CurateND Update a Profile

To update your CurateND Profile please follow this method.

1. Open any web browser and navigate to


2. Select the login_button_yellow.png button in the upper right region of the masthead.  You will be redirected to Central Authentication Services(CAS).

3. Click your name in the upper right hand corner of the page to view a list of options.  Select “My Profile”.

Update Profile - My Profile Menu Option.PNG

4. Selecting “My Profile” will redirect you to the Profile page with any current data populated.  From the My Profile page you can either add/update/remove profile sections or update personal information.  Content can then be added to your Profile Sections once they are created.

Update Personal Information

5. To update your personal information click Update Profile - Update Personal Info.PNG.

6. You will be taken to your Account Details page with all previously entered information displayed.  Make any desired updates and click Update Profile - Update My Account.PNG.  Any changes made will be saved.

7. Clicking Update Profile - Cancel.PNGwill return you to the My profile page without saving any changes that were made on the Account Details page.

Add Profile Section

8. To add a section to your profile click Update Profile - Add a Section.PNG.  The following page will display:

Update Profile - Add Section Page.PNG

9. Enter a Title, which is a required field, and a Description if desired for your new Profile Section.  Once the information is entered, click Update Profile - Create Profile.PNG to save the new profile and be returned to the My Profile page.

Update Profile - Section Added.PNG

10. Clicking Update Profile - Cancel.PNG while on the “Add a Section to my Profile” page will return you to the Catalog page and will not save any information you have entered for a new section.

Edit Profile Section

11. To edit a Profile Section Title or Description, click Update Profile - Edit.PNG associated to the Section you wish to update.  The previously entered information will display for editing.

Update Profile - Edit Section.PNG

12. Make the desired updates and click Update Profile - Update Collection.PNG to save any changes made or click Update Profile - Cancel.PNG to not save changes.

Delete Profile Section

13. To delete a Profile Section, click Update Profile - Remove.PNGassociated to the Section you wish to delete.  

14. A message will appear asking you to confirm removal of the section.  Click OK to delete the Section, click Cancel to keep the Section available.

Add Content to Profile Section

15. To add a Work to one of your Profile Sections, search for and select the Work.

Update Profile - Work Selected.PNG

16. Click Update Profile - Add To Collection.PNG and a new window will appear.


17. Click on the “Make a Selection” drop down, select the Profile Section you want to associate the Work to and then click Update Profile - Add It.PNG.  The Work will now appear in the selected Profile Section.

Update Profile - Content Added.PNG