World of Warcraft

Forged with Jeff Reynolds and Kristen Ashton


Appearing first in Warlords of Draenor, Yrel served as the successor to other-Velen following his sacrifice on second Draenor. Originally an acolyte within the sacred halls of the Temple of Karabor, her life was shattered after orcs invaded and subjected her to a period of slavery.

After some time, she was found and rescued by adventurers that had made their way through a portal to the past Draenor. Freeing her of her bonds, she was helped along until eventually taking her place as Exarch of the past Draenei on the second Draenor.

Jeff’s Choices





Trait- “Light Help Us”

In the past Yrel has been majorly inspired by the sacrifice of others- I wanted to bring that feeling to her character in the Nexus as well. With this trait Yrel is healed for a portion of her health every time a friendly hero is defeated on the battlefield. Heroes would need to be in ring of this ability for Yrel to gain its benefits. This will make Yrel a warrior that can last even when the battle is going south for the friendly team- and possibly turn the tide of battle.

Mount-  Swift Brown Ram (WoW Mountain Ram mount with purple armour)

Q- “Take a Stand”

Yrel summons a shield that is made of light that remains in a set location on the battlefield for a short amount of time. This shield will block all incoming damage and also act as a “wall” for the enemy. Think of it like a Reinhardt Shield, but stationary. Damage to this shield will feed Yrel’s passive E ability.

W- “Radiant Light”

This ability works almost the same way that it does in World of Warcraft- When activated it creates a zone of holy light in a target location that heals allies during its duration. In addition, the power of the light guides their attacks, increasing their attack damage while in this zone.

E- “Hold on to Our Faith” Passive

As Yrel takes damage she will start to fill a meter for this ability. When enough damage has been taken this passive ability will automatically activate and stun all heroes that are close to her and in range. I am thinking that it will take about a ⅓ of Yrel’s health to send a wave of stun forward- but the numbers would need to be tested.

Heroic 1- “Dauntless Fury”

This ability can be cast on any friendly hero and they will gain the Dauntless Fury buff. This buff allows the hero to have a chance to “multistrike” with their auto attacks. This means that if they are auto attacking there is a chance that their attacks will do double damage. This buff also reduces the cost of all of the targets abilities to “0” (they don't cost mana, fury etc.)

Heroic 2- “Protector” 

When activated all friendly heroes in a selected area will become “protected” for a short amount of time and are not able to take damage. Yrel will call forth the power of the light and it will blast forward protecting all friendly heroes in range.

Specialty Skin: 

Yrel's character biography mentions that she carries a "dark secret" within her: Velen sensed it, and he foresaw that for good or ill, she had a larger role to play.[1] What this refers to, or if she is even aware of it, has not yet been revealed. It's possible this is an abandoned plot thread from the alpha.

Professor Snape Yrel… What's your dark secret?


Joan of Arc Crusader Skin

Dance: Money Dance: Money Dance https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0MTuwYJd9bo 

She owes six copper to Maami!

Kristen’s Choices

You light up my life.







Whenever you miss a skill shot, it has a random chance of course correcting and hitting a nearby intended target instead.


        Golden Wings

Wings burst from her back as she is carried to her next destination by the feathers of fate.



When activated, Yrel summons forth a latent power locked deep within, shooting forth a skill shot of armor that protects all allies it hits for a brief period of time.


Radiant Light

Yrel summons forth a zone of light that shoots from her fingertips, much like Li Ming’s laser. This beam of radiance provides a heal over time to those fellow battlefriends it hits.


Throw of Vengeance

To help her allies, Yrel summons a last ditch attempt to help by throwing whatever she is holding in a skill shot. If this hits, it stuns the target after dealing annoyance damage.


Vindicator’s Fury

Possessed by the light, Yrel is floated into the air as power works through her body, smiting all those in range - like a paladin thunderstorm.


Fight For Me

When pressed into a corner, Yrel can summon the champions that led her through the Trial of the Exarch to fight for her. Two summon and immediately target the enemy Hero that has caused her the most damage. They either last as long as the timer or until they are killed. She can heal them.


        Tiefling Yrel

Red skin tint.

        Beastess of the Devil

She now has a goat face and comes equipped with classic occult imagery, serving a new master of a very different kind of light.


        Goat Charge

Kicks the ground with her hooves and does a cute headbutt.