Strategic Plan

Our Vision

Watauga County Schools will be the best place in North Carolina to learn and work.

Our Mission

Educate for productive citizenship and lifelong learning.

Goal 1

Goal 2

Goal 3

WCS graduates all students prepared for further education, a career, and productive citizenship.

WCS provides students the best possible educational experience through a wide range of opportunities offered by the highest quality staff.

WCS provides its students and staff with modern, high quality, safe learning environments.

Our Strategies

  • Foster positive school culture aligned to student success
  • Engage student interests through rigorous, relevant, and diverse educational opportunities
  • Model integrity, leadership, diversity, service, and responsibility throughout the entire school community
  • Provide high-quality educational technology to all students

Our Strategies

  • Create structures for powerful collaborative planning
  • Recruit and retain the highest quality professionals
  • Provide relevant, current, ongoing professional development

Our Strategies

  • Develop sustained communication and partnerships with all community stakeholders
  • Promote and provide for student nutrition and health
  • Secure adequate long-range funding for all district programs
  • Operate modern, secure facilities