Digestive system 

There are 5 organs in the Digestive system. Oesophagus, liver, stomach, Small intestines and large intestines. The digestive system breaks down the food that you eat. It is how your body turns food into energy.

In the mouth the top two and bottom two teeth cut the food. Also the back case like the food. Also the back teeth grind the food , the tongue whips the food of the teeth. Food get pushed down the  oesophagus.

It takes about 6 second to get to stomach peristalsis Style. When it Get the stomach the peristalsis is still happening. it takes about 4 hours in stomach wall.

Next it get into the  small intestines , The small intestines is long. It is 6 to 7 Metres long it is the longest organ, the Large intestines is wide but short. The food turn into faces.

The digestive system works hard in life , That's why digestive system is important.

By Scarlett - Rose Diosi