Adopted at General Meeting 25th November 2015 

The Club will be called the BOGNOR REGIS BOWLS CLUB.


To provide facilities for bowling in accordance with the current rules of Bowls England, and to promote social activities within the Club.


  1. The business of the Club shall be carried out by the Management Committee.
  2. The Management Committee will comprise of :-
  1. The Club President,
  2. The Club Vice President
  3. The Honorary Club Treasurer
  4. The Honorary Club Secretary

     The above will serve for a minimum of two years

  1. The Men’s Captain
  2. The Ladies Captain.
  1. The office of President shall without exception alternate between male and female members, the Vice President being the President Elect.
  2. Vacancies and nominations for election to Treasurer and Secretary to the  Management Committee will be posted on the club notice board by the Club Secretary before the 31st August prior to the A.G.M.  The President Elect will propose the next Vice President, but a nomination for this position may be made by any Member in writing to the Club Secretary at least 21 days before the A.G.M.
  3. No person may fill more than one position on the Management Committee


  1. Meeting of the Committee will be convened once each calendar month or at any other time at the Presidents discretion.
  2. At least 7 days notice of all meetings must be given to all management members by the Club Secretary.
  3. The President will chair all management committee meetings or delegate the chair to the Vice President. If both are absent the meeting will be chaired by an elected officer.
  4. Proposals made to the Committee will be decided by a majority vote.  In the event of a tied vote the chairperson for that meeting will have one extra vote.
  5. A quorum for all Committee meetings will be 4 Committee Members.
  6. The Club Secretary (or other committee member designated by the chairman) will keep minutes of all meetings, and distribute copies  to all Committee Members at least 7 days before the next meeting date.


  1. The Management Committee are jointly responsible for all the assets of the Club.  Liabilities of the Club are the joint responsibility of all Members.
  2. The Club President, Club Treasurer, and Club Secretary are authorised to sign legal and financial documents on behalf of the Club.
  3. The Bye Laws of the Club will be agreed and modified as necessary at the sole discretion of the management committee.
  4. The Management Committee shall have the authority to co-opt members to assist it in a non voting capacity.


  1. The Annual General Meeting will be held during the month of November.
  2. A quorum for all General Meetings will be 25 per cent of the total playing membership.
  3. The President will chair the meeting, or delegate the chair to another Club Officer.
  4. All proposals for alteration or additions to the Constitution and any general proposal must be signed by the Proposer and the Seconder and be given to the Club Secretary at least 21 days before the date of the General Meeting.
  5. The constitution may only be altered, amended, or added to by a two thirds majority of Members present at a General Meeting.  
  6. The Club Secretary will distribute voting slips for all Committee vacancies where more than one person is nominated.
  7. Voting of male nominated members to the men’s committee section and female nominated members to the ladies committee section will be conducted at the AGM.
  8. Each member will have one vote for each and every proposal, with the chairperson having a deciding vote if the voting is tied.
  9. An Extraordinary General Meeting may be convened by the Management Committee or 20 Club Members signing a request to the Club Secretary, who must arrange such meeting within 28 days, unless a specific date is agreed to be more appropriate.
  10. An honorary Auditor will be agreed by a majority vote.
  11. A Pre Season Meeting will be held before the start of each bowls season to inform members of appropriate items.


  1. Persons wishing to join or rejoin the Club must submit a current membership application to the Club Secretary, signed by the applicant and if possible by a Proposer and Seconder.
  2. The Club Secretary will introduce the application at the first available management meeting for a majority vote of acceptance.  Any applicant not so elected will receive notification in writing without explanation from the Club Secretary and no further communication will be entered into.
  3. Upon acceptance the Club Secretary will notify the applicant in writing, and present an invoice for any monies imposed by the Club.
  4. Upon full payment of this invoice the applicant will become a member of the Club,  and will be equally entitled to all rights, benefits and privileges of membership and will agree to be bound by the Club Constitution and the Club Bye Laws.
  5. The Management Committee have the right to elect Life Members, who will pay no annual subscription.  
  6. Non playing members will pay a reduced subscription.

G.        FINANCE

  1. The club financial year will be 1st November to 31st October each year.
  2. The Honorary Treasurer shall receive all monies on behalf of the Club and will pay them as soon as possible into the Club’s Bank Account.
  3. The elected Treasurer is responsible for all the Club’s bank accounts, and must have minuted Management approval before changing, opening or closing any Club Bank Account.
  4. The Treasurer is empowered to pay all annual and routine expenses including Bowls England Fees, Green Fees and County Fees. All other invoices over £200 must have minuted Management Committee approval.
  5. The Treasurer is responsible for arranging any insurance required by the Club particularly Civil Liability and Trophy coverage.  
  6. The Treasurer will pass all financial records including an Income and Expenditure Account, and Balance Sheet to the duly elected auditor at least 21 days before the Annual General Meeting.
  7. The Auditor will on agreeing and signing the Financial Records return them to the Treasurer at least 7 days prior to the Annual General Meeting.
  8. In the event of the auditor being unable for any reason to certify the accounts he/she will bring the matter to the attention of the Club President at least 7 days prior to the Annual General Meeting.
  9. No member shall commit the Club to any expense or financial commitment without the prior approval of the Club Treasurer or President.
  10. All fees and charges, competitions, travel expenses, honoraria and all subscriptions will be determined by the Management Committee.
  11. Match Captains of each section will be responsible for the collection of match fees, and will pass them to the Treasurer as soon as practical.

H.        SECTIONS

  1. Each male member will be a member of the Men’s Section, and each female member will be a member of the Ladies Section
  2. Each Section will be responsible for organising their own matches, competitions etc, and will cooperate in organising mixed matches, competitions and social events. Any disagreements will be decided by the Club President whose decision will be final.
  3. At least 28 days before the last playing day of each season the Secretary of each Section will display (on the appropriate Notice board in the clubhouse) a notice for the nomination, proposer and seconder for all positions on the Section Committees.
  1. Each Section Committee will comprise of :-
  2. VICE CAPTAINS (2) Amended 23/11/11

  1. All members of a section committee will serve for 1 year but may be re-elected.
  2. In the event of an unfilled vacancy the Section Captain may co-opt a member.
  3. Each Section Committee will meet each calendar month or at other times that the Section Captain decrees.
  4. The Section Captain will chair all committee meetings or in his/her absence the vice captain or nominee.
  5. A quorum will be 4 committee members.


The Club will conform to Bowls England Regulation 9 (amendment 25/11/2015).



  1. Should the Club become insolvent or a majority of the Management Committee believe the club should be wound up a General Meeting must be called and the members must be given all material and relevant facts. The meeting must be attended by at least 75% of the playing and life membership. All members to have one vote with at least 75% of those present in favour of dissolution. Any assets will be liquidated and the proceeds distributed by the Club Treasurer equally to all playing members who have held membership for at least one year.