Kidz Praise!
Sundays 11:00 - 12:00
(Alternate Sundays - September thru December)

Description:  Kidz Praise is a time of worship for children, Pre-kinder to Fifth grade.  The program includes singing, scripture reading, prayer, a skit given by the puppets and a follow up discussion with the children .  This ministry is creates a similar atmosphere & energy as our yearly VBS opening assembly.  If your kids enjoy VBS, they’ll love Kidz Praise!

Messages include topics such as: faith,  following God’s instructions, joy, serving others, telling the truth, and how to get to heaven.   Puppet & Song teams are volunteers consisting of middle & high school students.



Kidz Praise! Team:         

Mary (coordinator)
Teachers - Mary, Janice
Audio Visual - Jim, David

Puppets/Singers -- Abby, Amber, Tina, Yen Wen, Lucy, Michelle

Kidz Praise! -- Schedule & Audio Visual setup
(Bldg 4 - Room 406)
Rev. 1.17.2017

10:50am - Turn on equipment

Computer with Easy Worship (cpu always on / just turn on monitor / ask jim for password)

LED light controller

Audio Mixer (has a built in MP3 Player)

Wireless microphone receiver

Install rechargeable AA batteries in wireless mics & turn on mics

10:50-11:10am - Teens setup & practice puppet show

11:00am  - Teacher visits with children from Sunday School in Rm 303 Ed1

11:15am - Teacher takes children to Room 406

11:15am - Run music while children come in
(4 floor lamps on - Room lights off entire time)

        2 Songs (Twelve songs to select from / Teens select 4 songs)
(4 floor lamps off & LED’s on / boys from children’s group are allowed to control led’s & easy worship)

Puppet Show

                4 mics - set levels as needed on mixer
                White LED lights on

                4 floor lamps off

                Easy worship slides:  1) Kidz Praise!  2) Background scene 3) Bible Verse

Teacher explains message of puppet show & ask questions (left 2 floor lamps on/right 2 floor lamps if children are answering questions)

2 Songs (4 floor lamps off)

        Teacher prays
 (Left 2 floor lamps on)

11:45am - Run music while children leave with teen/college students for playground or inside games

Turn off equipment

leave computer on/turn off monitor only

Put AA batteries in chargers

Turn off LED light controller
        Turn off Wireless mic receiver

12:00pm - Parents pick up children from Ed1

Kidz Praise!- Room Setup3.jpg

Kidz Praise AV Desk.jpg

Kidz Praise! Audio Visual Table

  1. Wireless Microphone Receiver
  2. Audio Mixer / MP3 player
  3. Light Controller
  4. Remote control for floor lamps & desk lamp
  5. PC for Easy Worship