Chapter Wars

Matches and Meets

A Match - Chapter vs Chapter - head to head game. Matches are designed so that two ACL Chapter teams can get together  and test their skills, while having a fun and professional sportsmanship-like game setting. Awarded points determine the winning team. There are no prizes or trophies for individual Meets or Matches. (Regions may also use this format for Head to Head contests)

A Meet - Same as a Match, but with three or four Chapter teams competing on the same day/same place, instead of only two teams.

Arena - there must be an arena with barrier/rails a minimum size of 20’X20’ and strong enough to keep competitors in the arena keeping spectators safe.

There will be two domestic seasons per year:


 ACL Summer Season, June 1 through September30, Team with greatest number of Points accumulated is announced ACL Chapter Champion (Ties subject to a Head to Head match up to determine victor at NWC)

ACL Winter Season - November 1  through March 1 Team with greatest number of Points accumulated is announced ACL Chapter Champion (Ties subject to a Head to Head match up to determine victor at

 “U.S. Championships”).

During playing seasons, every time a Chapter game is played, the participating teams are awarded points towards the National Chapter League Playoff. Each Chapter will earn five points if they win, 2 points if they lose. -1 pt  if they forfeit the entire match (no show).

Basic Rules 

Each Match is broken into "Sets"

Each set has "Three Rounds".

Each "Round" is worth one point.

(So your Team can get a possible 3 point per set.)

Whichever Chapter gets 11 points first wins the Match!


The finer points...

1) Each Chapter has a Chapter President who can either participate as, or appoint, a Team Captain. This can change from match to match, but each match must have a Team Captain present during the tournament. If the team President is not available to appoint a team Captain for the day, the Regional Commander of that Chapter or higher ACL leadership, may do so.

2) The Team Captain will confer with the opposing Team Captain and agree (pre match), or (pre set if need be) if the set will be a duel or a two or  three man team. (Or a five man team if there are at least 8 players present from each Chapter)  Lineup must be presented before set begins.

3) If it is a duel, there needs to be at least two Referees to count blows. Referees need to be impartial and not competing on either team for the entire Match.

4) The Team Captain is in charge of the team strategy for the day, deciding which three man team or single dual fighter he will send into the ring, make choices on who and when substitute players will switch out or when to do a complete line change.

5) Once the opponents are in the ring there is no substituting or line changes for that round.

6) Line changes or substitution of a team player can be made between rounds, during the one minute timed break.

7) Chapters can bring as many as 8 players to a match & must have a minimum of three total players for a match

8) If a Chapter cannot field enough players (2 player minimum) they are allowed to borrow one or more players from a non competing Chapter for the day.

The maximum number of borrowed fighters is 4.

9) Draws do not count for an earned point, but they do count as a round. So if a team  wins two rounds and has a draw for the third, only two points are awarded, and the set is over.

10) In between each set is a minimum ten minute break, more if the Referee determines it in a need for safety.

11) Teams get one minute between rounds to prepare for the next round. The leader of the Chapter can request a one a minute "timeout" in addition to the "one minute prepare time" between rounds for injury or armor repair. If they can't assemble their team at the end of time limit, they forfeit the round and the point is awarded to the other side.

12) Only one "time out" minute is allowed, per team, per set.

13) If a round is in forfeit, there is a three minute pause, as if that round were taking place. Plus an additional minute to prepare. If the team that forfeited the round is still not ready, they forfeit the set and all remaining points are awarded to the other team.

14) If one team needs to leave or cannot continue before the end of game, all remaining possible points are awarded to the other team.


15) A line handshake with opponents is expected at the end of each game.

16) A maximum of 3 sets may be devoted to Duels

17) A referee may stop a match if one team sustains too many injuries to perform safely.

18) Meets - Are events with three or more teams competing in tournament format. Season points may be awarded. Teams must be made up of at least 33% Chapter members

These fights are modified to 7 point victory conditions

Victories in a Meet are worth 4 points

Losses 2

The grand champion of a meet is awarded an additional point for each victory earned.

19) ACL Conquer

4 teams

2 3vs3 matches

Losers absorbed by winners team total 8 players

1st match winner may fill remaining roster and substitute injured up to 8 total players from losing team

Finals is a 5 vs 5 match

Loser 2 points

Runner up 5pts

Champion 7pts

20) Matches must be scheduled  30 days in advance to count towards the Season points.


Event detail checklist:

[_] At least one Referee

[_] Waivers must be signed pre game for anyone in the tournament list field.

[_] Emergency contact information is recommended, but optional.

[_] Financial responsibility the game must be worked out between Chapter Presidents pre game.

[_] Donations at the door are recommended to help cover basic cost of site.

[_] Good sportsmanship is expected at all times.

[_] Basic ACL conduct is expected at all times.

[_] Stop watches

[_] counters

[_] Live streaming and invitations for the press to attend are encouraged to help promote our sport.

[_] Foul language on the field is not allowed as we may have young viewers.

[_] There will not be any yellow cards for Chapter Matches or meets, but the Referee may send a player out of the list field where a player must stand on the outside of the rail while round is in play for a timed penalty. Railing penalties start at one minute for first offence, two-minute for second offence and so on. Major grievances may be presented after games to Regional Commanders and ACL Chapter League Commissioner:  Jaye T Brooks,  for review.

[_] Garb is not required off field, but all ACL guidelines for armor and weapons always apply.

[_]  If a team cannot attend a planned match, all eleven points are automatically awarded to the other team.

  • Please note, if doing a Chapter match as part of a fair or expo, the breaks between sets may be extended to facilitate show obligations and schedule


Additional Items helpful for each game

Matching team tabard

Banners and pennants for background decoration

Sponsor Banners hung in view of fans


A score board

A timer

A bell

An announcer

A microphone system

Seating for fans

Private area for players

Public bathrooms

Ring walkers with signs to announce rounds numbers during the one minute break

Entertainment during ten minute set breaks to entertain the fans.

Entertainment examples:

1) cheerleaders

2) mascots

3) food vendors

4) merchant tables

5) raffles for t shirts or other souvenirs  

6) music

7) team intro theme music