Cosplay Storage Wars is an exciting addition to the standard Cosplay Auction. In this activity, cosplayers are encouraged to not only put individual items up for bid, but an entire box or bag filled with items that they are no longer using and are willing to pass on to the highest bidder.


Sellers must register their items at the registration booth. Upon registration, they must include the following information:

  1. The seller’s name;
  2. The seller’s working contact details (mobile phone AND email);
  3. The starting bid on the item, box or bag;
  4. A brief description of the item, box or bag.

Upon registration, the items will be handled by the registration staff and scheduled to be put up on auction. Although they will accept items during the course of the day, it is advised that the seller put up their auction item earlier to maximize the opportunity of the item to sell.


To qualify for the Cosplay Storage Wars auction, the items must have the following qualities:

  1. Items may be any prop, garment, toy or periodical that is somewhat related to cosplay or fandom (ie. Stuffed toys, anime shirts, manga, comic books, cosplay props, costume parts, etc.)
  2. Items may be new or used but this must be stated in the description. Likewise, any flaws or damage to the items must be noted with the description.
  3. Liquids, explosive and corrosive items are not allowed. Food items are likewise not allowed unless they are inedible and for display purposes only. Live animals are also not allowed.
  4. Cosplay Storage Wars boxes, bags or other containers must be durable and presentable onstage. The container must also be unsealed and will be inspected before being put on auction.

Note: The Cosplay Storage Wars Auction Team reserves to right to refuse any auction item from the seller as they see fit or request that certain modifications to the packaging be made to make it more presentable on the stage.


A commission of 10% will be kept by the auction team on the final sale price of the item. If the starting bid of the item is Php 1.00, however, the commission on the final sale price will only be 5% as long as the final sale price is over Php 1,000!


The Cosplay Storage Wars Auction will be scheduled around 1:30 PM and 6:30 PM on both days although the actual time may change on the day itself due to unforeseen circumstances.


Cosplay Storage Wars items are items that are put in a large container and must contain at least ten (10) or more items of varying value. Upon registration, a photo of the opened container will be taken to be displayed right before being auctioned. The entire contents of the container will be a mystery to the auction participants and they may not touch the container itself and will only be allowed to look at the photo of the contents as it is displayed on the screen.

Once sold the container will be transferred to the buyer with all the contents intact whereupon they will be allowed to open and inspect the contents after they have paid the final sales price.


At the end of the day, sellers may reclaim their items if they are not sold or collect the cash based on the final sale price minus any commissions. Commissions will be rounded up to the nearest peso before being deducted from the final sales price. All sales are considered final and returns will not be accepted. All items sold will be sold “as is” with no guarantees or warranties of any kind.

Cash receipts must be collected at the end of each day. In the case that cash receipts are not recovered, the Cosplay Carnival Organizers will send the money to the seller, but any additional costs incurred in transferring the money will be shouldered by the seller. Cash receipts that are not claimed two (2) months after the event will be considered forfeit.


Tip jars will be available at the auction registration desk. Sellers will be allowed to tip either the staff or the host for their efforts. This does not, in any way, guarantee a higher final sales price, but does allow the seller to encourage and reward the efforts of the staff and the auction hosts.


Any unsold auction items must be claimed no later than 8:00 PM on the day it was set on auction. Any items not claimed at the end of the day will be considered forfeit and will be disposed of in any way that the Cosplay Storage Wars Auction Team sees fit.

The Cosplay Storage Wars and Guidelines is the sole property of® and Cosplay Philippines®.

The guidelines cannot be copied and/or replicated and/or reproduced for any other event and/or contest without the consent and/or permission from its parent owners.