Trip reports

Anna led a great thanksgiving trip to a biodynamic farm.  There was a bike path all the way there, a crazy picnic, carrot harvest, hot air balloons, swimming, carrot soup, barn concert, bonfire, sleeping with cows, but actually in tents, milking-of-cows, making-of-butter.  Some exchange students drove a tractor even though they didn't have licenses.  Everyone had a great time, even the cows.  Moo.  

Nate went climbing in the GUUUNNNNNKKKKS.  The Gunks are unreal. Sarah trad-led for the first time!

Max built a really really big fire with Claire at her Vermont home.  

Hossein had a sudden burst of amnesia.  Thankgiving classic had good weather though the colors were gone.  The hike was nice, and the feast was the best of the last few years (Mark doesn't believe it).  Cooking was Lebanese, Indian, Pakistani, German, Iranian, Mexican, etc... there was great swimming, not too cold.  That is all he can remember, he was dropped on his head off the mountain.  Drivers were lacking at first, but Alex saved the day... and someone bought a car specifically for this trip!

Elodie went to Val David and had a great day of bouldering and a big fire.  

Leith baked apple muffins and baked apples and apple and brie bruschetta and apple crisp.  Some execs own up to having stolen apples over the week between the trip and the apple party.

Audrey went bouldering.  It was crazy.  She caught a rideshare down to Boston and went to the Quinzee Quarries, a super grafitti-ed place of climbers.  Paint is very slippery to climb on.  


Leith is biking to Mont Saint Hilaire in early November, but is not yet taking sign-ups.  It's around 100k round trip.  

Leith is leading mountain biking on MOC trails at Halloween.  

Anna wishes to inform you that HALLOWEEN IS COMING!  she is taking sign-ups.  It will be the weekend of Oct 26-7.  Biking is a tradition, especially if you have not locked your bike somewhere inaccessible.  Costumes are a must, capes get bonus points.

Elodie is going bouldering on Sunday and needs drivers!  otherwise it's full.  a $10 cost for drivers.  

Elodie is also running the classic trip Intermediate Rock Climbing (Interrock) on Halloween weekend. It will be Friday-Sunday (the 25-7th).  This is where you go to try out rappelling, ascending, building anchors, and general halloween awesomeness.  Alyssa will be cooking again, and you know what that means.  $80 cost, $60 for drivers plus gas reimbursed.  

Hossein is leading a trip to Mt Ham, which is in Quebec so you cannot expect it to be very tall, but... the trails are super awesome, a two hour drive, a one day trip.  It's also a race!  First one to the top doesn't pay for their trip.  At the top, we will wait for the losers.  The course is very steep, 700m vertical over 1700meters.  The down route is more scenic, total distance 7-8km.  $25 for trail fee and gas, unless you win!  $15 deposit.  

Hillary is wanting to do group trips to Jay peak!  Their early season membership is still available for extra cheap.  Talk to her if you are interested in group trips to Jay this winter.  

Sarah is doing trailwork this weekend!!!  Email her ASAP if you want to come, a crazy weekend of GPS mapping, getting lost, and merry times.  No experience necessary.  We will be biking to the house Friday night, or you can find your own way up whenever.  FREE TRIP- absolutely free.  

Jake is coordinating a Wilderness First Aid course the the 16-7th of November.  This a great opportunity if you are interested in running trips safely or getting an outdoorsy job (it's required for many).  The course will be around $300 (a $150 deposit due when you sign up) and will be run by Sirius Wilderness Medicine.  A CPR course is included, as is your house stay, food, and transportation for the weekend.  

Mark is going to Whites next Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday, following a job interview.  Email him if you might also like to go to the Whites in this time frame.  He can give you a ride if you don't mind attending his interview.

And finally, CONCERT TICKETS are now available for the MOC CONCERT!!!!! $8 in advance or $10 at the door.  Come for music, fun, auctions, and karaoke.