Research Advice from Pro Family History Bloggers

It is helpful to read advice about and latest trends in Genealogy and Family History, and this presentation captures blog posts from the past year, 2015, from the best. Each section can be opened by clicking on the blue underlined title. Posts are organized chronologically from most recent to earliest. Browse at your leisure. Downloads are not allowed because I constantly go back to these presentations and update them by adding newest changes to FT, and deleting things that no longer apply. The Family Tree program changes almost weekly in one way or another. Just connect to the internet, and display the presentations from there please.

Research 1 A - FamilySearch Blogs and Others’ How-to’s 2011-2015

Research 1 B- FamilySearch Blogs and Others’ How-to’s 2016

Research 1C - FamilySearch & Yammer Blogs - 2017

          Research 2A -  Ideas and Hints from James Tanner, Lisa L Cooke, and others:

          Research 2B - Same as Above but more recent

          Research 2C - Ditto above

          Research 2D - Still in Progress with current stuff

Research 3A -  Ideas and Advice from the best like these: 

          Research 3B - Barry Ewell, Google, and Others

      Research 4 -  Ideas and HInts from these Experts: 

     Research 5A -  Advice from these Genealogy Bloggers

    Research 5B - Helps from More Genealogists