______ 1. King Philip’s War erupted when

a. King Philip II sent the Spanish Armada to attack England.

b. the Pilgrims refused to join the Puritans colony.

c. some Puritan colonists tried to force others to leave the colony.

d. colonists demanded more land from Native Americans.

______ 2. The Great Migration

a. was the movement of the Puritans from England to new settlements.

b. began when the Puritans forced others to leave Massachusetts.

c. was ordered by the Massachusetts General Court.

d. led to King Philipís War.

______ 3. The agreement written by the Pilgrims that provided for self-government

was called the

a. Mayflower Compact.

b. Fundamental Orders of Connecticut.

c. General Court.

d. Separatist Agreement

______ 4.The New England Way was a set of beliefs that

 A. was central to Puritan life and society.

 B. stressed godliness, education, hard work, and honesty.

 C. helped lead to the growth and success of the New England colonies.

 D. All of the above

____ 5. How many Southern Colonies are shown?

 A. 9

 B. 4

 C. 5

 D. 13

____ 6. Which colony controlled the northernmost territory?

 A. Virginia

 B. New York

 C. New Hampshire

 D. Massachusetts

____ 7. Which town on the map was founded the latest?

 A. Boston, Massachusetts

 B. Charles Town, South Carolina

 C. Wilmington, Delaware

 D. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

____ 8. Which of the colonies was farthest south?

 A. Virginia

 B. South Carolina

 C. Florida

 D. Georgia

____ 9. Which of the colonial regions had the largest land area?

 A. New England Colonies

 B. Middle Colonies

 C. Southern Colonies

 D. Each had an equal amount of land area.

____ 10. How far would a settler in Jamestown have to travel to resettle in Charles Town?

 A. 250 miles

 B. 375 miles

 C. 450 miles  

D. 575 miles