10 things you probably didn't know about SeaWorld activists

You may of heard of these people who are basically against SeaWorld and try to tell people to stay away. But here are 10 things you might not know about SeaWorld activists.

10. Online SeaWorld activists like to be offensive, derogatory, and racist. Most SeaWorld activists that I know of get too far such as comparing SeaWorld supporters to nazis and orcas to jews, SeaWorld workers to ISIS and dolphins to Jordanian pilots. Almost ALL SeaWorld activists say that african-american slaves were the equivalent of all of SeaWorld’s animals. PETA who is a group that protests SeaWorld has even compared orcas to God’s children.

9. SeaWorld activists assume that buying a single ticket to SeaWorld cause Taiji to kill 10,000 dolphins which is down right extremist. 20,000 visitors visit SeaWorld Orlando daily and 10,000 x 20,000 = 200,000,000. If this was true, then there would be no dolphins in the wild.

8. SeaWorld activists post many death threats toward people who support SeaWorld rescues and have said that SeaWorld’s rescues is the equivalent of a murderer giving money to homeless. SeaWorld has never killed any animals or has supported Taiji.

7. SeaWorld activists have claimed that SeaWorld killed Dawn Brancheau but it was Tilikum, an orca who thought that Dawn’s ponytail was a toy instead of the trainer he was working with.

6. SeaWorld activists are against ANY organization, person, community, and company that owns whales or dolphins for any reason. No matter how well it has been cared for, been born in captivity, or if the cetacean has been rescued from harm or death. SeaWorld activists are against all zoos and aquariums. They’re even against dolphin rescue centers and sanctuaries.  

5. SeaWorld activists have been known to hack many pro caps such as SeaWorld Isaac’s facebook page for speaking out the truth and SeaWorld San Diego’s twitter was possibly hacked for being an official SeaWorld account. Cyber bullying has been stopped many times and future incidents will likely not happen in the future.

4. SeaWorld activists claim they care about animals living in SeaWorld yet they never tried any attempt to airlift them into the wild which can harm the animals with diseases and a wild environment they have never experienced before. They think holding signs while yelling like children is brave and helps animals. The animals might be annoyed with these protesters and would rather enjoy the upcoming Blue World Project.

3. SeaWorld activists on Facebook and Twitter say that when they get blocked by SeaWorld supporters, it means they couldn’t handle the “truth” yet most of them block SeaWorld supporters for speaking out the real truth and exposing lies of the activists.

2. SeaWorld activists have donated organizations that kill animals for no reason such as PETA. They feel that humans should never have interaction with any other animal for any reason. They rather see pets die than be owned by people

1. Some of the former SeaWorld trainers that so called “care” for the animals, have abused animals. Sea lion trainer Dean Gomersall was fired by SeaWorld for kicking an otter he wanted to perform. Orca trainer Jeffrey Venture was fired for putting his head into an orca mouth that caused it to be aggressive. SeaWorld has fired them for one good reason. They want their animals to stay safe.


So you probably now know. Those crazy people that say orcas are the equivalent of african american slaves, are also hypocritical.