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Useful Links: Local Resources | How to Be a Straight Ally | Queer Youth  Hotline | Being Gay is NOT a Reason for Suicide | SF LGBTIQI Center |  National Center for Lesbian Rights | Human Rights Campaign | AIDS LifeCycle | Stonewall | Gay Games | SF Gay & Lesbian Softball Association |

Purpose: to create awareness of and support De Anza High School’s LGBTQI students and staff. All members, regardless of their sexual orientation, are welcome to participate.  

Projects: Club Awareness Day, El Sobrante Stroll Facepainting, Club Poster Awareness & Promotion, Mural Making, Homecoming Tshirt Designs, Gay Prom?, Local Bay Area Pride Events, Why Allies Are So Important Discussion, Changing Legislation & States’ Rights to Support Discussions, Bring a Friend Day,

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2014-15 LEADERSHIP: 

President: Josue Sandoval

VP: Jared Flores

Secretary: Joseph Salmeron

Treasurer: Isaiah Woosley

Public Relations: Amani, Susan, Gabby

RYSE Reps: Amani & Ruth

Emcee (The Voice): Martin

Faculty Advisors: Hansen, Melis, Shetterly

Constitution: INSERT HERE

Upcoming Events:

RYSE Center LGBTQI Reps needed (contact Brian Villa, 510 374-3401, from the RYSE center came by to see if we had two LGBTQ leaders who would be interested in being on some coalition with the other school sites. He's looking for two De Anza reps.  Can you bring this to the GSA? They would meet:

ADDITIONAL NOTE TOPICS [ Additional topics brainstormed with President Josue & others ]

Are those good so far? THIS IS A GREAT START! LET’s DISCUSS ON WEDS. ALSO, REMEMBER, WED IS ALSO “BRING A FRIEND” DAY! Do you have any comments and or more ideas that should be added to the list and I'm also working on what should be responded when being called gay THIS IS DIFFERENT FOR EACH PERSON, AND MAKES FOR AN EXCELLENT GROUP DISCUSSION!!! also working on how people should respond to the comment that's so gay and could I also stop by at lunch and get some papers and markers to work on posters this weekend.