At Greenwood School, we surround the children with beautiful images, colors and living objects. This environment includes the ‘living landscape’ created daily by our children at work and at play on our campus. Greenwood’s dress code is intended to free the learning environment from clothing that is visually distracting, disrespectful or unsafe.




Simple, free fitting, commercial-free and weather appropriate

Shorts and skirt lengths down to the ends of the [1]middle finger when arm extended down one’s side

Tank top straps a minimum of 1.5”

No spaghetti straps

No exposed midriff (arms extended above head)

No camouflage-style clothing

No ragged, torn, or written-on clothing

No logos, cartoonish images or media imagery

No low-cut necklines

No hats inside building

No visible underwear

No revealing or see through items

No sagging pants or skirts


Safe, sturdy, flexible, firmly attached to the foot and have good treads

No heels or platforms

No slick soles

No crocs or flip–flops

No shoes with lights

JEWELRY (Grade Students Only)

Watches with analog faces

Small hoop, stud earrings, necklaces & bracelets

No earrings hanging longer than 1” from earlobe

No alarm, calculator or smart watches


Grooming should be neat and clean

Modest, light-colored nail polish in 6-8th grades

No makeup, body art, tattoos or glitter

No nail polish or perfume

No sunglasses (indoors)

No hair feathers, decorations or extreme hairstyles or colors

Exceptions: With class teacher consent, 8th graders may wear slight eyeliner (top only) & light-colored eye shadow.

[1] Greenwood School Dress Code   Last Updated: June 15, 2018