Personal Memoir: Developing Your Thesis


Memoirists tie their stories and experiences together to help the reader get a sense of who they are. How will you tie your ideas together? What do all of your experiences tell somebody else about YOU?


To answer the above questions, look over your WN entries and Concept Map. Think about what these people and places mean to you. What do they help you realize about yourself?

                -courage                                -determination                -independence                -appreciative

                -loyal                                 -curious                        -confident                                -proud

                -brave                                  -loved                                  -generosity                  -capable


Once you have identified your common thread, write a WN entry about how the people and events in your life have influenced who you are.


Helpful Prompts:

This person has helped me to become…

This is how these feelings/moments/events have influenced who I am as a person…

Looking over my work has made me realize I am…