PSA Video

Create a Public Service Announcement (PSA) with a partner or group. Decide who will take on each role in your group. There are links below to more info about PSAs and examples. Make sure to think about the target audience of your PSA. There should be a clear message. Videos will need to be shot in school unless you have access to an IOS device, so plan ahead.  - PSA examples - Info on PSAs


- 45 seconds or longer 5 pts

- Original video 5 pts

- Title and credits 3 pts

- Scene/setting 5 pts

- iMovie features 5 pts

- Video techniques 5 pts

- Use of sound/audio 5 pts

- PSA guidelines 4 pts

- No watermarked/copyright images (cite sources) 3 pts

- Storyboard using Storyboard That 5 pts

- PSA Planning Guide 5 pts

- Presentation 10 pts

*Make sure your audio fits with the scene and doesn’t overlap

Points awarded/lost based on the Creative/Original Computer Assignment Rubric