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Biology - Cell / Cancer                                                        

Your Cancer Experiences

Half of ALL men and one-third of ALL women will get cancer in their lifetime.  It is the second biggest killer in this country.  About 77% of all cancers affect people 55 years and older.  There are over 100 different types of cancers out there to top it all off.  

What are your experiences with cancer?  Who have you known about, been close to, etc. that has had cancer?  What type of cancer was it?  How did they find out?  What caused it?...  


If you do not have ANY experiences with cancer - What do you know about cancer?  What have you heard, what do you think of when you hear about his disease, who do you think it mainly affects, do you think you should worry about it, etc.?

Use this space, including the back of the sheet, to write your story.  You do not have to share this with anyone...even me if you do not want to.  Keep this with your notes on this next section, as we will draw from and use parts of your story for your final paper.