go into a journal in Europe. ACM policy is that no conference proceedings will go into a journal. Eurographics has approached ACM Pubs Board and said maybe we will grandfather in SCA, but then this leads to other conferences wanting to do the same thing. Do we want to start making exceptions? If the proceedings go into a European journal, then Eurographics will always hold the copyright. .Eurographics has asked us to modify our agreement with them.

We need to make sure that the authors retain the same rights that ACM grants them.

Committee Reports—The ACM Committees presented the highlights from their written reports:

Chapters (Scott Lang)—The Chapters Committee has developed several documents for use by chapters--sponsorship guidelines, social media guidelines, and a chapter needs and assessment rubric. The Chapters Committee will hold its annual workshop on Saturday, but are not hosting the Chapters Party this year at SIGGRAPH.

The largest issue facing chapters is the difficulty in finding officers, because they don’t want to join ACM.

Communications (Jaime Radwan)—The Communication Committee has completed the Social Media Guidelines which have been approved by Jeff, but need to be approved by the EC. These are general guidelines, and then specific to Facebook and Twitter. This is a living document. There is a whole section for Chapters as well as a conference piece.

Publish Interactions newsletter every month and get good feedback. It would be good to start tracking the number of opens and also post this to the web site.

ACM SIGGRAPH’s Social Media presence continues to increase. YouTube has seen the greatest growth in the past year. Papers trailer was on the front page of reddit. With that jump, Facebook and Twitter also went up.

Digital Art (Jacki Morie)—Cynthia Beth Rubin will take over from Jacki Morie as DAC chair. The Digital Arts Committee’s primary social networking site (NING) is nearing 800 members in summer 2013. Of these, 261 report as being official SIGGRAPH members (last year’s figures were 700/238). This is slow but steady growth, with a minimum of advertising and no new shows to promote the group this past year. In addition to the NING site, DAC has a Facebook page that is growing rapidly in popularity.  There are currently 400 members in this group. DAC has converted most of its information from old web site to the new site. Work continues to return the artwork from the traveling art show.

Education (Marc Barr)--Promoted and in the process of organizing educator and student outreach for S13. This is a responsibility that was taken on for the 2012 conference and continues. Over 100 participants will be attending from the local area, mostly on Thursday for CAF.  The Education Committee continues to use BOFs to address interest in Educators’ sessions. This year there will be 15 grouped together and promoted to educators. The Education Committee has added some Professional Development sessions. One is a training sessions on Sunday in conjunction with Unity that has 75 registrants. Companies are covering the costs for these sessions. Autodesk has donated again this year, although not exhibiting.

The Committee is having some issues converting materials from old web site to new site. They still receive good hits to index and Educators’ site.

Information Services (Aaron Hosier)—IS is currently migrating the list server over to ACM system. Other activities have included help with the new website roll out; support for chapters and conference committees. The committee is looking at new trouble ticketing system, as well as creating documentation for IS processes.

Nominations (Scott Owen)--The Nominations Committee (Alain Chesnais, Mashhuda Glencross, Barbara Mones, and YT Lee) are Interviewing candidates this week. The committee is working to revise the nominations policy and will submit to the EC for approval post conference.

Publications (Stephen Spencer)—There are three concerns/issues related to publications: 1. ACMs rights management could be streamlined, in specific, pulling out the Digital Library permission piece, and having the contributor interact directly with ACM, 2. growing differences between ACM and Eurographics with respect to conference publications vs. journal publications, and 3. Deliverables for events. Do we need to have DVD or USB along with materials in DL? Talking with conference chairs early on so they know what the deliverable will be.

Small Conferences (Brian Wyvill)--The number of sponsored conferences is up slightly. Some conferences are experiencing problems pertaining to publications. Expressive is way down on registration this year. The issue is there is no journal.

S3 (Lou Harrison)—Activities completed include year-round resume/reel review, webinars, mentoring. The SV handbook continues to be maintained. S3 continues to have problems recruiting volunteers for its various activities.

Web site

The new web site has launched, but here are still lots of plans for future use of the site, including adding content from the sponsored small conferences. One of the new features of the site is the member login authentication so members can access the DL with a separate login. This will also be important as we move to member only content.


Discussion of new web site/Google Apps/Doodle voting

Need to start moving historical documents to the google apps site. Need the structure to be set up so this can easily be done.

Meeting schedule for FY2014

The next meeting days are October 4-6. Location has not been determined.

The EC discussed changing the timing of the EC meeting at SIGGRAPH. No consensus was reached about the optimal day for the meeting.