#223 - The Angry Chicken: “First Days of Frozen Throne”


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Intro:  Welcome to The Angry Chicken!

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Opening Chat: How has the Frozen Throne launch been?

Hangout and Game Stream the 23rd

Nevermind, Dills won’t be here. Postponing until he’s back.

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Arena issues: Forced Synergy

In short: The first two picks in our Arena drafts now are forced synergy cards. Tribal cards like Murlocs or Dragons. But picking a Murloc for example, does not guarantee any increase in Murloc cards throughout the draft.

So the first two picks of all drafts are from an extremely limited pool of cards and are more often than not going to be bad picks because there’s nothing coded in to increase the synergy in the 28 later picks.

Also worth noting that should you be lucky enough to get a Legendary in your first two picks it’s an even tinier pool of cards and everyone is just picking Kazakus.



Jade Druid


Dills Updated List:


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Crazy Game Stories

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Greetings Cucco enthusiasts!

I was playing a seemingly standard demon handlock deck vs a quest priest. He probably assumed that I was a standard handlock with a finisher of bloodreaver Gul'dan.  However I had an ace up my sleeve, or three to be more specific.

late in the game I have a 4/1 twilight drake, and his board is empty.  Anduin is sitting  at 13 HP, but his quest is one away from completion.  To his surprise I doomsayer, ensuring the doom of my own drake, and killing nothing of his. He plays a Crystalline oracle to finish his quest, then ends his turn.  

After a snide greeting I play howlfiend, treachery, and then spreading madness.  from the effects of the spell he discards 4 cards, 1 was Amara, and another was shadowreaper Anduin. When the shock settled, my opponent conceded.  

I probably should take the combo out to improve my deck, but not before I can do it again!

Love the podcast, Keep up the great work!


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Grnxnhm (Green Eggs & Ham)

Greetings Confounded Cluckers,

I have been playing hearthstone daily since season 2 (I played 1 or 2 games in beta but had no clue what was going on). I have nearly 26,000 dust and over 2,000 gold that I'm saving for arena. I fell in love with arena during the frost festival. I currently have 76.92% of the KFT set.

My question is how long do I wait for the new meta to shake out before crafting  cards for the new decks? I've always been a filthy net decker and after trying to craft my own decks for KFT, I've found out that making decks isn't my skill.

Thanks and keep on clucking!


Greetings Angry Avians,

Does it seem like every expansion pushes us further towards value oriented and longer games? I think the constant complaints about aggro, RNG and OTK in the past years have inevitably led to the meta we have now.

Specifically, I wanted to lay out the example of "SI:7 agent" vs "thoughtsteal" which were both considered good cards if not staples for the rogue and priest deck. This was a classic example of tempo/board presence vs card draw/value. But now neither of those cards are played and it's not because they're bad but because you no longer have to CHOOSE between value or tempo. Each of the decks can just have "stone hill defender" which provides the board presence AND value.

Is it possible Blizzard has underestimated the power of value?


Hey Hot Chicks,


I am very excited for the new expansion and especially for the recently revealed cards: The Lich King and Arfus.  I think the death knight cards are very well designed and are going to be a lot of fun to play with.  However, and I hate to bring this up, we will be receiving these powerful, game changing cards at random.  How much is this going to hurt Hearthstone’s reputation as a competitive esport?


There are eight different death knight cards with a lot of variety in mana cost and effect.  Very hard to predict what you will receive or what your opponent has.  Does the wide variety help or hurt?


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