We are learning about planting and growing vegetables.

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April/May 2015

November 2015

What I know about gardening

 Tools used


Plants need

water, sun, time

Parts of a plant

roots, leaves, stem, petals on a flower

centre of the flower, where we find the pollen

Process of planting

How to plant? 

-- buy some seeds

-- find a space in the garden

-- dig a hole and plant the seed

-- water the seed

Maintenance of plants

Looking after the plants

-- water them

-- making sure that the roots are not above the ground

-- giving them time to grow

What I know about vegetables

Names of vegetables

carrots, broccoli, potatoes, cabbage, lettuce

parsley, spring onion, kale, red cabbage,

Different ways in which they grow

-- underground

-- some are on the ground


orange- carrots

green- lettuce, broccoli, cabbage

brown- potatoes

green- parsley, spring onion, kale

red- red cabbage

What part do we eat?

roots- spring onion, kumara, potato


leaves-- kale, lettuce,

flowers-- broccoli,