Taurus Tracker Troubleshooting

1.- Open the app and verify that it’s running the latest version available, to verify go to the Application home screen and scroll down to the bottom and click the UPDATE APPLICATION button

2.- Go to your Android settings and go into the applications menu:

3.- Find Taurus Tracker under installed applications:

4.- Verify that the application has the following permissions enabled:

5.- Go to the location settings menu and verify that the Mode is “High precision”:


6.- Enable the Developer Menu on the phone Settings. In order to do this go into the “About” section under settings:

7.- Tap several times on the build number (about 7 times) until the dialog appears that you’ve enabled Developers Settings:

8.- Back on the settings menu you should see a new option called Developer Settings:

9.- Go into the Developer settings and find the “Applications” options and verify that the Remove activities option is disabled: