Senior Option Lines 2017


Line 1

Line 2

Line 3

Line 4

Line 5

Line 6


L1 Science

L1 Art

L1 Food, Nutrition and Health

L1 Geography

L1 Primary Industry Agriculture

L1 Technology (Hard materials)

L1 English

L1 Mathematics

L1 Business Studies

L1 Design and Visual Communication

L1 Trades Technology

L1 Agriculture

L1 Digital Technology

L1 History

L1 Physical Education

Mixed Level

L1-3 Music

L1/2 Outdoor Education

L1-3 Fashion and Textiles

Primary Industry Academy


L2 English

L2 Physics

L2 Physical Education

L2 Primary Industry Academy

L2 Chemistry

L2 Mathematics

L2 Physical Education

Secondary Tertiary Partnership

L2 Biology

L2 Economics

L2 Geography

L2 Trades Technology

L2 Agriculture

L2 English

L2 History

L2 Food, Nutrition and Health

L2 Mathematics *

L2 Mathematics

L2 Biology

L2 English

L2 Tourism

Mixed Level

L2/3 Science

L1-3 Music


L2/3 Digital Technology


L2/3 Design and Visual Communication


L2/3 Art

L1-3 Fashion and Textiles


L2/3 Technology (Hard materials)



L3 Economics

L3 History

L3 Physical Education

L3 Statistics

L3 Biology

L3 Calculus

L3 English

L3 Outdoor Education

L3 Tourism

L3 Agriculture

L3 Chemistry

L3 Food, Nutrition and Health

L3 Geography

L3 Physics

*This Mathematics course is designed for students with Merit and Excellence results at NCEA Level 1 and requires good level of Algebra skills. It is a pre-requisite for taking Calculus in Year 13.