Carbon Changelog

We have created a new changelog with an easier to use format that is also easier to read. Please remove this bookmark and add the new link. Enjoy!

Changes made on 9-03-2014

  • Small changes

Changes made on 9-02-2014

  • Small changes

Changes made on 9-01-2014

  • Added German translation for Carbon Fibers
  • Other changes

Changes made on 8-31-2014

  • Small changes

Changes made on 8-30-2014

  • Fixes to phone app
  • Fixes to media provider
  • Other changes

Changes made on 8-29-2014

  • Small changes

Changes made on 8-28-2014

  • Various changes and fixes through a variety of places in the rom
  • Changes made on 8-27-2014
  • Switched Hammerhead to CM base
  • Theme Manager fixes
  • Changes made on 8-26-2014
  • Small changes

Changes made on 8-25-2014

  • Added option to disable heads up notification on lockscreen
  • Changes made on 8-24-2014
  • Add call recording option from CM
  • Added customization option for incoming call screen
  • Added Soft Reboot option to power menu
  • Many fixes to proximity sensor
  • Other changes

Changes made on 8-23-2014

  • Small changes

Changes made on 8-22-2014

  • Small changes

Changes made on 8-21-2014

  • Changes to i9500 kernel

Changes made on 8-20-2014

  • Small changes

Changes made on 8-19-2014

  • Fixes for jflte/i9500
  • Small changes

Changes made on 8-18-2014

  • Small changes

Changes made on 8-17-2014

  • Removed Hover
  • Added Heads up
  • For more info on how to enable it, see this post

Changes made on 8-16-2014

  • Fixes for sirius and t769

Changes made on 8-15-2014

  • Small changes

Changes made on 8-14-2014

  • Some fixes to Carbon Fibers
  • Fixes for jflte

Changes made on 8-13-2014

  • Added back DSP

Changes made on 8-12-2014

  • Small changes

Changes made on 8-11-2014

  • Small changes

Changes made on 8-10-2014

Various changes to Camera and Dark Carbon

Other changes

Changes made on 8-09-2014

Small changes

Changes made on 8-08-2014

Fixes for jflte

Changes made on 8-07-2014

Small changes

Changes made on 8-06-2014

Some changes for m8

Changes made on 8-05-2014

Devices changes and fixes for taoshan and m8

Small changes

Changes made on 8-04-2014

Small changes

Changes made on 8-03-2014

Hammerhead fixes

Changes to lockscreen blur and wallpaper

Changes made on 8-02-2014

Fixes for tuna devices

Changes made on 8-01-2014

Added Darker Gallery for Dark Carbon

Fixes and changes to gallery overall

Added black dialogs to Camera when Dark Carbon is enabled

Added support for Chromecast hack for smdk4412 devices

Fix noise suppression and low volume on t0lte

Other changes

Changes made on 7-31-2014

Server was down due to hardware issues

No Changes

Changes made on 7-30-2014

Server was down due to hardware issues

No Changes

Changes made on 7-29-2014

Server was down due to hardware issues

No Changes

Changes made on 7-28-2014

Small changes

Changes made on 7-27-2014

Small changes

Changes made on 7-26-2014

Updated hammerhead blobs

Changes made on 7-25-2014

Small changes

Changes made on 7-24-2014

Various upstream changes

Changes made on 7-23-2014

Small changes

Changes made on 7-22-2014

Tons of upstream changes/fixes

Changes made on 7-21-2014

Small changes

Changes made on 7-20-2014

Changes to Theme Manager

Changes made on 7-19-2014

Some changes and fixes for jflte/i9500

Changes made on 7-18-2014

Small changes

Changes made on 7-17-2014

Removed seconds for statusbar clock

Some reports indicate this caused wakelocks/battery drain

Theme manager fixes

Changes made on 7-16-2014

Various changes

Changes made on 7-15-2014

Various changes

Changes made on 7-14-2014

Small changes

Added Sony Xperia Z2 to supported devices

Changes made on 7-13-2014

Small changes

Changes made on 7-12-2014

Small changes

Changes made on 7-11-2014

Fixed double tap to wake checkbox remaining checked on even when turned off

Small changes

Changes made on 7-10-2014

Semi-Nightlies failed to build

Some d2lte fixes

Small changes

Nightly 7-09-2014

Small changes

Nightly 7-08-2014

Tons of fixes for Note 2 t0lte

Tons of fixes to multiple parts of the rom

Nightly 7-07-2014

Small changes

Nightly 7-06-2014

Small changes

Nightly 7-05-2014

Fixes for taoshan and i9500

Nightly 7-04-2014

Various fixes

Nightly 7-03-2014

Nightlies failed to build

Small changes

Nightly 7-02-2014

Many Theme Manager fixes

Nightly 7-01-2014

A ton of upstream fixes

Nightly 6-30-2014

Fixed System UI FC from reboot via Slim Shortcuts

Fixes for the i9500

Nightly 6-29-2014

Fixed Hebrew translation in Carbon Fibers

Nightly 6-28-2014

Small changes

Nightly 6-27-2014

Many nightlies failed to build

Added International Samsung Note 2 (N7100) to supported devices

Vishal is the new maintainer

Various other fixes

Nightly 6-26-2014

Some Hover fixes

Other fixes/changes

Nightly 6-25-2014

Nightlies failed to build

Some fixes for Hover

Tons of various upstream fixes from CM

Nightly 6-24-2014

Nightlies failed to build

Fixes for the m7

Fixes for flo

Wifi should work properly now

Other changes

Nightly 6-23-2014

Small changes

Nightly 6-22-2014

Fixes to Omni Switch

Other changes

Nightly 6-21-2014

Some changes for the i9500

Small changes

Nightly 6-20-2014

Updated to Android version 4.4.4_r1

Just some minor security fixes from Google, nothing big to notice

Add "Turn Wi-Fi off" action to the "open networks available" notification

Fixes for “right to left” languages

Other fixes

Nightly 6-19-2014

Fix Power Menu Quick Tile causing hot reboots

Added arrow keys/cursors to navbar

Must turn off “Keyboard cursor control" in settings>carbon fibers>buttons and then the arrows will show up on your navbar when you go to type something.

Fixes for notification shade and Quick Settings when using expanded desktop

Other various fixes

Nightly 6-18-2014

Various changes and fixes

Nightly 6-17-2014

Fixed SIM PIN keyboard not responding to input

Fixes for Peek

Fixes to DocumentsUI

Added Non-Intrusive CallUI from Slim

Call notification shows up in statusbar and does not freeze currently running app

Reverted Omni’s “non-intrusive” CallUI

Added ability to move apps to external storage on GS3’s, GS4’s, and moto’s

Many fixes for d2lte

Fixes from smdk4412 official blobs

Tons of other fixes via Andros “Knight of Carbon” Rosa!

Nightly 6-16-2014

Theme Manager fixes

Other changes

Nightly 6-15-2014

Small changes

Nightly 6-14-2014

Small changes

Nightly 6-13-2014

Fix peek not allowing you to enable it

Fixes to Cm Theme Manager

Other fixes

Nightly 6-12-2014

Added Hover

Swipe down notification shade and click the icon on the top right to activate

Added Hover to app blacklist

Lets you choose to exclude certain apps from hover, floating window, or peek

Find by going to settings>apps> open specified app> then click blacklist

Fixed wifi on Nexus 4 (mako)

See this post for more information

Other changes

Nightly 6-11-2014

Added secure option for adb

Enabled inCallUI transparency by default to avoid cut off pictures

Some fixes for Peek

Other changes

Nightly 6-10-2014

Added i9500 (International Galaxy S4 Octa-Core) to supported devices

Some fixes to InCallUI layout

If you had dark digits in the dialer, this should be fixed

4.4.3 blobs for mako

Moved PEEk to CarbonFibers>Lockscreen>General

Many other fixes

Nightly 6-09-2014

Fully updated to 4.4.3 (yay)

You might need to update your gapps if you have issues with Google services/apps

Download from here:

Added ability to launch default gallery app when long pressing camera quick tile

Fixed G+ profile links not working for devs in About Carbon

Added ability to show seconds in statusbar clock

Fix non-intrusive UI with Hebrew language

Added new 4.4.3 dailer

Also compatible with Dark Carbon

Added a compass quick tile

Added ability to activate lockscreen torch by long pressing

Removed double-tap and long press to avoid conflicts with double-tap statusbar to sleep feature

Added Sony Xperia L (taoshan) to supported devices

Many other fixes and changes

Nightly 6-08-2014

Updated more stuff to 4.4.3

Many fixes for hammerhead

Small changes to About Carbon


Nightly 6-07-2014

Updated more stuff to 4.4.3


Nightly 6-06-2014

Updated most stuff to 4.4.3, still have some more to go

Nightlies will resume once the update to 4.4.3 is complete


updating to 4.4.3

Nightly 6-05-2014

Various fixes and changes


updating to 4.4.3

Nightly 6-04-2014

Various fixes and changes


updating to 4.4.3

Nightly 6-03-2014

Added Shake to Secure from Slim

When you shake your device, it temporarily enables a secure lockscreen. Upon successfully unlocking the device, security is disabled

Added Gesture Lockscreen

Returned to CM LockClock

Renamed “Installer” to “Persistence”

Added Music Equalizer quick tile

Fixes to reverse lookup in dialer

Fixes to incall ui images on certain devices

Nightly 6-02-2014

Fix graphical glitch of recents panel where the recents circle would show up for a split second even when disabled

Various fixes

Nightly 6-1-2014

Small changes

Nightly 5-31-2014

Added notification shortcuts

Added ability to hide carrier/WiFi labels

Other fixes

Nightly 5-30-2014

A few updates to the M8 kernel and settings

Removed Xperia/Sony Ericsson devices from official support

Were not receiving consistent nightly builds due to not being built in Jenkins and difficult kernel patches required for legacy devices

Will still have unofficials on XDA for those who are interested

Newer Xperia devices should be slowly be added on in the future

Nightly 5-29-2014

Fixed Battery Tile losing icon when “No battery” option was selected for statusbar

Began tracking our own Launcher3

A variant of Omni’s Launcher3 with the voice command support

Allows custom row and column setting, etc.

Theme Manager fixes

Other changes/fixes

Nightly 5-28-2014

Removed Omni Audio Themes feature

CM Theme Manager now includes this feature, so having both is redundant

Bug fixes and added translations to OmniSwitch

Nightly 5-27-2014

Small changes

Nightly 5-26-2014

Various fixes

Nightly 5-25-2014

Fixed Power Menu reboot bug

Small changes

Nightly 5-24-2014

Added visualization wallpapers

Added CM Sound Recorder

Other various changes

Nightly 5-23-2014

Added m7spr and m7vzw to supported devices

Nightly 5-22-2014

Some fixes to PEEK

Fix USB tethering for m7

Other changes

Nightly 5-21-2014

Reverted wakelock blocker until we figure out what is causing the battery stats to show as always awake

Fixes for CM Theme Manager

Other changes

Nightly 5-20-2014

Tons of additions and fixes to Cm theme Manager

Added HTC One M8 to supported devices

Fixes for the i9300 camera

Other changes

Nightly 5-19-2014

Gerrit was being updated, so no changes were made

Gerrit is now back up and changes should start coming in for tomorrow :)

Nightly 5-18-2014

Gerrit was being updated, so no changes were made

Nightly 5-17-2014

Small changes

Nightly 5-16-2014

Added more options to Smart Pulldown statusbar settings (Off, dismissible, persistent, both)

Many changes to battery icon and percentage style and colors

Added “No Battery Icon” option

All other changes listed here:

Added Wakelock Blocker in Carbon Fibers>Interface

Added Custom Carrier Label in notification shade

Other changes

Nightly 5-15-2014

Fix Gallery bug

Added US Cellular Note 3 to supported device list (part of unified hlte)

Other small stuff

Nightly 5-14-2014

Fix CM Theme Manager FC’s

Fix lockscreen notifications FC for some devices

Added ability to launch apps in recent menu in a floating window by long pressing

Moved About Carbon into About Phone in Settings

Fixed issue where notification of an SMS message would remain in notification bar if the message was opened through notification shade

Fixed lockscreen longpress actions

Fixed pause/resume not working for downloads

Nightly 5-13-2014

Various small fixes

Nightly 5-12-2014

Fix the recents menu being overlapped by nav/statusbar

Fix in-call mute button for i9300

Other fixes

Nightly 5-11-2014

Small changes

Nightly 5-10-2014

Added Slim’s Hardware Key Rebinding

a ton of new customizations and actions for hardware keys

Fixed issues with CM Theme Manager (not really, still broken)

Added “Peek” from PA

Add vibration and color settings to hammerhead (Nexus 5) device tuneables

Fixes to recents panel and recents ram circle

Nightly 5-9-2014

Added circular memory indicator for recents menu

Many changes and fixes to Themes manager

Fixed displaying user information for multi-user devices on the User Quick Tile

Added support for more media types

Nightly 5-8-2014

Added Dark Carbon Quick Settings Tile

normal click: turn on/off dark/light theme

longpress: switch between the auto modes (manual/light sensor/twilight)

Nightly 5-7-2014

Small changes

Nightly 5-6-2014

Various small changes

Nightly 5-5-2014

Switched to Cm’s Download Manager, which should support the pause/resume downloads feature we added a while back

Nightly 5-4-2014

Tons of little fixes and changes

Nightly 5-3-2014

Small changes

Nightly 5-2-2014

Added more stock ringtones

Added Omniswitch

Added Audio Themes

Added Hebrew translation for Carbon Fibers

Nightly 5-1-2014

Fixes to various parts of the rom (see Gerrit for all the nitty gritty details)

Fixed jflte not building

Nightly 4-30-2014

Fixed endeavoru building

Small changes

Nightly 4-29-2014

Small changes

Nightly 4-28-2014

Small changes to Battery Saver Mode

Nightly 4-27-2014

Small changes

Nightly 4-26-2014

Fix Dialer/Phone background color being white when using Dark Carbon

Other changes

Nightly 4-25-2014

Fix long-press on Network Mode Quick Tile

Added ability to pause/resume downloads

Cm Theme Engine fixes

Other various fixes

Nightly 4-24-2014

Small changes

Nightly 4-23-2014

Fixed issues with mako that was causing it not to build

Other device specific fixes for various devices

Nightly 4-22-2014

Fix text messages not being received due to blacklist bug

Other changes

Nightly 4-21-2014

Small changes

Nightly 4-20-2014

Small changes

Nightly 4-19-2014

Added Battery Saver Mode

Added Omni Performance Control

Added Gesture Lockscreen

Added power menu Quick Tile

Fixed donation link and images in About Carbon menu

Nightly 4-18-2014

Small changes

Nightly 4-17-2014

Added Cm’s new Theme Manager

Other changes

Nightly 4-16-2014

Small changes

Nightlies didn’t build

Nightly 4-15-2014

Fixed vibration intensity not remembering custom value

Other changes

Nightlies didn’t build

Nightly 4-14-2014

Small changes

Nightlies didn’t build

Nightly 4-13-2014

Small changes

Nightlies didn’t build

Nightly 4-12-2014

Fixes for blacklist

other changes

Nightlies didn’t build

Nightly 4-11-2014

Fixed ART not working

Other changes

Nightlies didn’t build because we were patching our server security

Nightly 4-10-2014

Small changes

Nightly 4-9-2014

Switched back to unified d2lte builds for all d2 devices (d2dcm is still separate)

Small fixes

Nightly 4-8-2014

Mark messages as unread in stock MMS app

Other fixes

Nightly 4-7-2014

Small changes

Nightly 4-6-2014

Small changes

Nightly 4-5-2014

Disabled full screen keyboard

Force enter key instead emoticon key in keyboard

Fix phone calls on hlte note 3

Other fixes

Nightly 4-4-2014

Various Fixes

Nightly 4-3-2014

Fix Carbon Quick Tile

Add screen color settings (Hue, contrast, saturation, intensity) for Qualcomm devices

Fixes for QuickBoot

Fixed Dark Carbon for MMS app

Nightly 4-2-2014

Changes to Quiet Hours

Other changes

Nightly 4-1-2014

Fixed a typo in Privacy Settings

Fixed Quite Hours quick tile long press action

Nightly 3-31-2014

Small changes

Nightly 3-30-2014

Reverted “Hide Battery Icon” option until we can fix it messing with the Battery Quick Tile

Nightly 3-29-2014

Small fixes

Nightly 3-28-2014

Added Recents RAM Bar

Small Fixes

Nightly 3-27-2014

Added option to hide battery icon from the statusbar

Other fixes

Nightly 3-26-2014

Began building i9100 with SaberMod Toolchain

Made Dark Carbon menu glow even/consistent on pop ups and menus

Fix LTE quick tile

Many other fixes

Nightly 3-25-2014

Various fixes

Nightly 3-24-2014

Nothing, Gerrit was being updated

Nightly 3-23-2014

Added device settings for Samsung msm8660 devices

Small changes/fixes

Gerrit required an update which required us to backup all the old commits to a different location and have a fresh new listing. So that is why our Gerrit looks empty.

Nightly 3-22-2014

Small changes/fixes

Nightly 3-21-2014

Added Battery Bar (displays battery level in a slim bar under the statusbar)

Fixed inability to mount/unmount sdcard for galaxy s2’s and Note 1

Many other fixes

Nightly 3-20-2014

PIE fixes

Lockscreen slider fixes

Fix memory leak

Other fixes

Nightly 3-19-2014

Added settings button in Quick Tiles panel to instantly edit Tiles

Various additions and fixes to Active Display including:

Add option Double tap to sleep every where

Allow to show numbers of notification on Handle (only show if notification count is enabled in bar settings)

add battery circle around handle (only show if battery circle around lockscreen handle enabled, see security settings)

Added time-context headers in the statusbar

This commit adds image headers to the notification panel header,

based on the date/time. There are pictures for morning, afternoon

and night, as well as special events like Christmas and new

year's eve.

Nightly 3-18-2014

Added more items on lockscreen that can have custom colors

Added ability to customize Toast Animations

Moved “lock before unlock” option from Carbon Fibers to Security settings

Other fixes

Nightly 3-17-2014

Fixed tiles flipping even when disabled

Fix video recording on devices that were getting camera FC

Cleaned up the Volume Steps options and put them into their own section in Sound settings

Nightly 3-16-2014

Fixes to audio for i9300

Changed “immersive” tile name to “expanded desktop”

Fixed wifi and expanded desktop tiles not doing the flipping animation

Nightly 3-15-2014

Added Smooth/Custom Progress Bar settings

Added breathing icon for SMS/Missed Call/Voicemail notifications

Added option to show lockscreen slider before protected lockscreen (pin, pattern, etc.)

Added flip animations for quick settings tiles

Put PrivacyGuard and Blacklist into their own “Privacy” header in Settings

Fixed battery drain after phone call for i9300

List volume steps

Changed Circle with Text battery icon to current CM version



Nightly 3-14-2014

Added option to disable camera shutter sound (this is illegal in some states, make sure you are following your local laws regarding this feature)

Added option to set screen timeout to “never” in quick tiles

Added Smart Pulldown for the statusbar. This adds the ability to directly open the Quick Settings panel when there are no notifications present in the notification panel.

Added the ability to set day and week on the data usage graph instead of only months.

Fixed bootanimation for d801

Nightly 3-13-2014

Added ability to flip phone to mute/reject a call

Alot of complex fixes for many devices suffering from phone FC’s. There may still be data issues overall, but phone FC’s should be fixed

Nightly 3-12-2014

Small fixes

Nightly 3-11-2014

Fix Dark Carbon aesthetics and color mismatches for dialer and in-call UI

Nightly 3-10-2014

Small changes

Nightly 3-9-2014

Add ability to show notification count and change network statusbar icon

Nightly 3-8-2014

Lots of fixes

Nightly 3-7-2014

Lots of fixes

Nightly 3-6-2014

Lots of fixes

Nightly 3-5-2014

Fix menu unlock always unlocking even when disabled

Other fixes

Nightly 3-4-2014

Added Contacts to Dark Carbonified apps

Decrease volume panel transparency

 An absolute TON of other fixes and changes courtesy of the beast Andros Rosa. Check out our gerrit for more info on the specific changes

Nightly 3-3-2014

Fix owner profile photo not displaying in user Quick Tile

Variety of Cm PrivacyGuard fixes and changes

Nightly 3-2-2014

Various changes for the m7 (HTC One)

Nightly 3-1-2014

Track our own MMS app, more features added to app

Nightly 2-28-2014

Fixes for d2lte data/LTE issues

Fix incoming call card

Fix sensors, compass and low in-call audio for t0lte

Added YellowPages Canada to reverse lookup provider in Dialer

Other fixes

Nightly 2-27-2014

Add Camera to apps affected by Dark Carbon

Set expanded desktop through profiles

Speed up boot time for multi-core devices

Fixed memory leak in settings>InstalledAppDetails

Nightly 2-26-2014

Made DocumentsUI into a standalone file manager

Enabled back key when in Emergency Call Dialer

Other fixes

Nightly 2-25-2014

Fix derp which caused d2’s not to boot

Fix SystemUI FC on flo

Nightly 2-24-2014

Added native Facebook Contact sync capability to stock Contacts app

Show download speeds in notification shade when downloading a file, as seen in this pic

Active Display rework from Omni which adds many different fixes as seen in this commit

Nightly 2-23-2014

Added ability to use custom Lockscreen wallpaper

Added back Dark Carbon (system stuff will be darked out, but not all apps are yet)

Possibly fix ART boot issues

Fix DSP Manager FC on mako and other tuna devices

Nightly 2-22-2014

Added Slim’s Power Menu

Nightly 2-21-2014

Fixes to Italian Translations in Carbon Fibers

Added Spanish (espanol-ES) translations to Carbon Fibers

Fixed issue for users using Xposed and having the navbar be enabled on boot even though navbar is disabled

Other changes

Nightly 2-20-2014

Fix LED for hlte devices

Added cLock settings back to lockscreen settings

Added Menu and home button unlock

Added camera button functionality for applicable devices

Fixed ASCII Carbon logo looking squished when flashing ROM in recovery

Switched to Slim’s toolchain for i9300

Nightly 2-19-2014

Unified jflte variants

Added Custom lockscreen background color

Fix lockscreen rotation

Nightly 2-18-2014

Merged commit to fix LTE on d2lte

Other changes/fixes

Nightly 2-17-2014

Switched to Slim’s Camera App

Fix LTE not working for d2lte (hopefully)

A few “under the hood” fixes

Nightly 2-17-2014

Added ability to show battery level around lock ring

Nightly 2-16-2014

Added Carbon Fiber Quick Setting Tile

Fixes for jftle

Fixes for deb (should boot now)

Nightly 2-15-2014

Update to Android 4.4.2_r2 (small changes)

Nightly 2-14-2014

Small fixes to flac sound to stop stuttering/skipping

Small fixes in general

Nightly 2-13-2014

Updates to i9305 device tree to fix IMEI issues

Variety of fixes to various parts of the OS

Nightly 2-12-2014

Added Slim PIE (yes we know you are crying tears of joy, you’re welcome)

A few updates for the d2 (galaxy S3) that will hopefully fix bluetooth issues

Nightly 2-11-2014

Added Google Open Source Dialer

Added German translation

Fixed QS volume tile sync, it shows the correct volume level now

Nightly 2-10-2014

Added Glowpad Torch

Nightly 2-9-2014

Added advanced device settings in Carbon Fibers for some devices

Alarm Quick settings tile opens Alarms app when clicked

Fixes to touch to focus on camera for smdk4412 devices

Nightly 2-8-2014


Nightly 2-7-2014

Small changes

Nightly 2-6-2014

Small changes and various fixes

See this article for information about our server and why you might not be able to download nightlies for your device:

Nightly 2-5-2014

Added ability to show network stats in status bar

Lots of various small fixes, mostly for moto devices

Nightly 2-4-2014

Added color options for Quick Setting Tiles

Added clear all button and cleaned up look of Lockscreen Notifications

Added Quick Pin Unlock

Added ability for custom lockscreen color and lockscreen slider image

Added statusbar brightness slider

Added home and menu button unlock

Small changes and fixes

As mentioned in our G+ post :

Delta Updates will NOT be functioning for this nightly. We will make an announcement once they are ready.

Nightly 2-3-2014

Fixed duplicate date in notification shade

Hammerhead: Switched to Slim toolchain

Nightly 2-2-2014

Small changes

Nightly 2-1-2014

Small changes

Nightly 1-31-2014

Added Double tap statusbar to sleep on secure lockscreens

Added Listview animations

Added big menu key in navbar

Nightly 1-30-2014

Carbon KitKat Nightly Release

Here is a video review made by one of our users. It contains a walkthrough of all current features and thoughts on them. If you are hesitant about flashing the latest nightlies, you can watch this and see what you think for yourself.