Founding Sales: The Early Stage Go-to-Market Handbook

Startup Sales for founders (and others) in first-time sales roles.

Founding Sales can now be found on a standalone website here: https://www.foundingsales.com/ 

It’s much prettier than the old Google Docs. ; )


Founding Sales is book on startup sales for founders and other first time sales staff written by Pete Kazanjy’s, founder of Atrium sales performance analytics and the Modern Sales sales leadership and operations community.

This book is the distillation of Pete’s experience at TalentBin going from a founder with a product marketing and product management background to early sales guy, early sales manager, and eventual post-acquisition sales leader at Monster Worldwide, and his later experience founding Modern Sales, the nation’s largest sales operations, enablement, and leadership community.

The book’s goal is to accelerate the learning and success of those who find themselves in a similar spot Pete did in early 2011 - don’t know much about B2B sales, and need to figure it out in a hurry.

This is the “tip of the branch” of finished chapters (have gone through editing, but may be in various states of release to the broader world) for sharing with those who would like to get use of the materials ahead of their formal “publishing”. All rights reserved, yadda yadda, etc. Feedback is encouraged and happily received. Feedback form here.

Dedicated to Mike Kazanjy.

  • Part 1: Doing the basics correctly, yourself. Going from 0 to ~30 customers and proving you’ve got something that can be non-zero sold ; )

  • Closing

  • Part 2: Scaling it up with others. Taking what you’ve proven can be done yourself, and getting others to do it, too.
  • Stages of scale out
  • Specialization of sales roles

  • Pre-Work
  • Standard Admin Work
  • Cultural Onboarding
  • Business and Subject-Matter Onboarding
  • Product and Presentation Onboarding
  • Provisioning and Configuration
  • Training: Basic Tools
  • Training: Sales-Specific Tools
  • Sales Cycle and Cadence
  • Group Drilling and Repetitions
  • Sparring
  • Pair Programming/Ride-Alongs
  • Bluebirding, Ramp, and Monitoring
  • Conclusion
  • Next Resources: For when you’ve got the basics down and want to go to the next level!

Potential Future Chapters:

  • Reporting - Ensuring the right instrumentation harness to know things are going the right way. And early warning when they’re not.
  • Marketing activities for Sales Leaders
  • Tooling for Scale: Sales enablement via CRM, Email Automation, and other flavors of sales acceleration.
  • Scaled Lead Generation - Filling the CRM, and Inbound Marketing