Top Names

Dan North

Dan is an agile troublemaker, developer and originator of BDD. His presentation style has been described as Eddie Izzard meets The Architect from The Matrix.

Dan North online:

Ben Christiansen

Ben is a software engineer on the Netflix API Platform team responsible for fault tolerance, performance, architecture and scale while enabling millions of customers to access the Netflix experience across more than 800 different device types.

Aaron Bedra

Aaron is the application security lead at Braintree. He is the co-author of Programming Clojure, Practical Software Security, and another upcoming Pragmatic Press book.

Trisha Gee

Trisha is a developer at 10gen (the MongoDB company). She has expertise in Java high performance systems, is passionate about enabling developer productivity, and has a wide breadth of industry experience from the 12 years she's been a professional developer.

Douglas Crockford

Douglas is the inventor of Tilton, the ugliest programming language that was not specifically designed to be an ugly programming language. He is best known for having discovered that there are good parts in JavaScript. This was an important and unexpected discovery. He also discovered the JSON data interchange format.

First Timers

Bodil Stokke

Bodil is a compulsive conference speaker in the fields of functional programming and internet technologies. She is a prolific contributor to the Free Software community, primarily as a Clojure developer, and has recently taken up designing new programming languages as a hobby.

Faruk Ates

Faruk is the creator of Modernizr, an award-winning JavaScript library for the next generation of websites and web applications.

Eva Andreasson

Eva has been working with Java virtual machine technologies, SOA, Cloud, and other enterprise middleware solutions for the past 10 years. Eva has been awarded two patents on garbage collection heuristics and algorithms.

Jesper Richter-Reichhelm

Jesper is working as Head of Engineering at Wooga, one of the most popular social games developers for web and mobile in the world. It's his job to make sure that developers can work and usually he does that by letting those who know things best make decisions -  the developers themselves.

Cristina Videira Lopes

Crista is a Professor of Informatics in the School of Information and Computer Sciences at the University of California, Irvine. Her research focuses on software engineering for large-scale data and systems. Early in her career, she was a founding member of the team at Xerox PARC that developed Aspect-Oriented Programming. Her open source contributions include being one of the core developers of OpenSimulator.


Dave Thomas

Dave is best known as the founder and past CEO and president of Object Technology International Inc. (formerly OTI, now IBM OTI Labs)and led the commercial introduction of object and component technology.The company is often cited as the ideal model of a software technology company.

Frank Buschmann

Frank Buschmann is a Senior Principal Engineer at Siemens Corporate Technology in Münich. In this position Frank is involved in, or responsible for, the definition and realization of software architectures for platforms, product lines, and large-scale distributed systems.


Experience design

It’s no secret that design has been a competitive factor for software and hardware products for years. This year we look into Experience Design.


Big Data and Open Data are hot.

Beyond Scrum - distributed teams

Pure Scrum is getting mainstream  - the trend is to look beyond and tackle some of the hard problems e.g. distributed teams.


We all want to be well-rounded it-professionals and GOTO thinks your career is worth talking about.

Where are the stories?

We asked the speakers to tell us what stories they would like to tell.

Ask Roy Oshorove about his books and online videos.

Roy Oshorove has a new e-book out called Notes to a Software Team Leader ( and 2.nd edition of The Art of Unit Testing ( is also just out. You can find his online TDD course here:

Ask Robort Nyman about his involvement in cool projects.

Robert has been part of the Firefox OS project.

Ask Aaron Bedra about his new book.

Aarons latest book is about Programming Clojure, but his newest book project is not out yet. Maybe a scoop for you?

Ask Gabrielle Benefield about her involvement in defining new agile frameworks and contracts.

Gabrielle can tell you about her role in several projects:

 The Flexible Contract an open-source, outcome-based contract for complex work (agile/lean).

The O-model; a strategic planning framework for achieving business outcomes (and the model the flexible contract is built on)

Hot Housing; a product kickoff and exploration framework that brings UX and agile/lean together

Ask Jeff Hawking about his involvement in Open Source projects.

Launched an open source project NuPIC (Numenta Platform for Intelligent Computing) containing the cortical learning algorithms they use in Grok.

Ask Neal Ford about his video and book.

Ask Neal about his videos about Functional Thinking and Clojure, and his recent book Presentation Patterns.

Ask Janne Jul Jensen about her user group.

Janne is the head of a local user group about design and usability. Find it here:

Ask Mirko Presser about their Comic Book.

An internet of things comic book. Cool! The latest version can be found here: