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Recent updates to Windows 7 have added settings related to touchscreen devices. This causes problems with drag and drop, moving items, and other javascript related issues within Moodle when you are not using a touch screen.  

This handout will walk you through turning the tablet component on/off on your computer. This only applies to OS Windows 7.

This guide will help you to:

Locate the Tablet PC Setting

Note: This setting is a computer setting, so we will be navigating the control panel from your My Computer menu.

  1. Click Start at the bottom left corner of your screen
  2. Select Control Panel.
  3. Click Programs.

  1. Click Turn Windows features on or off.

  1. Locate the Tablet PC Components checkbox. 

  1. Make sure the box is unchecked.

Test the Drag and Drop Features in Moodle

  1. Return to your Moodle course page.
  2. Turn editing on. For more information, see Moodle ISU Overview

  1. Using the Move icon, Move an activity or resource .

  1. Using Drag and drop, Add a file.

If these are still not working, contact the ITRC - (208) 282-5880 or email itrc@isu.edu

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