Functional Programming Winter Meeting

25th - 26th March, 2013


The meeting takes place at VANN, in Brastad, Sweden (see map here). As part of the event, we have access to the swimming pool facilities and common areas in the Spa (6 swimming pools with different water temperatures, 3 type of saunas, and gym).


There will be a bus taking participants to VANN and back to Chalmers. More specifically,


Due to the meeting takes place near the ICFP deadline, the program contains less scientific talks than usual. Additionally, the meeting contemplates short talks and discussion about VR-proposals.  You can take the opportunity to get feedback about your ICFP/VR submissions before the deadlines as well as have the chance to work during the meeting.

25th March - Morning Session (Chair Emil Axelsson)

Push arrays are from Mars, Pull arrays are from Venus

25th March - Morning Session II (Chair Mary Sheeran)

25th March - Afternoon Session  

25th March - Evening Session (Chair Alejandro Russo)

This session mainly has the goal to summarize the constructive feedback received for the different VR-proposals.

26th March - Morning Session (Chair John Hughes)


Valiant (74) has reduced the problem of parsing to that of doing matrix multiplications, yielding subcubic complexity for the context-free recognition problem.  We show that, under conditions which widely occur in practice, the multiplications performed by the  algorithm involve an overwhelming majority of empty matrices. This means that, under the above assumptions, and using a sparse matrix representation, the complexity of parsing using Valiant’s algorithm is O(n log3 n). Furthermore, because the algorithm is an instance of the divide and conquer skeleton, we obtain a polylogarithmic complexity for the problem of parallel and incremental parsing of practical context-free languages.