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Getting Started with Google Classroom 10:47

Getting started with Google Classroom (kindergarten teacher) 13:38

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BITMOJI in Google Slides

Make a Bitmoji Scene in Google Slides! 17:04

How to Animate Your Google Slides (Turn Your Bitmoji Classroom Scene into a GIF!) 14:20

How to Create an Interactive Bitmoji Classroom 11:32

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An Introduction to Screencastify 1:09

Screencastify Welcome Series Part 1 - Recording Your First Video 3:11

Screencastify Welcome Series Part 2 - Customizing Your Video 2:52

Screencastify Welcome Series Part 3 - Saving and Sharing Your Video 3:06

Screencastify Video Editor 1:50

How to Edit a Screencastify (Premium Feature)

Recording Yourself AND Your Doc Camera Hack for Virtual Lessons / How to Make a Doc Camera Hack

FLIPGRID - not yet approved by our district

FlipGrid Tutorial 5:45

Flipgrid Tutorial - Creating Video Assignments 10:20

How to Teach Remotely with Flipgrid 14:42


10 Best Decisions Made with Distance Teaching 21:14

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3 Ways to Make an Amazing Signature in Gmail (Email Tips) 8:31


Of course it’s not what you signed up for. But no one has been here before. We are all faced with a series of great opportunities brilliantly disguised as impossible situations. So be the model.

Remove all extras, like that small group/kidney table as well as all extra seating such as crate seats, carpets, stools. Districts might rent storage facilities to declutter rooms and reclaim floor space.

Place desks along the perimeter of the entire room and work your way in to see how much space you have. You should have been given guidance for spacing from your district.

Remove all other furniture in order to distance the students. Traditional rows is about the only choice. Students may have to keep backpacks on the back of their chairs with their supplies inside.

Bins for coats, hats, gloves, scarves, etc. If closets can spread cooties, they probably can spread COVID.

Posters? no for us

DollarTree find for desks:

Recess idea: We have separated our playground into zones. Each class will be assigned a zone per day (basketball courts, four square, field etc.). Then the students are still in their cohorts to avoid more exposure. Masks are strongly encouraged as well as social distancing.


FB Market Mask Maker - Masks with built-in lanyard and filter pocket

Mask Storage Cases

Voice Amplifier

Mask Filters

Metal Mask Strips (helps fogging)

Laptop Riser

Lens Wipes


Dry Erase Tabletop Board

Multi Use Towels (add sanitizer)

Coin Towels (wrapped)

More Coin Towels (3-4 in the tube with spray sanitizer - disinfecting wipes on the go)

Lemon scented wrapped towels (warm or cold) Just indulgence.

Film Canisters (well, I did use these back in the day) - Using them to carry in my handbag after stuffing in 2-3 Clorox Wipes.

How to Stop Fogging Your Glasses


Summer Letter Mini-meets invites? Additional supplies needed? Hold off on writing until the district makes a decision.

Back-to-School - Meet the Teacher Night

Daily Math Assignments - convert to Forms. attach work

Daily Monday Email

Received by students and parents - containing link to Planner-Flaps (If virtual, weekly Meet schedule) - sent out by 7:30am

Daily Check-in - GC question answered by certain time, either in-person or virtual; Parking lot or Would You Rather  What will be expectation for virtual attendance taking?

Assignment Planner - Flaps (Missing work) combo

Redesigned Planner and Flaps to be one document. Update with new classlist. Change settings to public. Do not delete missing work for one week (Delete after noting in grade book)  -  small, italics, indicate closed)  Keep record of timed assignments not completed - MM Fact Fluency and Language, Prodigy - do not delete

Planner will only contain current assignments. Record of past assignments in planbook.

Students (and parents) need to know:

If I had Three Days with Students before Going Remote - What They Need to Learn

Blended Learning or In-Person

What must get done In-person? - social-emotional needs; social distance protocols and procedures; teach how to do things online - like attach work; experiments;

What can get done online?


Grade 5 Math - We used a few techniques in our daily Google Meet that worked well. We had 15 students (on a well-attended day). Our online class Meets lasted between 30-40 minutes.

First, a problem was given and they copied it down. (We had provided all with DollarTree whiteboards.) When they copied it, they turned off their camera to work. When ready to "flash," camera was turned back on. When everyone was on screen, it was 3-2-1, Flash. Students held up whiteboards with work. I'd quickly view each for an answer. Mike - yes, John - yes, Susan - no, Linda - yes. (I'd have a checklist next to me to make quick tally marks.)

Following this format, students might also be asked to type in their answer in the chat, but not hit reply until 3-2-1. As answers scrolled, I took quick tallies. I always had a printed class list with writing spaces that I could take notes during every Meet.

The flaw with this (but you can catch it soon enough) is that sometimes kids copied other answers. It was easier to catch this when holding up white board work.

We did our homework and tests on Google Forms. The answers to questions were typed in. (This I LOVED, because HW could be self-checking after I checked incorrect answers.) Work was attached to the last question with a photo. It could not be submitted without it, though you can decide if it is a required question.. (Make sure you fix settings to allow for 5 attachments each. Delete old assignment photos so you don’t fill up your Drive.)

If it was a test, students had to be present in the Meet with cameras on. The test was unlocked during the Meet, then locked after the Meet. If students missed Meet, we would reschedule a time. Doing it this way, we were also able to provide Accommodations like test read, small group, or separate location.

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