The purpose of the blog is to provide a place to reflect and share evidence of one’s teaching practice and to demonstrate the school’s vision of being a life-long learner. The focus is on your continuous improvement.  The blog provides a way to gather evidence to support and review one’s own performance against the teacher registration criteria and professional standards.    

You will be asked to share and discuss your blog and its contents at your end of year appraisal meeting to show your growth as a teacher and to demonstrate how you have meet your personal goals.

The following Labels provide information that has been shared with you in Performance Management Folder

LABELS-the purpose



The Leadership Walkthrough area provides opportunities for the Leadership Team to visit your class to support your practice and to give feedback on the visits and to enable you to reflect and comment on the feedback.  (previous requests from staff have asked for feedback on their teaching on a regular basis electronically.  The Walkthrough model provides feedback on a regular basis.   It is important that your planning is always visible so that it can form part of the walkthrough feedback.

Please add comments, questions on the Walkthrough Label to demonstrate how you are reflecting on the class visits.  

Photographs, student voice and ongoing comments are an opportunity for you to share your teaching and learning.

When giving feedback or comment  it is important to either:

1. treat this as a new blog post in itself, or      2. make it a comment on an existing post.