This is a guide or checklist of sorts of things you should be doing in various periods after Legion’s launch to prepare for raiding. It is separated into four sections: Leveling, first 24 hours at 110, first week at 110, and the rest of time until raids open. This also may differ slightly for EU depending on how the lockouts work out.



  1. Complete all “Pillar” storylines. These each give a piece of 800 ilvl gear once you complete the dungeon for them. They also give enough reputation to access World Quests.
  2. Complete all possible Bonus Objectives near you. Each awards 200 Order Resources, which are limited to ~2500 per day for the first few days of Legion and the several thousand from leveling Bonus Objectives give a nice head start for future objectives. They are a nice bonus, but no need to go out of your way to do them.
  3. Progress on Order Campaign quests between zones. New quests are available at 101 and 103. Tip: Assign a Combat Ally follower as soon as possible because they will get experience while you do quests.

Here are some maps of quest objectives in Legion zones. They may not be entirely accurate (especially on Bonus Objectives). Storylines are also just places you pick up quest lines, not necessarily numbered storylines for the achievement.









First 24 Hours at 110


  1. Start your Artifact Knowledge work order in your Order Hall (unlocked via a quest). Do this immediately, and make sure it is always going for the rest of eternity (or until you hit level 25 in a few months). This is extremely critical for keeping up in artifact power.
  2. Progress Order Campaign until you hit the first “time gate.” This will be some quest that takes multiple days to complete, usually through follower missions. It may be after a couple of dungeon quests, so just keep doing any quests you get until you can’t complete one right away.
  3. Jump into Heroics with a premade group and get some gear. You need to be 810 ilvl to queue, but you can walk in at any item level. Doing a few dungeons and getting some 825 pieces will go a long way towards making everything else faster.
  4. Complete your first Emissary Quest and any other critical World Quests (ones that give upgrades or resources).
  5. Start questing in Suramar. Follow the quests until you unlock World Quests in Suramar, then do all of those (even if they award gold) for rep.

First Week at 110


  1. Complete any daily tasks you have to do. This includes any important World Quests (AP, Resource, Gear upgrades, Emissary quest if not already completed, and any you just want rep for). Feed all 3 Nightfallen NPCs in Suramar for the rep. Do a daily random Heroic dungeon for the extra AP.
  2. Complete all 8 available Mythic dungeons ASAP. This gear will help you out with everything else. Do The Arcway whenever you get that unlocked (requires enough Nightfallen rep to get that far in the story).
  3. Kill the available World Bosses. There are 11 total, but you should have a week long Purple Dragon world quest. They drop great gear, but it is personal loot so you have to get lucky and as usual only get one chance per week.
  4. Keep progressing on your Order Hall. This means the campaign, order hall upgrades, and especially Knowledge work orders.’
  5. Work on Profession quests, unlock the Obliterum Forge, start working towards getting the ability to spam crafted gear for upgrades.
  6. Buy bonus Seals in Dalaran near Violet Hold. DO NOT SPEND ORDER RESOURCES, USE GOLD. Being cheap will cost you several days on the ability to equip a 2nd legendary.

Rest of the time until Raids open


  1. Finish your Order Hall Campaign. This will open up the 3rd Relic slot on your weapon and is absolutely 100% mandatory if you want to raid on day one in any kind of guild.
  2. Continue daily and weekly tasks. Random Heroic, Mythic dungeons clears, world boss kills, World Quests, and maintaining Order Hall upgrades and knowledge.
  3. Complete your professions. Obtain all ranks of patterns you can and work out what items you should be making to get Obliterum. Get a couple dozen Obliterum so you can fill in gaps in your gear that you didn’t get from other sources.
  4. Continue progressing in Suramar. Do the withered training scenario whenever available and progress through that every 3 days. Eventually unlock Court of Stars for another Mythic dungeon. Do all available quests for massive amounts of AP.
  5. Do “A Falling Star” questline (starts at Khadgar in Dalaran).
  6. When you run out of everything else to do, spam random heroics for artifact power, RNG upgrades, and possible legendary drops.

Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoy Legion as you prepare to face the Emerald Nightmare!

Created by Total, find me in the General Hospital Discord at if you have any questions or improvements or just want to talk about healing.