2013-05-30 V4 Workgroup Telecon Minutes


0. Preliminaries (5 mins)
  New meeting time. Sorry, but I have to address this again.

1. Test Framework status, (Matej, Andrew) (5 mins)
  Do we have agreement on how EPICS Base test can be used for EPICS V4?

2. Status of 4.3 beta release (Matej, Ralph, Andrew, Greg, David) (20 mins)
 * pvaSrv
 * ca provider
 * vxWorks (has email been sent to decide on which versions to support going forward?)
 * status of getting started changes and other web page changes.
 * clients/apps need to be converted? Do David and I have to change Example* repos?

3. General Purpose Data Carrying N-type (Bob) (20 mins)

4. New Convert plans (Michael, David) (10 mins)
 * Has David looked at it to see what impact it has on the Java implementation.
   - What recommendations for changes to C++ / Java. I don't want the Java
     bulldozed. Implementations must be symmetrical as much as possible.
 * If so, when is David free to merge? If not, is he free to merge anyway.
 * Will this new Convert go into 4.3?


0. Preliminaries

Meeting time: no resolution. Tentatively, Tuesday, 8 am (Pacific time)

1. Test Framework Status

Resolution: EPICS Base Test framework

2. Status of 4.3 beta release

vxWorks Support

AJ: Mail to ask community about vxWorks 5.5 support has not been sent yet.

AJ: vxWorks builds on Jenkins hopefully available this week. Mails about build results will go to the list.

GW: Can we disable out micro-benchmarking code on some targets, e.g. vxWorks?

MS: Should be possible.

MD: major problems: boost, io, stream libraries

CA Provider

MS: scope of ca provider: put, get, monitor; integration of eget

GW: then we can connect IOC without pvaSrv


RL: no updates => still works as it used to. On the list: disable pvGroup (MultiChannel) for Base 3.14, rename dbPv (v3Channel), maybe adapt to pvDataCPP-md (see below).

Getting Started / Web Pages

GW: Not started yet, but identified a lot of necessary changes in the web pages.

3. General Purpose Data Carrying N-type

deferred to next week

4. New Convert plans

DH: checked the new API with the previous services. It looks good, much better.

MD: expect to add the discontinuous support as a separate API

GW: expect to release beta 4.3 next week

MK: likes to use branches to merge Michael’s changes

GW and RL: let’s create the new repository (-md) for testing of Michael’s changes

GW: in future, we plan to use the similar approach by building the temp repository

RL: has an AI to prepare a workflow model based on git-flow which will use internal branches. (Michael sighs.)

MK: we need a new version of PvAccess to support changes

Resolution: beta 4.3 will come next week (without Michael’s changes)