We returned to Japan with Hilda.

 Hilda freaked out at the appearance of my front door.

「Is this place somewhere in the dungeon, Seiji-sama?」

「This is our house.」


 So this is what they call culture shock.

 I wonder if this is what Elena was feeling at the start.

 About the lights as well as taking shoes off at the front door―

 and when looking at the scenery outside the window, Hilda had been lost in confusion.

「Are you okay, Hilda? Oi.」

 It's no good, she is absent-minded.

 Hilda, who was dazed for a while, finally recovered and slowly turned around―

「Uh, err, is this place by any chance,『God's country』?」

 Why will it be so?

「No, this country is called Japan. This is the country where Aya and I were born and raised.」

「Oniichan, although I can't understand Hilda-chan's words, what should we do?」

「Ah, that's right.」

 I handed the replicate【Magic stone of temporary language acquisition +2】to Elena and the common【Magic stone of temporary language acquisition】to Hilda.

 I'll make another two later so each person can have one.

 Thanks to the magic stone, Elena is frolic as she can now read most of the kanjis.

 I understand that you're glad, now that you can read books but you must not take out so many books~.

 Hilda could not grasp the situation yet and was still dumbfounded.

「Now then, I wonder if I should cook dinner now.」


「What is it, Aya?」

「Take a bath before you do.」


「The smell! The smell will permeate the rice!」

 How cruel.


 My sexy bathing scene had been completely cut,

 the three girls were now bathing peacefully and their voices producing kyakya ufufu could be heard.

 I, with such happy voices as BGM in return, is in the midst of dinner preparations.

 I've been considerably troubled but decided on a hamburger as the menu.

 It's Hilda's first Japanese meal.

 Since I loved hamburger when I was in Hilda's age, Hilda will surely be glad as well.

 And since it's especially Japan, it's『rice』rather than『bread』.

 When the preparation of dinner was over, the three people, who were playing in the bath, came out.

 Hilda is wearing my T-shirt for some reason.

 But, I can't believe what's happening!

 It should be short sleeves but it has become mid sleeves,

 the shirttail has been prolonged into a one-piece dress,

 the chest has been widely flared and something can be naturally caught in a glimpse.

 This is bad!

 When I'm being extremely wary of the critical situation―

 Aya looked at me with eyes as if looking at a trash.

 No, I'm just......

 Anyhow, the dinner was ready and the four of us sat around the table.


 The three of us began to eat dinner but Hilda became stiff not knowing what to do.

 When she was eating dinner at Lela's, it was also like this. I wonder if she wasn't used to it yet?

 Aya and Elena sit on the opposite side, I have no choice but to do something here, huh.

 I served Hilda a bite of hamburger with a fork,

 and brought the meat with lots of juices close to Hilda's cute lips.

「Here, ah~n.」

「Y-, Yes! A-, Ahn.」

 I put the hamburger in Hilda's mouth,

 with her eyes wide open, Hilda immediately chewed whilst holding her cheeks with both hands.

 Your cheeks might drop, mightn't it?

 When she swallowed the bite with a *gulp*, she had been dazed for a while,

 and I suddenly noticed that she was now staring at the hamburger on the plate.

「Is it delicious?」

 Hilda silently nodded vigorously.

「Try to eat rice too, Hilda.」

「R-, Rice?」

「The white one next to it. Try eating it with a spoon.」

「Y-, yes.」

 This time, Hilda scooped a mouthful of rice with a spoon by herself and put it into her mouth.

 It's a common white rice but with nori[1] and egg『furikake[2]』sprinkled over it.

 When I was Hilda's age, I liked『furikake』very much.

 Hilda finally ate with acquiescence・・・・・she seemed to understand a fact

 and started eating the mug of consomme soup and the small salad dish with great relish.

 I can finally have my own meal. When I thought so―

 Hilda finished eating most of her share, loathing to part with the few remaining of her dinner.

 There's about a mouthful of the hamburger and rice left.

 I took Hilda's plate of hamburger and rice away forcefully.

 Hilda was surprised at the sudden situation,

 regretting why she hadn't eaten immediately.

 Well, I'll only serve her a『second helping』.

 I've placed a hamburger and another smaller but meaty piece.

 As well as rice with somewhat larger quantity of furikake than earlier and returned it to Hilda.

 The face full of despair has completely changed into face wrapped in joy.

 Hilda ate up the『second helping』in no time with great relish.

「Is there any dessert, oniichan?」

「There is.」

 Well, it's ready-made though.

 I took out a pudding which can be served in a dish with one touch,

 decorated it with canned fruit and whipped cream and carried it to the table.

「It's a pudding! Yehey~!」

 Hilda ate up the pudding à la mode in no time.

「Was it delicious?」

「Y-, Yes!」

 There's not even a pudding à la mode when I turned 30.

「Then, eat mine as well.」

「I-, Is it fine?」

 When I give the pudding to Hilda―

 Aya is looking this way wistfully.

 When she was about to say「that's good~」like usual―

 Aya managed to read the mood.

 It seems she have grown up a little.

[1] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nori

[2] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Furikake