#65 - Into the Nexus: “Title”

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Intro:  Welcome to Into the Nexus! The Heroes of the Storm podcast!

Placed Rank 8. Currently Rank 2

So much Skeleton King


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Ranked Play Change

Heroes CM Spyrian made a post on the official forum yesterday alerting us all to multiple changes made to the placement and ranking system.

With today’s update, we’ve made improvements for placement in the mid to lower ranks, which should result in less conservative placements for players in this range.”

Bonus points are also back in the Ranked system. You will now get extra points when your MMR is higher than your current rank. This only applies if you are at rank 5 or higher.


Heroes League Party Size Change (Next Patch)

Coming in the next Heroes patch is a new restriction placed on Hero League. You will no longer be able to queue as a party over 2. This means that you either play Hero League alone, or with 1 friend. 3 and 4-stacked teams can only play in Quick Match.

“parties of three and four players appear in Hero League queues far less often than solo players and parties of two. As such we feel that large parties represent a small enough portion of Ranked games that we’re comfortable removing them from Hero League in order to improve overall match quality.”


American Championship

The August qualifiers for the Heroes World Championship America division are complete. Now it is time to set our sites on the Americas Championship in Las Vegas on September 19 and 20.

Eight teams will be competing to see who advances to the World Championship at BlizzCon in November. Tempo Storm, Cloud9, COGnitive, compLexity, Murloc Geniuses, Latin America Champions Brave Ozone, Southeast Asia Champions Relics, and Australia/New Zealand Champions Immunity White are those 8 competitors.

Tempo Storm are the reigning champions so far with three consecutive wins in the June, July, and August Opens. And while MVP Black showed that Tempo Storm can bleed by taking 1st place over them this past weekend at the MSI Masters at PAX, Tempo Storm’s skill cannot be denied.

*Here would be a good place to shoot the shit about the MSI Masters

Heroes at Pax

If you want to get caught up on the August qualifiers go check out Xingua’s piece titled “What we learned from the August Open” over on TeamLiquid.net.


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I always seem to be the first member of my team to want to retreat after a successful engagement.  We have pushed into the enemy base and they are starting to respawn when I ping to retreat.  Often my team just keeps pushing until they wipe us out.  It seems to me that we should all recall and heal up instead of giving them the experience for the kills and free range while we are dead.  How do you know when to retreat?  Should I stay with the team even if I think we should back out? 

Thanks a lot.


My question is, at what level of skill and confidence should I jump into Hero League?

I do relatively well in quick match, but I feel like I've reached a light cap from what it can offer me.

On the other hand, I don't feel like a pro. I don't want to be a burden.

Should I start investing in Heroes League but risk being a free lunch, or continue to make minor improvements in quick match?


1.       What are the most overrated and underrated heroics in the game?

My two cents -  I had a hard time coming up with an overrated heroic but I settled for Rain of Vengeance (Valla). I feel like so many times it hits once on 1-2 heroes and then you just step out of the way and wait for the beasts to stop coming.

As for underrated heroic you guys have been too hard on Bloodlust! Build a team with a high amount of AA damage and using Bloodlust at the right moment absolutely wrecks! The extra damage alone is great but when you add in the movement speed for chase it gets ridiculous!

Overrated - Phenoix

Underrated - Nydus Network

-Blunt Force Gun

2.       Have you guys noticed the completely underwhelming nature of the level 20 “Storm Power” talents that upgrade heroics? Do you ever take these talents over the other level 20 talents like Storm Shield, Nexus Frenzy, Bolt, Redemption, etc.? I can’t remember the last time I say a heroic upgrade selected in a pro match. Do you think this is something that should and/or will be addressed?



I put a lot of hours, LoL and Heroes mostly, and I have a question that relates to not just Heroes but many competitive game in general.

How do you guys keep yourselves motivated to keep playing, as well as not letting yourself get lazy in keeping track of your mistakes and continually improving? I frequently find myself a bit burnt out, and often being pretty lazy in keeping track of my improvement.

Also, I know I hear Kyle frequently mention how Tassadar yells "Khalla and Void as one!" During his heroic, and he thinks it may foreshadow something coming in Legacy, but didn't Tassadar learn how to harness Void power in the original Starcraft/Broodwar story, which allowed him to kill the Overmind? I might be wrong, just giving my two cents!

Thanks for the answer and keep up the great work!


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