Tips on google

By: Antonio Rodrìguez

Microphone:The microphone can help you by attaching another microphone to the computer and search with your own voice. It can help you be a more effective user of technology because maybe when you are doing a work and you need to search information fast or quickly you just can say what you want to search instantly with your voice. Maybe you are a slow and not such a good typer. In that case you could use the microphone for help. I would not use it because the computer could do many mistakes trying to understand what you are saying to it. It can send you to a different place you don't want to go. When you type the computer understands more what you are saying.

Quotations:If your search has no results  you can look for it again but in quotations. This can be very helpful if your first search did not work. When you learn how to do it you can type everything you want to search for in quotations and it will search at the moment, so then you can search for info faster and more effectively. I would use it because it gives you the info you want to search instantly and the computer understands more the things i want to look at.

 Definition:When you want to know the definition of something you can write define: and it will give you the definition of the word you want to know. When you are doing an assignment and there is a word you don`t know you can write in the search bar define: and the word you want to know. This can be very helpful, because then you would need to take a dictionary and look for the word. I would use it because it could save many time doing my work.

Google search: Google search is very important and helpful to students  of our age because it helps us in our daily life with work and things we need to do. It is like having an extremely intelligent genius as a friend every time you get home.

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I think i deserve a two or a three because i DID find useful tips and i said if i would use it in situations. But i did do it in paragraphs and i did not put two links i put only one.