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Mafia Battle Royale
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Mafia Battle Royale

A Battle of Wits

Welcome to the Mafia Battle Royale! This is an event the Mafia Room is hosting to let all rooms of PS battle it out. Think of it like PSPL, but without the Pokemon.

We’ll play in an EiMM (Everyone is Mafia Mafia). Each room will nominate 3 players to play, and they will become a “Mafia faction” (i.e. a team), and will get a kill together, along with other abilities. Their goal is to use their unique abilities, working both with and against other teams to become the last team standing!

The game will be hosted on the Mafia Room’s Forum, but it will be Outside Contact, which means you’re allowed to talk to players in the game anywhere.

The winners will get a shoutout in our roomintro, and the winning room will also get a shoutout!

We’d like to know whether you would be willing to participate! (Auth are encouraged to participate, but you are allowed to have regs on your team if you’d like.) To signup, PM ajhockeystar (ajhockeystar#0593) or Snaquaza (Property of Jiac#6470) on Discord or PS saying your room is interested, and name 3 people who will represent your room. Additionally, you must PM us 3 things from the Pokemon world. These can be characters, Pokemon, items, or anything really. Your abilities in the game will be based on what you choose! (You can specify who wants to be which thing you choose if you’d like.) Signups will end on the 17th, and the game should start on the 19th!

If you’d like to see how the game will run more specifically, see below!

To win, your team will have to be the last team standing from your “circle”. At the beginning of the game, teams will be put into different “circles”. For example:

Purple Circle: Mafia, Game Corner, Battle Dome

Green Circle: Trivia, Scavengers, Survivor

The Mafia team would have to eliminate the Game Corner team and the Battle Dome team to win. GC would have to eliminate Mafia and BD, and BD would have to eliminate Mafia and GC. You will not know what other teams are in your circle, you will just know what circle you’re a part of, so you’ll need to talk to other teams to get info!

Each team will have three players. Regular users are allowed to join, just please be fair and pick actual users who are regular users in your room. Each team will be able to use a kill each night to eliminate a player from the game. Each player will also avoid one kill, which means no need to worry about dying super early!

Each member of the team will also have their own individual abilities (or as they are called in Mafia, “actions”). These actions can range from protecting someone to save them in case they are killed, to investigating someone to find out what their abilities are, to blocking someone from using their ability that night, and many more! Each team won’t necessarily have the same individual abilities.

Each player will be represented with an alias. The list of aliases will be given at the beginning of the game, and so will the list of players, but not which players go along with each alias. Whenever you are using an action, you must target a specific alias, and the action will affect the player that has the alias you targeted. For example, if the players were ajhockeystar (alias: Red), Snaquaza (alias: Blue), and Aelita (alias: Green), and you target Green with a kill, Aelita would die.

On that note, you are encouraged to talk to other teams outside of the game thread. Feel free to make and break alliances!