Southern Boone County

R-1 School District

Transportation Guidelines for Parents and Students

Behavior Expectations for Students:

Student riders are expected at all times to be safe respectful and responsible. Students will…  

  1. Follow directions at all times.
  2. Remain seated when riding.
  3. Keep aisles clear.
  4. Use inside voices.
  5. Be on time.

  1. Choose a responsible seat.
  2. Use good manners.
  3. Be observant of others.
  4. Keep hands and feet to oneself.
  5. Keep track of belongings.

Bus Conduct Policy:

In order to insure the safety of every student that rides a school bus at Southern Boone County Schools, the following policy will be in effect:

1.  At the beginning of each year and periodically throughout the year, the bus rules will be discussed with the students.

2.  When misbehavior occurs, a bus conduct notice will be given.  This notice will be given to the school administration.  The parent will be notified of this warning.

3.  The second time the driver issues a conduct notice for the same student, the student may be  suspended from riding the school bus up to 3 days.  All decisions are subject to administrative discretion.  The parents will be notified of this suspension by phone and/or mail.

4.  Subsequent written conduct notices may increase the suspension time up to 5 days for the third violation and 10 days or more for the fourth and future violations.

5. Continuous misbehavior and conduct notices may result in the loss of riding privileges for a semester.

Note: Serious conduct violations may result in immediate suspension.