Miniature Hot Dog Tutorial

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Created by Heather Wells of Sweet & Savory Trinkets


Hot Dog Bun:  Translucent Premo, White Premo, Ecru Premo

Hot Dog: Translucent Premo, Burnt Umber Premo, Orange Premo, Alizarin Crimson Premo

Ketchup:  Pomegranate Premo

Mustard: Cadmium Yellow Premo

Relish: Translucent Premo, Wasabi Premo, Spanish Olive

Red Onion: Translucent Premo, White Premo

Chili: Fimo Deco Gel (or Translucent Liquid Sculpey), Burnt Umber Premo, Aubergine, and Spiced Pumpkin Powdered food coloring

Cheese: Orange Premo, Yellow Premo

Sewing Pin (or needle tool), Brush, Pastels in Yellow Ochre, Rust, Dark Brown, Green, Purple, Red, and Pink, a Baking Tray, Plain Paper, Clay blade

Step 1: Mix White ¼ Premo,  Translucent ¾ Premo, and a tiny pinch of Ecru Premo.

DSC08703 (1).JPG   

Step 2: Roll a ball about ½” across, and roll it out to ¾”


Step 3: Using your clay blade cut your roll in half, most of the way, but leave a little at the bottom to keep the hot dog bun together, and open your bun as pictured.


Step 4: Use your pin or needle tool and texture the inside of the hot dog bun, by making tiny circles.  (I do it the same as my cake texture)


Step 5: Use your clay blade to shave a little pile of yellow ochre dust, and a little pile of rust dust.  Paint the outside of the bun with yellow ochre.


Step 6: Paint the top outside edges with a little rust mixed with yellow ochre, to give the top a toasty look.  


Step 7: Mix your hot dog clay mix, ¾ Translucent clay, to ¼ color. I don’t have the precise measurements, but show the colors in the photo below.  I used the burnt umber and orange most, with some ecru, and a little pinch of the alizarin crimson.


Step 8: Roll out a ball about ⅜” and roll it into a ¾” log, and place it in your bun.  Make a star shape with the side of your pin at each end of your hot dog.


For a grilled hot dog make diagonal lines using your pin.

DSC08745 (1).JPG

Make some dark brown pastel dust.  Dip a thin paintbrush into water, into the pastel dust, and paint the indents.

DSC08746 (1).JPGDSC08747.JPG

DSC08748 (1).JPG

Your Hot Dog is finished :)  You can bake it on plain paper, or add ketchup, mustard, relish, onions, chili, cheese etc.

Mustard:  Roll a log of Cadmium yellow, and add it to your hot dog gently smoothing it on with your fingers.



Ketchup: Roll out a thin log of Pomegranate and smooth it on your hot dog gently.

DSC08722 (1).JPG


Mix Translucent Premo, with a little bit of Wasabi Premo, and add a tiny pinch of Spanish Olive Premo if it looks a bit too yellow


Press a little of the relish mixture flat, and paint the surface with green pastel dust. Adding just a tiny bit of a darker color (I used dark brown from the grill marks)


Cut a thin strip from the relish color and cut it into tiny squares

DSC08754.JPGDSC08755 (1).JPG

Place a little TLS on the hot dog where you want your relish, and add the squares to the hot dog where you would like the relish to be.  

DSC08783 (2).JPG

Chopped Red Onion

Mix Translucent Premo with a little White Premo


Press your Onion Mixture flat like you did with the relish.

Create small piles of pastel dust in purple, red, and pink next together, and dip your paintbrush into all three and paint a light layer on the top of your onion mixture.  Cut thin strips, and squares from the strips as you did with the relish.  



Decorate your Hotdog as you wish :)

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Thank you so much!



Chili Cheese Dog

DSC08868 (1).JPG

Prepare a plain hot dog.

For chili pour out a small amount of liquid clay, and add some spiced pumpkin food color, and a touch of the Aubergine food color.  If you don’t have them, use pastels in deep brown, rusts, and a bit of red.  Mix until granules are thoroughly mixed. Add some to your hot dog and bun, and add tiny amount of burnt umber to make your chili meaty.

Mix some cheese colored clay with yellow and orange Premo.  Roll it out flat and slice very thin strips for the cheese.  Add the cheese as desired.

Smash some of the cheese colored polymer clay, into  a bit of liquid clay and mix until smooth, (or use Powdered food coloring if you have it).  

Add small drop of the liquid clay cheese mixture of you want the cheese to look like some of it melty.  

Add some chopped onions.