September 22 - November 14

No class Sept 25th, October 13, November 11.

Classes are open to homeschoolers.  You can choose one class or several.  There is a $10 per quarter registration fee per student.  

Our classes are welcoming and inclusive.  We encourage exploration and discovery in a safe supportive environment.  Classes are taught by caring and experienced teachers and instructors.  Class size is limited to ensure individual student needs are met. These are drop-off programs, unfortunately we cannot accommodate parents in classrooms.    Please contact us with any questions


Beginning Programming – Ages 6 – 8 ( no reading required)

4 Mondays 12:30 - 1:30   (alternating)  $50

We teach young children the basics of programming beginning with Binary and hands on logic games, moving to iPad apps and computer programs.  Children can begin to program simple games and lay the foundation for more programming options as they advance.


Lego Mindstorms Programming and Robotics  Ages 6 – 12

4 Mondays 12:30 - 1:30   (alternating) $50

This class will offer a basic introduction to the Lego Mindstorms and NXT 2.0 “drag and drop” programming language.  Students will learn how to program loops to make sensors and motors move a Lego model.  

Introduction to Electronics  ages 11 - 17  

4 Mondays 1:30 - 3:00 (alternating)  $50 + small materials fee

A 4 class introduction to electronics through hands on construction, discussion,   and  thoughtful investigation of key ideas .   Students should have basic arithmetic skills through division.

Key ideas:  What is electricity?  How is it measured?  Ohm’s Law. LEDs, Series and Parallel Circuits, Analog and digital circuits, Breadboarding and Soldering, Safety.

Programming with Python ages 9 - 17

4 Mondays 1:30 - 3:00 (alternating)  $50

Python is a popular powerful  text-based programming language  that  is freely available, will run on almost any type of computer, and gentle or beginners.

In the 4 session class, learn how to : install Python, Use the Python shell and terminal, Use the Python text editor, Idle to write, debug and run simple Python scripts., The basic tools of programming, variables,  repetition, making  decisions, Organizing your program using functions.

Each class will include a class discussion, some computer time and most importantly a programming challenge to be done outside of class.   There is a class website through which  students can send assignments, ask questions and take quizzes any time.

Archery  Ages 9 – 16

Mondays 12:30 - 1:30  $75

USA Archery style longbow archery.  Skills, form, focus and accuracy are developed.  Class size is limited to 10 students.


Piano Instruction   $200 for 8 lessons

Monday afternoons 20 minute individual lesson on Baby Grand piano.  Taught by Joann Diguiulio, Manhattan School of Music Trained pianist.  Limited spots.  Weekly lessons, paid in advance. Lesson times to be assigned, contact us for more information and to schedule.



Colonial Crafts and Games – ages 6 – 12

Tuesdays 7 weeks September 24 - Nov 12

12:30 - 1:30   $75 + $7 supplies fee  ($82)

We will explore colonial crafts and pastimes such as cooking on an outdoor fire, making soap, dipping candles, writing with a quill pen, making and playing children’s colonial games, and making simple toys such as corncob dolls.

Physical Education/Healthy Bodies

Tuesday 12:30 - 1:30  ages 11 - 17  $75

Tuesday 1:45 - 2:45 ages 5 - 10

Join us for traditional sports and games, teamwork, drills and lessons on healthy lifestyles.  

Biomimicry and Bioinspiration  ages 10 - 17

Tuesdays and Thursdays Sept 22 - Nov 12 (No Class Sept 25th or NOv. 11th)

1:30 - 3:00  14 Sessions  $200

Includes  lab inquiry and work on a problem-design challenge.

Biomimicry is learning from, and then adapting Nature’s best ideas to solving human technological challenges, in order to create a healthier, more sustainable planet.

This 16 session class will develop and understanding of the Nature Design Approach  Class participation options that are appropriate for both middle and high school level students.


Outdoor Math  ages 5 - 9

Wednesday 12:30 - 1:30   8 Classes $75

Join us under the canopy of sky, among the trees and bugs, as we count, measure, graph, estimate, and analyze data we collect and observe in our immediate environment. This class will be suitable for mathematicians of all ages and levels as math manifests itself in many forms and challenges all around us. We will explore mathematical concepts using the outdoors: counting, measuring, calculating, solving word problems.

Asian Culture and Geography – Ages 10 - 17

Wednesday 1:30 - 3:00  8 Classes  $105

Japanese and Chinese culture will be explored through customs, arts, music, religion, language, geography, food.  Some reading between classes will be required, and students may choose one country or the other for each assignment.  Class will culminate in a trip to NYC to Chinatown or Little Tokyo (depending on student interest) led by Tanya Pineda,(additional cost for field trip)  Japanese speaker.


Beginning Hands-On Chemistry: Pop, Fizz, Bubble and More  Ages 5 - 9

1:30 - 3:00 8 classes $105

This Hands-On class will look at a different aspect of chemistry each week, with a hands-on lab to reinforce the learning of the concept and promote organic discovery.  Atoms , matter, chemical reactions, elements, introduction to the period table, will all be covered.


Math and Art: Mandalas,  Ages 8 - 17

1:30 - 3:00 8 Classes $105

Taught by Tanya Pineda

Learn how to create a colorful personal mandala for yourself, friends or family members. By refering to an ancient diagram called the Vedic Square, we will use numbers that correspond the the letters in our name to construct unique star like mandala.  Each week students will work on the creation of a unique mandala; from measuring and drawing the linear pattern, to choosing the myriad ways the lines can be connected and colors chosen to paint them. Skills involved; measuring, pattern making and recognition, patients, color theory, basic drawing, planning ahead, painting solid color geometric shapes, and focus/concentration on clear goals


Readers’ Theater  Ages 6 - 10

Beginning to intermediate readers

1:30 - 3:00  7 classes $100

Readers Theater is an integrated approach for involving students in reading, writing, listening, and speaking activities.  It involves children in….sharing literature. reading aloud, writing scripts, performing with a purpose, and working collaboratively. Kids read a script adapted from literature, and picture the action from hearing the script being read aloud.  They cooperatively decide how best to portray the story.  We will focus on historical stories this quarter.


Discovery Team –  ages 5 - 8

Thursdays 7 weeks

1:30 - 3:00  7 classes $100

This play-based period will present children with different imaginary plan scenarios and props.  and encourage them to develop their own role play and storyline development.  Teachers will introduce the idea of “Planned Play’, and help students imagine, communicate and record their plan.  In cooperation with other children capes, crowns, potions, mermaids, silks, and other tools for imagination become inspiration for role play.  A safe, exploratory environment is ensured as children learn to be cooperative and creative.  


Kids’ Cooking –  ages 6 - 10

Thursdays 12:15 - 1:30  $100 + $15 supplies fee ($115)

Healthy Options and snacks will be the focus of this class for elementary age kids.  Kitchen safety, measuring ingredients, preparing food for cooking, appropriate cutting, baking science.  Students will get to taste something new each week.  All projects will be vegetarian, and some may include wheat, eggs, dairy. salt, honey or sugar in moderate amounts.