Children’s Kiva Montessori School

Elementary/Middle School - Board of Directors Meeting

05.09.16 at 6 pm – 18 N. Beech

Special Meeting

BOD Approved on 05.16.16

  1. Call to Order: Nate called the meeting to order at 6:06 pm.

  1. Roll Call: Nate Seeley, President; Julie Suckla, Vice President; Tamia Hurst, Secretary; Chad Fish, Treasurer; Kathy Stemmler, Member; JenniLynn Lawrence, Member; Kathy Clark, Member

Absent from BOD: None

Staff: Susan Likes, Financial Director/I-HOS; Rob Lee, Consultant

Community Members: None

  1. Approval of Agenda: Tamia moved to approve the agenda as presented, seconded, no discussion, approved unanimously.  Motion carried.

  1. Community Member Forum

  1. Staff Comments: three minute time cap please unless prior arrangements have been made by contacting bod@kivacharter.org.

  1. Swearing in Ceremony for Kathy Clark
  1. With her right arm raised, Kathy Clark took the Oath of Office as read by BOD President, Nate Seeley.  Welcome Kathy!

  1. Report from Rob Lee
  1. The purpose of Rob’s visit is to complete evaluations, nearly complete.  He will give each staff member a copy of their evaluation and leave a complete set at the school.
  2. Rob plans to stay through Wednesday.
  3. Rob met with Glen Smith of the middle school to ensure that communication between the middle school and our school are in place.  Mr. smith said to watch their website and that they would let us know of any events that come up.  Continue to follow up with them.
  4. Mr. Wayman at the high school supports our students getting into advanced classes once they are in 8th grade.  He will be happy to come meet with parents and John to discuss these classes.  They test for algebra quarterly.  Mr. Wayman wants to make sure our kids are getting credit towards graduation for Algebra 1.  They are open to working with us, but might need some reminders.  Continue to follow up with them.
  5. Rob would still like to do a parenting meeting; perhaps he could come back in the fall.
  6. Other than the parenting meeting, he feels that his job is complete after Wednesday.
  7. Rob thinks the school is in a good place and has no major concerns.
  8. Nate asked if there are any areas that we need to focus on moving forward.  Rob is nervous about our Montessori base.  Although our staff is great, they are new to Montessori.  We are a Montessori school and our teachers need to have a strong, emotional commitment to Montessori.  Montessori can be difficult and you don’t want teachers to fall back into their old habits when things get difficult.  Make sure we stick with reading, math, etc. in the Montessori way.  As a board, you always need to emphasize the Montessori way and provide as much Montessori training as possible.
  9. Rob mentioned that we have a good opportunity to mend some fences with the district and really cement the relationship.  Take advantage of the changes that the district has gone through.  Invite Lori and Danny to a board meeting; they both worked at Manaugh and know the value of Montessori.
  10. Be a support to and patient with the new HOS that is hired.
  11. Rob is willing to continue with staff development, but also feels there are people right here in the area that can be a great support.
  12. Kathy S. asked about SJ Boces - Rob said they can help with special ed, etc. but not anything with Montessori.
  13. Rob advised us to let the community know how grant monies are used.  Transparency!
  14. Chad mentioned collaboration and keeping the relationship between our school and Rob’s school open.  Rob fully supports this and wants to make sure the participants have the opportunity to not only observe each other, but get to know each other.  Rob will be happy to facilitate this relationship.

  1. Discussion of HOS applicants
  1. The Screening Committee will interview another HOS applicant on Tuesday and then give a report to the BOD.
  2. Rob suggested that we seek input from the returning lead teachers.  He doesn’t feel that this is a decision to take to the parents/community, it is a board decision.
  3. Rob asked if the HOS could do both the HOS and FD jobs.  Uncertain.
  4. Rob suggested looking into hiring a company that manages charter schools finances.
  5. Rob reminded the board that we need to be reviewing policies at every meeting.  We need to look into the creation of policies.  The HOS is responsible for bringing a policy to the board for review/consideration.
  6. Rob reminded the board that the calendar is just procedure, but should be approved by the board.  Be very cautious about asking staff to work more hours/days if they are going to be paid less than surrounding schools.  The only reason why you should let students out early is to provide staff development; the exception would be prior to holidays.  Do not put a PD day before holidays, but rather the day prior to starting back up after a holiday.

  1. New Business
  1. Kathy Clark expressed interest in being on the Fundraising Committee; everyone supports that interest.  Next meeting will be on Thursday at 1 pm at CH.  Julie will email Kathy the information regarding the committee.
  2. JenniLynn brought up security concerns.  There are people hanging around our parking lots that are a potential danger.
  1. We need to ask for increased patrolling of the area.
  2. Consider having DARE training in our school.
  3. Have Susan talk with staff about never staying alone and especially not walking to their cars alone in the dark.

  1. Shared Board Information

  1. Calendaring
  1. Upcoming events
  1. Pot Luck Evening, Tuesday, May 17th
  1. Next BOD meeting
  1. Monday, May 16th at 6:30 PM (18 Beech Street)

  1. Status of previous meeting’s action items – Tamia  (tabled)

  1. Review all Action Items – Tamia
  1. Screening Committee will submit a report to the BOD.
  2. Julie will email Kathy C. the information for the Fundraising Committee.
  3. JenniLynn to follow up on security concerns.

  1. Adjournment: Nate moved to adjourn the meeting, unanimously approved.  Motion carried.  Meeting adjourned at 7:47 pm.

Prepared by Tamia Hurst, BOD Secretary

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