Middletown Springs Building Committee


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Middletown Springs Building Committee

September 5, 2018

Approved Minutes


Members present:

Patty Kenyon, Chair, Kimberly Bushnell, Kristal Hier, sub-Clerk, Michael Beattie, Maureen McCormack, David Munyak, Fred Bradley, Tom Hurcomb, David Wright


Members absent:

Robin Chesnut-Tangerman


Public Present: Beth Miller, Christine Graham (CPG, Enterprises, Inc.), Bree and Joe Gunter (newcomers to town)


Call to Order: 7 pm by P. Kenyon.


Approval of minutes of August 1 and 16: Motion made by T. Hurcomb seconded by F. Bradley to accept the minutes as presented. Motion carried.


Public Comments: introductions and general orientation for Bree and Joe to the committee’s work and members.


Building and Site Design: no discussion


Sub Committee Reports:

Review Project Charter update-

Building Charter - no discussion

Fundraising Charter-

1.      Christine Graham presentation- professional fundraiser consultant Christine Graham met with the committee and discuss her proposal of services her firm offers in terms of help for fundraising. Christine asked a number of questions about the project so she can better the project and target the assistance her firm could provide for project fundraising. The committee shared the scope of work thus far and discussed how we might continue to engage the community in the conversation about the town building. Christine explained some of the services that her firms offers that weren’t included in her initial proposal but that she thought would be beneficial to the project. Her suggestion was to begin with a Listening Tour and Fundraising Feasibility Study, followed by Prep for Bond when appropriate. C Graham departed at 8:40 pm.

2.      Motion: D. Munyak moved that the Building Committee, having met with Christine Graham, recommend that the Selectboard contract with CPG Enterprises for a fundraising feasibility study and a “listening tour”, for up to $20,000. T. Hurcomb seconded. Motion carried. P Kenyon plans to deliver this recommendation to the Selectboard at their next regular meeting (Sept. 13).

Marketing Charter – no discussion


Other Business: none


Meeting Adjourned:  K. Bushnell moved to adjourn at 9 pm, M. McCormack seconded. Motion carried.


Next meeting: Thursday, September 20, 7 pm at the Library.


Respectfully Submitted by

Kristal Hier & Kimberly Bushnell