PLEASE SCROLL ALL THE WAY TO THE VERY BOTTOM TO ADD YOUR ENTRY...THANK YOU!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            


In loving memory of Kiya/Puppy Doe. Run free beautiful girl, where no one can ever hurt you again. We the undersigned, from all over USA and the world, vow to continue the fight to stop the horrific animal abuse which goes on in our world daily. Laws must be changed nationwide and abusers must be held fully accountable, and severely punished. May the person or persons who tortured you be found quickly and brought to justice. You will remain in all of our hearts forever. RIP Kiya/Puppy Doe, you are in thousands of people’s thoughts and prayers...xoxoxoxoxoxo


Cheryl & Forrest Wallace, Quincy, MA RIP Puppy Doe/Kiya...always in our hearts...xoxoxo

Kristy Bright Spencer, Gastonia, NC- Sending all my love to you at The Rainbow Bridge, and praying that you get the justice you deserve!!


Dear Puppy Doe,  rest in peace you are at rainbridge. Love Denise Hale from England xx

Nancy Back, Rochester, MN

Baby KIYA, You are Loved by so many people and will never be forgotten. God Bless your little

Soul. Janet Withers - Perrysburg, Ohio

Bless you Kiya, may you be happy and free now.  Susan Hernandez, Texas

Sandi Geni, Baltimore MD-Rest in Peace Beautiful Girl. You will NEVER be forgotten.  Everyone will

fight in your name, Kiya!!

We will never give up fighting for you little one, No animal deserves to endure what you endured.

With love, Kaeleigh New Haven,CT

I am just sick over what happened to you sweetie.  You didn’t deserve any of it. :’(  Nicole Evans-Beattie, ON Canada


R.I.P Kiya/Puppy Doe,I hope who did this to you will be caught and pay dearly!! You didn’t deserve this and I am sure we will find him/her or them!! You are free baby!!!                                                                                                                                                                                          

Rest in peace sweet sweet Kiya.  You have touched all of us so much and we will never forget you.  Run and play with your new friends over the Rainbow Bridge, Carin, Denver, CO

My heart breaks at the thought of what “humans” did to you.  Know that your memory will bring hope to others.  You will not be forgotten.  Ellen Shuemaker (Massachu

I’m so sorry the human race let you down so badly beautiful girl, run free over rainbow bridge with the wind in your hair, where no-one can ever hurt you again - Colette, (Lilly cat, Frankie dog and Eddie dog) Liverpool, England, UK

Kiya, sweet and gentle soul, I have cried so many tears for your suffering and clenched my teeth in anger for the same. I long ago resolved to do my very best for those without a voice, and your life and death further steel my commitment. Each and every day I try my best - I pray you are barking and running and rolling in the grass as you should have had the opportunity here. You will know mine when you meet them - romp free and unfettered. With love, affection and sorrow -- Ed Lorenz, Peanut Fennec & DC MegKitty, Atlanta, GA.

Sorry that you did not get to enjoy a normal happy puppy, adult, senior life..all due to the ignorant people and sociopaths that walk amongst us. RIP Maureen Distler South Carolina

Rest in peace puppy. May you have up there what you didn't down here. Keyanna- Maryland


Heartbroken … Kel & Diane Kirkland … Canada

Mor Vimmer Gaithersburg MD. RIP sweet puppy

Ann O. Quincy, MA RIP Kiya/Puppy Doe

Shirley (Sam) McKenna, Grass Valley, Ca.

Lisa and Lucy Smith, Deerfield MI

Karen Hooker CA

Debbie Sanders MD ♥

Cathy Orlando, TX

Christine Orlando, TX

Aimee and Jose Martinez Chicago, IL

Toni, Altamonte springs, FL

Viviana, Clark

Kathie Hutchison Neosho, Mo.You are free my love.  Sherry K, Columbia, MD

Wendy Maison, Rsvl, Arkansas I pray we find who did this to you...I am sorry you didn’t deserve any of it...Humans some of them are evil and deserve a shot to the head for this kinds of cowardly acts...may you rest peacefully sweet girl your suffering is over…

Suzie from Qc. so sorry sweet baby!

Annie and Gary Phllips,OH

Holly Langer, Cape  Cod, MA

Monica C, St. Louis, MO

Pete and Siobhan Girard Florida

April Dove, SC

Betty A Barker

Glade Spring, Va.

Michelle, Joe and Mariah Vangilder, Indiana

Linda Conard, Thurman, Ohio

Julia Richardson,  Sacramento,  CA

Tammy & Steven Prop Auburn,M.E. We all love you

Christy L. Andrews, Ohio RIP Kiya

Patricia A Bell, Rosedale, MD  I’m so sorry . I hope you have many friends

over the Rainbow Bridge…………...Peace………..

Forever run free sweet angel ,may you never suffer again. Garry Mitchell, Scotland

Tamara Boettinger ~ Easton, PA

Mary Hare - Belmont, ME

Rhana Henry - OK

The Kirkpatrick Family, AZ

Charlotte Ballenger, SC

Jenn and Pietro D'Ambrosio Chicago, IL

Morgan Davis, Quincy, MA

Steven and Shirley J. Poirier, Greenfield, MA

Jesse D. Clark, Greenfield, MA

Erika Ramos-Rivera, Greenfield, MA

Dixie Hill, Buckland MA

Shane, Angela,Quentin,Morgan,Tony,Adrian and Lilly Clark, Greenfield, MA

Jamie De’Andre, Hailey and Jax Clark, Greenfield MA and Vermont

Sunni Burns, Sacramento, CA

Caterina Petrilli, Guayaquil, Ecuador

Sophia Rose, Guayaquil, Ecuador

The Hadley family, Mississauga, Ontario, Canada

The Freedmans Randolph, MA

Alexandra Forsyth, WI


Antonio P Restrepo, MA

Lori Green  Newton, MA

Sharon Aldridge OR

Persa Nieves, Pepperell MA

Jerry Aldridge OR

Jacob Mendoza

Jared Cooper OR

Tristan Wiedeman OR

Madelynne Mendoza ND

Dustin Weiss ND

Forrest Ebert AZ

Maria Restrepo Forte, Fl.

Ina Ebert AZ

Michele Doucette Boston, MA -  RIP baby Kiya xoxox


Joe Freitas FL. R.I.P. Little Buddy.

Philip Newbury Rocky Hill, CT - RIP


Shirley Grace Beverly, MA  - I hope you can see and feel all the LOVE now.


Danielle V Ferdinand, Brockton Ma. Rest easy sweet girl,  no more pain. WE WANT JUSTICE!

Kelly Tornabene, Long Island, NY No more pain, sweet baby girl. Rest in peace knowing you are so loved and will never be forgotten.

Chuck Brood

Eric Bramlett, Princess, Roxy, Oliver and Pierre. Wildomar, CA. RIP Kiya Puppy Doe

RIP you sweet soul. I am very sorry for your suffering. Know that even though we did not know you in life you are loved by thousands.  Run free on the rainbow bridge sweet girl.  With love The Meyers Family and Fur Kids.  Waco, TX

RIP sweet Kiya. I’m sorry for what you had to go through :( Beth H. Stratford, CT

Connie and John Sweet-Wheeler Marshfield/Quincy sweet sweet dog may the angels forever hold you close.

Christine and Chris G. Pembroke, MA

Matt G. Pembroke, MA

Miranda G. Pembroke, MA

Kaitlyn G. Pembroke, MA

Jeannette N. Toronto, ON CANADA

CJ M. Pembroke, MA

Bob Outerbridge, Whitman, MA

Nina Choe, Seattle, WA

Sarah Milatz,  Mesa, AZ

The Beckers, Glendale, AZ


Kathryn Erskine, Dresden Mills, ME

Marianne & Sean Kelly, Bradford, VT


Marlene Dougherty, Ellicott City, MD

Betty MacDonald, Elkton MD

Ines Rincon, Madrid, Spain

Alice Chamberlain, Mont Vernon, NH

Mary Esquivel, Las Vegas, NV

Tina Denis, Beverly Massachusetts


Deborah Balcanoff, Latham, NY

Bethany Foster, Washington, ME

Rose Kennedy, Philadelphia PA

Kathy Wehner,   Rockland, MA

Louise B  Quincy  Ma

Annette and Shawn D. Quincy MA

Lisa McComiskey  Northfield,NH

Olivia McComiskey Northfield,NH

Frankie McComiskey Northfield,NH

Julie Ann Cromer, Belton, Texas and Woods Hole, MA


We are One.  We are Strong.  For Kiya and others like her.


We Will NEVER forget you Kiya, you are loved by the world!

Bernie McComiskey Northfield,NH

Catherine Arnott Lally Quincy MA

Jeanne Duffy  Nashua, NH

Renee’ and John Medeiros, Worcester, MA

J. Giannangelo North Attleboro, MA  May you now be running free across the rainbow bridge. RIP

Stacy Lang. South Beloit, IL

Pat Brewer Lynn, MA

The Cronan Family, Millbury, MA

Joy, LiIbby and Roxy Wright, Ruskin, FL

Cindy McLean Lake Worth, FL

Jane Gilmartin, Hingham, MA

John, Deb, Chance, Hoss & Rondo Pascucci, Gorham, ME

Kelly & Benjamin Dineen, Methuen, MA rip beautiful girl

Laura Palastra, Pittsburgh, PA

Shannon Smith, Denham Springs, LA

Mitchell Pearson, Denham Springs, LA

RIP pretty free. Petunia, Quincy, MA

Amy S Dunstable, MA

Lisa R Marlboro, MA

Jill B Oceanside, CA

Tracy O’Keefe,  Holbrook, MA

Angela and Chad Tudor, San Antonio TX

Dianne and Tyler Pyburn, Stoughton, MA

Maryann Staron, IL

Laura Ford, IL

Barbara Fogal & Mark Jobin, Quincy, MA

Patrice Brandt, St. Clair Shores,Michigan

William Guthrie, Odessa,TX

Laurie Wilder Lawrence/House of Hope Animal Rescue Scituate MA

Barb Nobles, Lake Geneva, Wisconsin

Shelli and Piper- Pittsburgh, PA

Jayne Cvetanoski - Justice for Mary Animal Advocates

Donna Erb - Elizabethtown, PA

Pascale Milhau, Toronto, Canada

Christina Dubuque- Francestown, NH

Sandra Barnett-- Solon, Ohio

V. Freeman  Oregon

Carla Peterson-Dayton, Ohio...There will only be love on Rainbow Bridge for you!

Robin Mullen -- Tampa, Florida

Amanda Absher - Knoxville, TN

Lyn Carney - Newcastle -Upon-Tyne UK

Isabella Dubuque Francestown, NH

Amy Joyce, Boston, MA

Margarita Politte St.Louis MO              


We love you baby girl find our baby in heaven Sadie and run together xoxo Bella and Christina

Ginny Jacobs - Lee’s Summit, MO

Chelsea Jacobs - Lee’s Summit, MO

Sweet baby girl, may you feel our love in Spirit - Joyel, Shawn, & Nugget Braintree, MA

Joan Lightbody- Plymouth, MA

The Holzman Family - Rockport TX - May you find love and kindness at the Rainbow Bridge

Allyson Chemelowski Rehoboth, MA

Lisa Hessler, N. Haledon, NJ. R.I.P. Little angel. Love Lisa, Sunny and Oreo.


Alisa Howard, Huntsville, AL R.I.P. Baby girl

Sue & Mike Moneypenny Russell Springs, KY RIP with our beloved babies at the Rainbow Bridge,

Kiya….forever free and loved!

The Bileaus - Fort Lauderdale, FL - Rest easy baby girl

Emily Ritsema, Iron Mountain, Michigan...Gone too soon.  Run free, sweet baby.

Anne Albanese East Taunton, Massachusetts No more pain, no more fear. Just the peace you should have had for your entire life.

Alana M. East Taunton, Mass. We love you, Kiya.

Rest in Peace Kiya. Carol Gillo, NJ

Carol & Dave Bradley, Wrentham MA  RIP Kiya you are free now

Justine Surabian~Stoneham Ma~ You will soon be at Rainbow Bridge where you will be fully healed and happy!!  Always in my thoughts!!

RIP sweet baby. Tina Doverspike Pittsburgh, PA

With love, the Simonetti Family, Washington,

Lots of Love and Rest In Peace...-- Stella, Jadie & Matt Shue (Richmond, Virginia)

RIP Kiya so sorry you had to endure such torture in your short life - Crystal Jorgensen Sioux City, Iowa.

Kim O’Connor. .Rockland MA

Laura, Neil and Lucky Deighan, Beverly, MA

Dearest, sweet, Kiya/Puppy Doe - The world will know - we work for justice - you will forever be missed & we will NEVER forget ❤ - DA Kasimakis & family - Long Island, NY

We will never forget you!! With love, Dina, Paul, PJ, Samson and Delilah


The Wood Family Reno, Nevada RIP Little One.  Your short life was not in vain

RIP little angel~ Erin ~Mpls, MN

Brenda Fleming Foxboro, MA R.I.P


Charlene Singletary, Greensboro, NC - May you know only peace and happiness sweet love.

Kris Ciappenelli, Worcester, Mass. Sorry we failed you

Laurie Macneill Peabody, MA

Maria Sousa Atlanta GA

Lya Gresavage Ashley- Crosby, Pennsylvania


Betty Ann Girard Bare RIP Sweet Girl 

Rest in Peace baby girl, Bill & Bonnie Workman  Lincoln, DE

Rest well sweetheart - you won’t be forgotten. Barbara Damp, Geraldton, Western Australia.

You are now free from fear and pain, sweet baby girl. Look how many lives you have touched with your innocence. We love you. Sarah, Paul, Mocha, Jake, Chance and Dixie. Rutherfordton, NC.

RIP Kiya...You are gone but not forgotten Amy Favali, Ace, and Douglas Wrentham,MA

Donna Taylor MA. So sorry , RIP angel

You have crossed the Rainbow bridge.  DJS Chicago, IL

Love you babydoll! RIP - Stacey White, Hooksett, NH

Kris Ciappenelli, Worcester, Mass.  RIP Baby. So sorry we failed you

Robin Culkins Ayer MA

Deanna and Pumpkin Weymouth, MA

Pain, suffer and desperation you had to go thru were way beyond my imagination. So so sorry Kiya… Rest in peace and guide us to be better humans!!! Hiroko Tojo... Santa Cruz, CA/Tokyo


Tricia Burkett, New Orleans

Tammy Trail ..Dallas Texas

Alison Rich Derry NH

Dianne Pearson Bentley MA

(Boop, Roxy & Fatboy) Tina Prystash  Morehead City, NC

Krystal J. Kowalski, East Brookfield, Massachusetts USA

Deb Perron, East Brookfield, MA

Missy Seu and Emma, Bozeman, Montana

Maria Sousa Atlanta GA

Christine Beresford UK


Sleep with the angels baby girl Sharon McMurtrie-Fahr..Freemansburg PA

Vicki Brown, Lafayette Indiana


May you rest in eternal peace, living and playing freely over on the other side of the Rainbow Bridge. My heart breaks for you and the tortures you endured! I’ll love you always & you’ll never be forgotten sweet baby...Mary Ann Croll  Walnutport, PA

Jenni Vaughan & Kainoa Costa...Bethesda, MD. May you rest in peace sweet Kiya. My heart aches for what you endured, but I hope you know you are loved. Run free at Rainbow Bridge beautiful girl.


Marilyn Reed - Harrisburg, Illinois

Laura Dorr  Newtown CT

Annie Hollis UK

Lisa Clayborne  Rochester, NY

Cary G. Petry, MA

Lizette Gomez Las Vegas, Nevada

Ann Beyna, Chicago, IL

Joy Dudley, Sebastian, FL

Nancy Clouart, Cranston, RI  ~ Rest in Peace Baby Girl!

Jennifer Brooks- Second Chance Rescue NYC, New York

Beth Ann Ross, God where were you?? Why did you allow this to happen????  Please find who did this and make sure they are put in a cell with Bubba… your soul Baby Girl….

Nichole Webb R.I.P run free my friend you will never be forgotten, Upstate NY


Lisa Barth, Carmel, IN

Doreen Sprague, Saugus MA

Henriette Irving..England..So sorry sweet angel.we  love you….xx

May you find peace @ the RainBow Bridge.  You are LOVED.  Linda Walsh, New Jersey

Almendra Muro, with pets Bella and Molly we love you and always be remembered. you finally found peace beautiful. justice will soon come. Mexico

Adele Karp ~ forever in our hearts, may you find peace now. RIP sweet girl!

PitOwner, Los Angeles County, California - RIP pretty girl

Judie Welch, Palm Bay, Florida

RIP Precious Angel…….forever in our hearts  Cassie Lyons Phila. Pa.


Barbara Vieira

Julie Schreckengost  Warren, OH~No more pain..Run free  lil’ one...Always in our heart..

Joanne & Steve Ryan, Delray Beach FL, I hope to see you at the Rainbow Bridge one day you beautiful girl. We will work harder on the animal abuse laws on your behalf.

Kristen Walton, Triadelphia, WV

Tracy & Robert Vidaurre, Rahway, NJ -  We love you and may you rest in peace now beautiful


Billie Savage NJ

Maggie Mitchell Backus Sanatoga, Pennsylvania

My heart breaks for you beautiful girl...may you find happiness and love in heaven...With love, Barbara with pets Rocco and Jasmine…Bayonne, NJ

Patricia Solomon, Johnstown, PA - Rest in Peace little angel.  You were too good for this world RIP beautiful girl. My heart breaks for what you’ve been through. You will never suffer again.

Judie Welch, Palm Bay, FL

Anita from Acushnet , Ma

In the arms of the Angels, any of us here would have loved you sweet puppy! Janet, Hingham MA

I wish I could have been there to save you.  This is wrong what happened to you, and I promise you, they will be punished, my sunshine!  Jeannette N. Canada

I hope you feel all the love the world has for you.  Your short life has touched thousands of people's heart!! I am sorry you were failed so miserably by mankind!  Run free baby girl!

Melissa, Michigan

Rest in peace, Little One. I will remember you forever.  Colette

Sleep with the angels baby girl Sharon McMurtrie-Fahr Fahr

So very sorry for what happen to you.Rest in peace baby girl xoxox Run free over the bridge and know that you were loved. - Kelli Drum, Garden Grove, CA

Poor little baby, This should never have happened to you.  I cannot even imagine the terror and pain you were forced to endure in your short life.  I wish I could say they will be punished but I have seen too many of these bastards walk free with just probation.  You did not deserve this awful hell.  RIP sweet doggie.  Lorraine + Ivory.

Sarah Hiller McKinney, TX.

Sofia Rodriguez, Spain - go in peace beautiful

RIP little angel. Barbi Kaloczi London UK

RIP Beautiful FurAngel - so sorry we failed you but you no longer live in fear & pain...XOXOX Ginny

Sprague - Dallas TX

Outi and Paolo the Dog from Finland

Deb Smith, Queensland Australia

Jan Mitchell

With love Donna & Mariah Lombard-you will never be forgotten sweet baby girl. You will forever be in our hearts..

Sara Becker-Gird Centerville MA

Pat Hughes

So sorry beautiful girl, rest in peace away from the pain that this cruel world brought you. I’m so sorry for what had to happen to you and that there was nobody there to protect you. Your memory will live on in many many hearts forever. All of our love, Heather Chappel, Mike Benjamin, Penelope, Charli and Saffron, Wilbraham, MA

Joanie Silke Bayside, Queens NY

Kiya, I am so sorry you fell into the hands of such evil. May you never suffer again. May your story end BSL and change the weak laws against animal abuse everywhere. XO

Kelly Benzinger, Minneapolis, MN

Toni Collard Spain, Run to the Bridge little one No more suffering for you

Betty Orem MacDonald, Elkton, MD

Bonnie McCall Katy TX

Cory Ilene Solar- "Run free sweet angel Kiya.” No one will ever hurt you again. RIP

Laida Negrin York, PA

Teresa Firth Stimpson RIP sweet baby and run will never be forgotten

Cynthia J.K. Pavao.. Sweet Baby Doe, enter the gates of Rainbow Bridge, you will find peace, love and no more hurt

Gretchen and Lucky Huggins, Florence, SC

Much love from Australia may you run forever free and happy at Rainbow bridge, good beautiful girl you are much loved x love Sally and Gemma.


Run free at Rainbow Bridge, sweet girl, Ann & Joe, Champ & Katie

RIP sweet puppy, you will never be forgotten! - the Donovan's, MA

Sara Hickman and Matthew Sparks; High Point, NC

I’m so sorry you could not have had the loved you deserved, and you are loved by so many you can not even believe, you will never be forgotten, you will never be lost, you were never a waste, you were never any of the anythings those people told you and justice will be found. BSL, and all the weak mindedness and cruelty of so many humans out there, but so many more love you and care so much and never again will this happen to another. I will never stand for any of this by anyone to any animal ever. Rest in Peace.


Rest in Peace Sweet Puppy, you are remembered with love. Cathy Nakayama, Chapel Hill, NC

My heart has broken a thousand times to think of the pain you felt; the confusion, the sadness, the betrayal. I thank God you at least did not die alone, wondering if no one cared at all...and why. I pray your peace is real now, and that you know just how very much you were truly loved. Robin Smith, Conway, AR

Cynthia Demmer  NJ Rest In Peace


Our hearts ache for you Kiya, may you rest in peace. Karen, John, and Lou Corkery, Weymouth, MA

Jessika Wood, Los Angeles. My heart is with you, rest in peace

RIP sweet angel. You will never be forgotten.  We love you!! Randy and Teresa S. Northbridge MA.

Elizabeth Lund South Beloit, IL


RIP sweet angel I'm sorry this happen to you I'll never give up the fight

Ashley Gonzalez, Fort Drum, New York


RIP sweet baby  The Shelton Family, White Sulphur Springs, WV

Please tell Craig's list to stop the Free Animal posts!! WV just convicted our

Craig List killer who killed over 20 puppies found for free on Craig's list. This has to stop!!!John & Christine Strzelecki, Pinellas Park, FL - God Bless - We WILL find out who did  this!!

Rest In Peace in Gods Gardens-Outi and Paolo the Dog from Finland

Joaie Silke, Bayside

See you on the Bridge Kiya. You will meet us all. We love you. Niké Henriksson from Sweden

Rest in peace, sweet baby.  They will find the monster who did this to you. The Sharko family

Baltimore, MD

Elizabeth Tilton Allenstown NH I am so sorry you had to go through this. I never met you but I love you anyways

Sharon Cassara, US --- Be forever at peace sweet puppy. My heart is forever broken, you’ve taken a huge piece with you :’(

None of us will rest until the evil person(people) who did this to you are caught. We all love you Kiya. Barb Hudson, Boston, MA

Kat Wamba, WA We do not forget. Our candle is lit, and we think of these animals, and remember. Michal Spencer

Rip sweet puppy, we will bring your abusers to justice for all of animal kind.-Panda Fomby, Tallassee,AL

Juliana and George Lita Concord, NH - RIP beautiful girl


Joanna Gable, St. Louis MO - RIP sweet girl. I’m so sorry for the evil


Ron Spencer - Laguna Woods, Calif

Paula Mersing, Norton, WV.  Rest in the loving arms of God who heals all.

Diane Jones, Tigard, OR  I’m so very sorry.

Barry E. Stark Eggertsville NY - Rest in Peace Dear little soul no more pain! Trust to US to find and bring those responsible to Justice.

The Emsley Family PA -  R.I.P. Baby Kiya!  Run free with all your new friends!! No more pain!

Rest now in peace. ♥

Wendy Roy, Clarington Ontario Canada.  Kiya, may you rest in peace free from pain and suffering.

Marie Scheffler San Bernardino California…..So sorry little one, this should have never happened to you!  

Kathy Williams, Keyser WV Rip sweet baby Doe hope they caught the monster that had done this you. May you rest in peace.

Mary Mallozzi Kiya baby, we WILL find who did this to you.  May you rest in peace.  You will be in our heart forever

Christy Tatarian RIP XO, Boston , MA

Diane Norris, Las Vegas, NV  You are now in the arms of the angels...Run free, Baby Doe!

Robin Vigfusson RIP, Angel

Will never forget what you went through. You will live on in our hearts forever. Rest In Peace

sweet angel. Caroline Fynn United Kingdom

Peppy Baylor, Columbia,

RIP SWEET GIRL, Jamie Knee Miami,FL

Donna Donohue South Carolina….R.I.P. Kiya, now you are safe and free to be with real people who will love you forever. Rest peacefully baby Kiya we will stay here and fight for you...we love you

Julie and Adam Baker, Fort Wayne, IN- We’re so sorry, Kiya, that you had to experience such horrible cruelty here on this planet. We hope that you can now find the peace you deserve at the Rainbow Bridge. We hope that you can feel all this outpouring of love from everyone here. We love you, Kiya.

Maryann Parker, Athens, TN-  Godspeed, Kiya!  I’ll see you at the Bridge some day!!

RIP sweet pup, Brian and Colleen Fallon

Jean Reble


Kasey Callahan-English, AZ

CJ Goldie. Paws on parade.  My heart cries out for you. xoxoxo

Sweet Kiya, you will not be forgotten and justice will be served for you.

Sweet baby girl, may you rest in peace.  You will not have died in vain.  We are all searching for justice.  You will have so much love as you cross Rainbow Bridge!  Holly-Quincy, MA

Love from Michelle, Kevin, Livi and all of the foster dogs we have saved: Stefan, Baylee, Sprite, Cassie, Sushi, Wasabi, Soy Sauce, Miso, Maki, and Sake.

Gone but never forgotten sweet girl. Even in agony after such pain you still showed love in your eyes to those who found you. We won’t stop until justice is served to the subhuman garbage who did this to you. Run free baby girl. Steve and Sarah, Koda, and Sasha Manchester, NH

RIP sweet sweet baby girl…..may you experience only love, comfort, warmth and kindness multiple in abundance to the cruelty you were so unfortunately subjected to….so many have broken hearts and falling tears for what you endured...because of your horrific misfortunes...future puppies, dogs and animals will not go through what you did….  (((((((hugs)))))))sweet an angel...go run and fly.  Mary F from Hull, MA.

May you forever RIP now. You will never be forgotten PRECIOUS ANGEL! Barbara Aceto, Everett MA

Dianne Bentley Everett, MA

Eddie O’Rourke Everett MA

Helen Neal Youngstown Ohio RIP sweet angel I pray the monster that did this to you suffers 1 million times more for eternity

Colleen Murphy Smyrna, DE

RIP Kiya...we love you and we will not stop looking for the person or persons responsible for your are now at peace. Paola Palacios, New York, NY

Dearest Baby Kiya.... you’re safe now from all harm. No one can hurt you anymore. Watch over all those left on this earth who may be going through hell. Calm them, be with them. ..... take away their fears. I’m so sorry your short time here was a hell like no other. Be free free

Stephanie Loper, Charleston WV

R.I.P. Baby girl you crossed the rainbow bridge and will never feel pain again! Leah Brockton,MA

RIP beautiful girl. sorry for what you went through. you're in a better place now. be happy. you will never be forgotten.

RIP sweet baby Doe, you will never be forgotten. Love you girl xoxo Jan Winner Andes,NY

RIP angel of God. Pepa Kossewski!

RIP sweet Angel, run free across the Rainbow Bridge all new friends, no more hunger no more pain, just love and our hearts will be with you and seek Justice for your suffering Birgit Harvey Sturgis, Kentucky

Macaulay Woods, Los Angeles

Kiya, you did nothing to deserve the pain and suffering you endured.  We will do all we can to ensure other animals are protected from monsters and monsters are brought to justice. May God cover you with a soft blanket of peace and remove your pain and memory of your suffering., CA

Bruce L. Parker, Athens, TN

Judy Poland, Maine. RIP sweet baby xxx

Anne King UK....RIP little one no more pain or suffering only love from now free xxxxx

Tara Nieves, Erial, NJ RIP sweet Puppy Doe


Mhearci in California..... Run with the angels

RIP Kiya words can not explain how sorry I am you had to endure such torture at the hands of a human, I hope you are at peace now and no longer in pain, sleep tight xxx Mandy from UK

Janice L. Winner RIP now sweet baby girl..I'm so sorry you had to suffer in this life but I know you are being loved now,run free with the angels and we will never forget you or stop looking for the monsters that did this...xoxo . Andes, NY

Linda Jane Nicholson RIP sweet baby Girl.....sorry you were let down by the lowlife scum that hurt you! justice will be done! We all love you.....Staffordshire UK

Lynda Dipoalo. Port Charlotte Florida. RIP sweet Baby Doe. Hope you find peace and love at the Rainbow Bridge.

The Wood Family, Reno, Nevada RIP baby girl

So very sorry, rest in peace little one. The Prendergast Family, Buford GA

Maureen Bluemke, Concord NC

Jay Theye, Anaheim CA

Juliet Judge & Sakura Lopez Tampa, Florida

Joyce DiPacio Coral Springs, Fl

Kristen Walter, Quincy MA

Lori Sferro, The Boys and Cinny run free sweet angel, no more pain or torture, only love now.

BeckyLee Briggs Maine

Betty Sue Avritt. TEXARKANNA Arkansas

Crystal Blevins, Peebles Ohio

Ann Beyna Chicago, IL

The rainbow bridge has another angel. Rest well and know that in the end you were truly loved.

Your friends, Sarah and Todd and the fur babies Savannah and Atticus

I’m so sorry about what happened to you. I hope you’re in the arms of the angels and all better now. Sammy Bradley, MA

Tracy Goll, Marlton, NJ: RIP little Kiya. Bask in the peace and love that surround you now.

Dear Sweet Kiya,

Please rest in peace knowing thousands of us love you no matter what. We will find justice for you and make sure this never happens again. Love you!!!! Doris Strand, Framingham, MA


I am so very sorry sweet baby that this monster did this to you .. He will get his !!!   May you rest in peace now and so many people are giving you love now ..  we are all so sorry…  RIP   Brenda Meadors  Mooresville, NC

I’m so sorry we failed you, sweet baby, rest in peace, from Charlene, New Castle DE


Mandy Lee xo

Liane Appleton Kyle, Texas

Patti Vande Kieft Adrian, MN

Fender Bears Handicap Ranch,  Into Paradise May The Angels Lead You Kiya

Jaimie Francis and Ashley Bolster Weymouth MA

Jessica C Nieves

Rest peacefully sweet baby. We will continue to fight for you. Danielle Gostanian, Boston, MA

Rest in peace Puppy Doe. Patty Mandeville Milton MA

RIP sweet girl Kiya!!! We are your voice! We will not stop! Justice will be served! You will never be forgotten. ♡♥♡

McComber family in Calgary Alberta, Canada

Suzan Acosta Mass My heart breaks baby girl. Rest in peace over the Rainbow Bridge. You'll never be forgotten.

Rest in peace beautiful girl. So much love surrounds you now. Susan Corina Andrew Nicholas And Sunny and Duke

Gayle Pullen, Dunwoody, GA

Sheryl Anderson, Columbia, TN

Suzi LaChance, CA - There will be a day of reckoning for the one who did this to you baby.  I pray you are enjoying the Rainbow Bridge, free of pain and with no memory of any suffering..only of the days that you knew love.

Jim suttles Ft. Mohave, AZ  So sorry I hope you know many cried for you.

Jeannette Gerke, VA

Larry & Lyn Sherwood, Brou, France (Winter Park, FL) - There are no words.

Jeane Goforth, Birmingham, AL


Wrapped in the angels wings, you are safe & loved now baby girl. We will fight to find who did this and make sure they never hurt an innocent again.  Play now, sweet one. R Lamasn

Run free at the Rainbow Bridge sweet baby we will never give up until the people who did this are caught Shannon McCabe Clayton Ohio

Liz, Jayme, Sophia & Minnie Tumminello, New Orleans, La.♥ RIP Sweet One

Blessings and Love to you Kiya….We will never forget and will seek justice so that your pain and suffering has not been in vain.  Janice Bowden...Wasaga Beach, ON, CANADA

So sorry little one :’( Katie, Merritt Island Florida

So sorry humans failed you.   Rest in peace sweet one.  Judy Centineo, Sarasota, Florida

Rest in Peace little girl. Lets stop this abuse.. Julie Quin  Jacksonville, Florida

Rest in peace baby girl~~you have earned your wings! Tami Sutter , Rossiter, PA ♥

Run Free at Rainbow bridge sweet one never to feel pain again. Wilma Johnson Center TX

Carol Nelson Madison WI

RIP Marie Lanza Poughkeepsie, NY

Into Paradise May the Angels Lead You Sweet Baby Kiya, Fender Bears Handicap Ranch

TC Takemura  - Omaha, NE

Sorry that this place called earth was so cruel to you. Never did you ever deserve what was done. It’s nice to know that just before you left, that you got to experience the much love that you so deserved & to know that not all people are cruel.

Say “Hi” to Zane & Billy for me & others, which I am sure they are still trying to catch that pesky mouse in the fields of Heaven. You will not be forgotten! Much love for you! Rest well in peace!

Victoria Novak --Clermont, Fl---

Kiya play happy and healthy at Bridge sweet girl. I told my Rosie last night to find you and you two play together. Please come greet me when its my time. I love you Kiya and I am so sorry humans let you down. You will never ever be forgotten!

Shannon Cooley - Charlotte, NC

All my of heart for you.   You deserve better!  We all will fight for animals for you - defy!! XOXO

S Burns, Sacramento, California: I cannot find the words to express my horror and sadness at your pain, sweet little Kiya. My heart has been breaking for you every day.  I am so sorry for the pain you suffered at the hands of monsters.  I wish I could have saved you. I am hoping and praying that someone knows who did this, and their heart will not let them be silent. Run free over the rainbow bridge now, with all the other precious ones, and with the love I know you have in your heart. RIP, sweetheart.  You will be remembered for a long, long time.  


Jill Johnson Denver, CO No words. :( R.I.P. Angel

Myriam Rubio Eckert Co. Little Angel Rest in Peace.

Dave and Kathy Curtin, Derry, NH    Rest in peace sweet one!!

Kelly Cline - Chicago, IL  You have touched so many lives, you sweet girl. I wish I could show you all the love and belly rubs that you deserved. Run with the angels at the Rainbow Bridge, sweet Kiya.

Siobhan G Quincy MA..I’m at a loss for words..We love you your soul

we will never forget you..I am so sorry for what you went through.

Scott Larson, Tracy Larson and Stella Larson: May you find the Peace and endless love little Kiya. You are forever in our hearts

Only a coward could do this they may have broken your body but not your soul Karen MA


Rest in peace sweet baby doe .Our hearts cry for you everyday till we get justice  done

Reading MA

Rachael Richardson, Nashville, TN

Precious, beautiful baby, I am so sorry you suffered such horrifying cruelty at the hands of “humans”.  I know that Heaven is so much kinder and that you will never fear, nor feel pain again.  Until we meet in Heaven, Kiya, rest well in your Creator’s gentle arms.  

Deborah Powell-Porrazzo, Minneapolis, MN I am so sorry you had to endure the worst of mankind.  I can only pray you are well and safe and whole again at the Rainbow Bridge. Please accept this prose as a prayer for all that have suffered as you have. My prayer is that St Francis himself will intervene on your behalf. Our loving Creator holds you in his arms now.  My own Jeni, Maya, and Angels Icey and Angel Sparkles pay tribute to your memory, Lovely, loving Baby Kiya

Sherry Knight, San Francisco, CA

Bless the beasts and the children … So very sad, so very senseless.

God bless you little  girl-you will be well taken care of Melissa

This baby stands for everything the worst kind of so-called human will do. RIP sweet girl. Your life mattered, you did finally experience the love and care you so deserved. You will never leave my mind. You’ve already made a serious impression on the future of other abused animals. Martha Jones, Troy, MO.

You will be forever in my heart. Along with my own furbabies, one day we will meet at the bridge. Barbara Baird  Bristol, TN


Penny Rogers, Las Vegas Nevada

Gone but not forgotten…You’ll get justice, little Baby ~ Christine Spingler, Augsburg, Germany

Aimee Levesque, Peabody, MA

Stacy Howard, Foxboro MA

Carol Conforto, Hanover MA

So sorry sweet pup. RIP. Hemphills in Birmingham, AL

A Dogs Soul ~ Unknown

Every dog must have a soul, somewhere deep inside

Where all his hurts and grievances are buried with his pride.

Where he decides the good and bad, the wrong way from the right,

And where his judgement carefully is hidden from our sight.

A dog must have a secret place, where every thought abides,

A sort of close acquaintance that he trusts in and confides.

And when accused unjustly for himself, He cannot speak,

Rebuked, He finds within his soul, the comfort he must seek.

He'll love, tho' he is unloved, and he'll serve to badly used,

And one kind word will wipe away the times when he's abused.

Altho' his heart may break in two, his love will still be whole,

Because God gave to every dog an understanding soul.

Louisa Cornell / Wetumpka, Alabama - So sorry you lost your forever home and ended up in the hands of a monster. You are in your forever home now. No pain. No hunger. Just love and all good things. I am sorry you had to die to find it. Your memory will save others from cruelty, but that was still too high a price to pay for the failure of every single human being you ever loved. Rest now, sweet girl. And watch over those of us who will never give up in our fight to find justice for you.

Rest in peace sweet little Puppy. I am so sorry you fell into the hands of a monster. Sorry for the pain and abandonment you had to endure. You won’t be forgotten. Rainee - Huntsville, AL.

So sorry Kiya that you suffered at the hands of an evil person. Had we known about it earlier we would have rescued you. You were never forsaken. We just never knew.  I hope you know that you are loved and not forgotten. We vow to find out who did this to you and bring you justice. You deserved to be loved and I pray that you are in peace.   AnneMarie Ansel Long Island, NY

There are no words that adequately describe the sorrow we feel over the pain and suffering she endured. It hurts our hearts that this happened to her, a little baby, under a year old. We all want the vile people who did this caught and punished, God willing

Pascale Milhau, Toronto, Canada


Denise Lemmen, Saugatuck, MI Hoping they find who did this and this may be a start to pushing for harder animal abuse laws.  RIP

Dear sweet angel, you are the martyr who will be the beginning  to the end of  animal abuse,

your death was not in vain, know love now sweet angel. Toni Chinnici Hby Kiya.  addock and the rescued hounds  Hawaii

I am soooooo very sorry that there wasn’t anybody there to help you and hear your cries for help.  You trusted humans and look what they done to you.   I keep asking God, WHY? did YOU let this happen to this sweet innocent little angel.  My tears keep flowing, my heart is  very heavy  in pain, sorrow and praying that they find and put your abusers behind bars and they are punished to the fullest extent of the law…..even so i pray somebody, somewhere will find Kiyas abusers and DO TO THEM WHAT THEY DID TO BABY KIYA. ……………..There are NO words, tears, prayers or even money that can change the torture that was done to Kiya.  Her pain, tears, cries and barks for help went unanswered.  I am once again sooooo very sorry there wasn't anybody around to help you.  All in all, i hope God took her before she could feel  any pain.                          

Anastasia Devaris

Admin. for Conversations with a Pit Bull. / From Tampa Florida

Rest in peace little Kiya, you will not be forgotten.  Francine in Thunder Bay, ON Canada

Love to you forever Kiya. Hermy Goldman, Lafayette, CA

Christina B. Shimizu of Washington, DC: Our Beloved Kiya… Though we never met when you were on earth, you are all ours… We are so sorry for not being there when you needed us the most but do know that there are so many people who are praying for you and will continue to find the guilty ones who did you wrong., R.I.P. and run free. You were and will always be in our hearts

and minds.. WE LOVE YOU SO MUCH...

Run free; I hope your suffering will not be in vain.

Deb Cheshire/ Merced, CA.  So sorry sweet baby….you are loved...RIP ...xoxo

Dear sweetheart Kiya, tears are rolling down as I am typing this note just for you beautiful baby girl, I am so sorry for the pain you endure to the hands of monsters, I love you even if we never met and you will never ever been forgotten, We all love you and I hope you are resting now with beautiful wings, I am so sorry baby girl,

Stephanie Fezza, Middletown, N.Y.

Run free; I hope your suffering will not be in vain.

Deb Cheshire/ Merced, CA.  So sorry sweet baby….you are loved...RIP ...xoxo

You beautiful baby girl.  My tears for you haven’t stopped since I first saw your story on Facebook. My only wish is that whoever did this to you is found.  There must be justice for you.  Rest in peace, you precious little girl.  Chantal Bekemans, Belgium


Sleep well sweet angel. You will never be forgotten, love you, run free on The Rainbow Bridge with Schoep and all yours friends there, big hug lovely baby,

The Flam & Lambrecht families in AZ

Sweet girl you won’t be forgotten. Keelin Liverpool UK

Rhea Abbott, WA State

R.I.P., sweet girl, knowing there will be a revolution for change.  

xoxoxo, Nuzzie, Little Girl, Mom Debbie, and The Patrick Movement for NJ

Sweet Girl, you will never be forgotten, RIP with the angels. Michele Fournier Canterbury, CT

I physically hurt to think of the pain and suffering you endured.   I cannot imagine being so bewildered - wondering why this was happening and where was someone to help.   I am so sorry and hope you are at peace and will never have to be tortured again.   The rescue community will not rest until this monster is found and punished.   Connie Rice,  Georgia

No more pain for you, sweet lil angel. The monster that made your short life such hell…will have his day with KARMA!!!! RIP…..You are safe now!!!

Vanessa, Cali, Jaximus, Cha-Chi, Mango, & Grizz Boonton, NJ

Run Free at Rainbow Bridge Now … no more Pain or Suffering for you…. You Will Always be Loved and Never forgotten. We Love You Kiya  Vicki and Furbabies, Rosie, Sophie, Tristan, and Issy… From Lafayette Indiana

Run free baby girl. You are now safe at the Rainbow Bridge We don’t know what your name was and we probably never will , You will be in my heart forever  no more pain or suffering for you . My heart breaks that you weren’t able to enjoy the short time you had on this Earth. All my love and light to you

Lisa,Evan and Clayton Kerry. Enfield CT


You are in the most wonderful furever home now with GOD. No worries, pain, abuse, hunger, thirst. You will always have everything you want. Hopefully the people who hurt you will suffer. GOD knows what they did and they will be held accountable by him. HE will punish them how he sees fit. I am glad you are away from what was happening to you and no longer have to suffer. GOD bless you and Rest In Peace. Love you.

Charlotte Ballenger, SC

Diane Ignacio Boston , MA

Rest in the peace that you should have had in life.  Linda Lord, Santa Cruz , Ca

Fani Zografou Athens Greece

Be at play in the fields of Heaven sweet girl. Kim, Dash and Blue, -- Napa, CA

Rest in peace sweet little one - Linda Nesheim, MN

Remembering this saddest story ever told as well as the light that is Kiya forevermore.

- The Madaks, Bridgewater NJ

Pattianne Pascual, Paterson

No more pain for you baby girl. RIP Sweet Kiya. Marcie, Miami, FL.

No animal should suffer the fate such as yours, RIP little one, run and play in the fields of green, you are loved by many. J Caproni Mount Arlington, NJ


So sorry no-one saved you, darling :’( RIP with no more pain and surrounded by love at the bridge xx Love always, Julia Feeley, Cornwall, UK

Lori Rhodes, Lodi WI


Donna Elkovich Oddo  RIP  : (  … New Jersey  

RIP little one. One day the people that did these heinous deeds to a poor innocent puppy will pay.  

Karma will get those cruel people.  J. Fronc, Montreal, Canada

Susan Barker, Bradley, IL

We will never forget you sweet Kiya. May God take care of you and show you love and happiness in Heaven with all the other sweet babies who have left this earth way too soon. I pray they will find the horrible, evil person who hurt you.  ANNA ADAMOVSKY, DUMONT, NJ.

I am so sorry that we, as humans, failed you.  No animal deserves the cruel fate you were handed.  Rest in Peace, sweet pup.   Neda Eftekhar, Tucson, AZ

Wishing you love and peace. Wait for us at the rainbow bridge. We will be finding justice for you until then.Liz Zimmerman, mom to boxer rescues Beaux, Rhett and Kohl, Waveland MS

Run Free Beautiful Girl Our hearts are filled with love for you Claudette Mannix and family San Diego, CA


R.I.P. sweet Kiya...sorry that a human put a puppy through such torture...and you didn’t get to enjoy a long happy life..BARBARA CAMPISI

Kathy Kramer, Iowa Rest in Peace Dear Kiya. We will not forget you nor what was done to you and we will never stop searching for the evil one who did this to you….

R.I.P. Kiya, poor sweet little soul, I truly hope the monster or monsters who tortured you are caught and brought to justice...Andrea Louise Lovell UK.

RIP Kiya.  I am so saddened by what you had to endure. I am so happy that you are safe and at peace. I am going to give my little one a hug for you. You are in my prayers. Elizabeth Stillman AZ

Rest in Peace sweet little one. Praying they find your abuser.  Tracy Gavin St Michael MN

RIP Sweet Kiya, I am praying that they get the evil one that hurt you!  Danielle Graham

Riverview, MI

Rest in Peace and God bless you Kiya. So very sorry. Lisa Veres, New Castle, PA

RIP sweet Kiya. Your life will not be lost in vain. We will find who did this to you. Karen Hemphill, Corona Ca.

I love you Kiya. I will never forget you. RIP. Valérie Duphot (France).

The LaMay family Pinellas Park, FL

Run free beautiful girl. I am so sorry this happened to you. I will never forget you. I love you.

Yvonne Montoya, Las Cruces NM



May God Bless you and watch over you

Run free at the bridge sweet girl.

Kristin Ralph, Sully & Finn, NYC

So sorry for you, hope they find the abuser and do the same to him or her!  Now you are free of pain at the rainbow  bridge, run and play forever free!  T. Melnick, Hazleton, PA

Dear Kiya: I cried when I read the news of what happened to you… I am so sorry that you endured so much pain and so much suffering.  I am glad to know that you were loved and cared for gently in your last hours.  You are loved and will be missed.  Martha M. Wakefield, MA.

In the arms of the angels, far away from here ….Run free sweet Kiya.  Maggie M.B., Sanatoga, Pennsylvania

You are loved by many.  Kristen Sharer, Franklin, Kentucky

Such a beautiful and sweet little girl. What a waste. RIP sweetie. Marilyn Brown, Yakima


RIP sweet, brave girl. I hope you can feel everyone's love for you beautiful girl. No one should have to endure what you went through. Natalie Durk, Edinburgh, Scotland xx


Rest in Peace sweet angel, God will now take care of you. Vicki Lapadat Philadelphia

Fly free precious Angel Kiya,  run and play in the meadows across the Rainbow Bridge.  Ann, Chloe, Keegan, Keely, Naya and Tita Collins, Rocklin, CA


You are now pain free you precious baby girl. You will never be forgotten go play & be happy!                                   People love you more than you’ll ever know & are fighting  for justice for you. Donna Fuoco N.Y

Lori Anne McPherson, Stoneham, MA. R.I.P. Sweet baby girl!!    

Rest in Peace Sweet Puppy,  knowing that there are people who will continue to fight for justice to put an end to animal abuse.  Molli, Jim, Taylor, Bella pup, Charlee Bear and Smokie


Run Free at Rainbow Bridge Beautiful Girl!!! You are being shielded by angel wings now. You are safe now! Nina P. Lake Placid, Florida

You sleep safe in the arms of the Angels now precious girl. You live on in our hearts always M. Lowe PA

Run free, precious girl, and may the angels wrap you in love and keep you safe.  I send you much love.  Eileen, Litiz, PA  and Dexter, Pixie, Maxfield, Cubby and Gretel, and all of our dogs who are already at the Bridge.

RIP sweet baby girl, no one will ever hurt you again. Run free at the bridge where you will never know anything except love. Carla D. South Portland, ME

I am so sorry for what you had to endure baby girl.  No more pain and only love at the Rainbow Bridge.  Christine Reilly, Bourbonnais, IL

We will not forget your sweet face, little one.  Nor will we forget what happened to you as we fight to make the world a better place on behalf of you and others who have suffered at the hands of evil people.  Roger Mathews, Geneva, FL

RIP Sweet Angel, no more pain. We will find the people responsible for this. Run Free at the Rainbow Bridge sweet Kiya. Love Lauren, Abby, Leo, and Bella  Connellsville, PA

RIP Sweet Fur Angel, Karen, Pete, Kristin, Kimberly & Peter Brekalis Tewksbury, Ma

You have touched so many. RIP Kiya Jamie Marshall Adrian, MI

I have gone to sleep seeing your little face for these past few nights and it just breaks me up. But then I remember how your eyes still shone with strength even though you were broken all over. And the thought of you on the bridge makes me smile through these tears that aren’t ready to go away. So much love for you sweet Kiya. You have reminded me how one good soul can bring thousands together for more good. We are coming together, and you will be an undying light. It’s love only. Natalie, Long Island NY

RIP you sweet angel Kiya.  May you run and play at the Rainbow Bridge, happy strong and free.  I know that the horror you suffered will be gone from your memory, and I hope you have many doggy friends to play with up there.  Look for a Basset Hound named Buddy, he will be your friend as he was mine, I’m very sure.  You are loved, little girl. Diane Abatuno, Franklin, TN

Rest in peace sweet little Puppy. I am so sorry you fell into the hands of a monster. Sorry for the pain and abandonment you had to endure. You won’t be forgotten. Rainee - Huntsville, AL.

Rest with peace, sweet baby girl, you will be in our hearts forever. Run free with Nessa Rae and all the great doggies. After Dark Farms and Free Drinks & Friends. London Ohio

Our hearts are broken. Fair winds and following seas, beautiful Kiya. We will meet you at the Rainbow Bridge where we run in tall grass and drink cool water from clear streams. No more pain, no more fear. Healed in body and spirit we will play and play! Until then little puppy, I will hold you

in my heart. Liam and Twister, the rescued Brittanys.

R.I.P. Sweet Angel Kiya :(  My heart aches knowing the pain and tortured you endured. This animal has no right to call him/her self human. Rainbow Bridge has another angel and you will play and run and have no pain only love. i will look for you when i cross over and I will be with you and my beloved Kingsley, as I know he will be there to welcome you and be your friend. May the animal that hurt you be found and face charges and go to prison where animal lovers will not be kind to him and show him pain that you felt. May your memory never fade from people like me that hurt for you.  Cheryl Ruskiewicz Brockton Mass.

Kiya my heart hurts for the torture you felt when that animal hurt you. Please know that I love you, and want the animal that hurt you brought to justice. Joanne Ouellette Meriden Conn.


Dogs show love with their tails - they are not made to hurt Karin Shaw Brockton Mass.

Kim Monocchi, CT many tears.

Patricia A Bell, Rosedale, MD  Yes so many tears...

Catherine Mangaudis & Family - My heart is broken that you, and so many sweet souls like you, have suffered at the hands of sick, deviant humans.  I hope you are running free and happy at the Bridge.  We will keep up the fight little Kiya!

Susan Nagle, Marietta, PA

Tony Scott - Arnstein..You’re safe now at the rainbow bridge and when my time comes please join me with all the others so we have peace together...I vow with every fiber of my being on earth to find the offenders and bring to justice. I too fought many wars….

Angela Seddinger & Bo Gilbert, Leo & Rowdy, Little River, SC - So sorry those who were to love you didn’t. Rest well sweet baby.

Baby girl, you are in a better place, free of pain, free to run.  There are many working your case, justice will be done, laws will be changed.  Love you. Brenda Terwilliger, Dunnville, KY.

I am so sorry, Puppy Kiya, that a human or humans were so cruel to you.  You deserved nothing but love.  Those of us humans left behind on this side of the Rainbow Bridge will do everything possible to find and punish the monster(s) who did this to you. Rest well, little one Rita Klint, Savannah, GA

Dear, sweet, baby girl. I am so full of grief for you, my heart is broken. The one’s who did this to  you will forever be looking over their shoulders...we’ll get them. Melanie K., West Wareham,MA

RIP sweety...Dave and Sharra Myers, Anaheim, CA


Forever in our hearts!! We will never forget you!! Love you  Betty C, Whippany, NJ

Run with the angels beautiful girl… are loved  Sue Torres West Hartford, CT

Suzy Pearson, Inman, SC.RIP sweet little girl, so sorry these sadistic people hurt you so bad, & for the woman who gave you away to go thru this kind of horrible torture.  GOD knows Who they are & in HIS own time will take care of them, This I believe wholeheartedly.  Now your pain is gone & you are free to run, play, be loved & cared for, the way GOD intended us human animals to do. We will not forget & we will fight for your justice.  Look forward to seeing You & my sweet babies that have gone before me, in fact, I can’t wait.  But until the rest have gone, I will have to wait, then I will be ready to go & see all the sweet GOD’s animals.  Again I am so sorry, my heart is broken, but my spirit is still alive.  love you

Fritzl will lick your wounds and heal your bones with his precious love.  I pray for you and I love you from the center of my heart.  Margaret, Chicago

For Puppy Doe - you are loved and never forgotten, sweet angel. With God and he is very close.

Anne Driscoll - Marblehead,MA

Kiya sweet girl you are in pain no free and be happy.  I am so so sorry for the pain, suffering, neglect, horrific torture that you endured.  I hope you felt love and kindness as you slipped from this earth.  We pray the person or persons who did this to you are found and prosecuted fully.  You are in our thoughts and prayers sweet girl~ rest well with the angels beloved one~!  There are so many fighting to find your torturer ~ Lynn, South  Texas

Rest in peace baby girl.  Cynthia Springer  Cleveland, OH

R.I.P. little one, may you run free at the Rainbow Bridge. Karen H. from Wisconsin

Danielle H. Heidenreich, PA I don’t know if you ever knew love in your life. But, you didn’t deserve to

know pain. R.I.P. May you live forever in our minds…. may we never forget.

I haven’t stopped thinking about you sweet Kiya. There are lots of people that you didn’t even know fighting for justice for you. I’m so sorry you endured all that you did. My only hope is that people will stop giving away free to a good home babies so maybe this won’t happen again to a innocent soul like you. I’m hugging my four legged daughter so much tighter these days. You will not be forgotten~ Tracy M. Larson and Stella- Fairbanks, Alaska.

Geraldine Smart, Calgary, Canada. I will never forget you. I am sorry for how you were treated Kiya, you did not deserve this, forever in my heart.

I wish I could have stopped what happened to you. I would have put myself in front of your tormentors in a heartbeat. Now I hope they will be found and brought to justice. Rest in peace. I’m glad you are no longer in physical and mental/emotional pain but I am so so very sorry it had to end this way.  Boston, MA

RIP, sweet baby Kiya.Your pain is over now, and you can run free with all your new pals! Hope you can feel all the love from us back here. We will FIND YOUR TORMENTORS and seek JUSTICE!!!

Jackie Iannacone, NJ.  So sorry sweetheart that this was done to you.  I wish you  knew how people could LOVE you.  Now you are free and painless.  We will try to fight for you and find the ones who did this.  I hope you know how loved you are now!  I am crying for your pain that you endured.

I am so sorry beautiful girl you had to bear a cross and suffer so.  Your pain and torment  are over  and our hearts will forever cry for you. Puppy girl, you are an angel among angels;  Saint Francis will hold and love you for all eternity. You did not die in Vain baby girl, you have a new family now in heaven and on earth. We all love you and will meet you someday at the rainbow bridge.  Love and belly rubs  Lauri J. Racz and family, Willoughby hills, Ohio

So sorry this happened to you, run free little one and know you are loved Diana Handros, FL

My heart is broken in so many pieces for you, sweet little baby girl… you did NOT deserve such torture and abuse but you have an ARMY that vows to fight for you and find the evil, evil person who did this. May God Bless you forever and may you run with all of the other amazing pups and animals that have gone too soon. Love you Kiya! xoxox

Love, Jessica and Mocha xo

So sorry this happened to you, run free little one and know you are loved

Diana Handros, FL

God Bless you Kiya. You are no longer the dog who was found battered and beaten. Your spirit and body are new. We will find who did this to you and there will be justice. RIP sweetheart  Lori, Patrick, Timmy, Malcom and Chloe.

My heart breaks for you and the pain and fear you suffered; suffering no more, but those responsible will be hunted down and tried.  RIP and bless your little heart forever.  Tears from Pat Altstatt, Las Vegas, Nevada.  

Kristal Eckhart, poor baby my heart breaks for the suffering and pain you must have endured, not knowing what you did to deserve it, you did nothing wrong baby, i am so sorry that some sick person did this to you, no more pain baby, no more suffering, you meant something to all of us, i

pray that the sick piece of crap is found and punished.

I have tears in my eyes as I write this, sweet baby girl.  I am so sorry you had to endure at the hands of such terrible people. Rest in Peace, you  have not died in vain, you will forever be in our hearts.  Christine Somales Monongahela, PA

Rest with the angels over the Rainbow bridge, my sweet shepard Titus is there with you and will guide and protect you in your joyous new life. Life with no pain, no suffering and only love. Those who did this will face their judgement on this side, but can never harm you again! All my love sweet angel. Jill Cogswell Chesterland, Ohio

RIP precious angel.  My heart is broken over the cruelty you endured in this life. You deserved a life of love and kindness beautiful girl.  Forever I will keep you in my heart and my prayers.  May you know the outpouring of love for you.  Run free with the angels baby girl. Cathy Sanchez, Manchester NH  

So sorry this happened to you, run free little one and know you are loved Diana Handros, FL


So sorry this happened to you and I hope they find the people who did this to you and I say to you  know that may you Rest In Peace and run free with the Angels. You will always be a precious baby girl and you be missed. There will be no more pain and suffering for you anymore.

Hugs and Kisses being sent you xoxoxo. Lisa in Cranston, RI

A certain darkness is needed to see the stars. Shine on, pretty girl. -Stephanie in Austin, TX

I hope you experienced some joy and knew love in your short life. I’m sending you hugs, pets, love, and blessings, sweet XXXOOO  Tina Frisco, CA

Connie Eiceman, Naples, FL So sorry for what you went through; God Bless you.

Rest in peace sweet girl. No more pain. No more suffering. No more  horrible people. Only angels to love you and watch over you until those who loved you come to be with you.  We will never forget you.  Lois, Atlanta GA  - May God bless you sweetie.  

May you find the peace warmth and love that you truly deserve. I hope wherever your soul has traveled you can feel all this love and support  LOVE  FROM OUR HEARTS Joann Lily Barbossa and Jack  Groveland MA

Run free, little one.  Deborah Canivet, Halifax, NS Canada

Here in Heaven it is so wonderful.  I can howl when the angels sing.  Here in Heaven when they toss the ball, I run like I had angel wings.  Here in Heaven when I play, I can feel no earthly pain.  Here in Heaven when I jump, I can fly right over the rain..  R.I.P. Kira aka “Puppy Doe.”  You are gone but never forgotten and you are special and are loved by millions of strangers.  I am sorry you suffered at the hands of a monster.  Robin Mullen, New  Port Richey, Florida.  Bye sweet girl Kira.

RIP baby girl!  We are all heartbroken by the suffering you endured but we know you are at peace now, playing and running, free and happy.  Hopefully the person that hurt you will be caught and brought to justice - and hopefully Craigslist will soon stop allowing “free pets” so your suffering won’t have be in vain.  God bless you, little one.  Sending lots of love and kisses from J & S in Orlando, Florida.


Dian Rattner and Al Irwin Fort Lauderdale FL

Kiya, sweet angel girl. You deserved so much better than this! I know that many angels human and animal were waiting for you at the bridge. From a dedicated animal rescuer and animal lover, til we meet some day at the bridge sweet angel girl  From MC, Sooner, Kizmit, Ace, Bob, Serena, Blue, Ray and Ali in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Dear Sweetest Kiya,, Our hearts are broken for all  the pain and suffering you had to endure in your young life, Kiya Doe,  our loyal faithful friend, you deserved so much more.  You will never be forgotten. We love you, rest in peace baby girl.  Susan and Teddy in  Mass.

Alisa Howard in Huntsville, Alabama

R.I.P. KIYA. I am so angry at what happened to you, because it could have been stopped! I am heartbroken at the pain you endured in your short life. Run free over the Rainbow Bridge baby girl. You WILL be remembered and your death will not go unpunished!

I hate the person that did this to such a poor defenseless little angel.  I wish I could torture them!  I’m so sorry this poor animal had no one to help him.  My heart goes out to you sweet soul.  Run  free now!  Love Monika S, Abbotsford, BC Canada

Amy Alvarado Las Vegas, NV  

This is so heartbreaking and I wish I could have been there to stop this horrible case of animal abuse!  A person who can do this to a sweet pup can certainly do this to a human.  My deepest sorrow for this darling girl and I hope she will fly free in Heaven now!  We must get justice for this innocent baby!

Joanna M.  Cambridge, MA


I apologize for humanity. We are collectively responsible for this horrible atrocity. In your memory little one, I promise to stand vigilant and hold anyone accountable for any similar insanity. Shake it off baby girl. Your home now.  Bo Porter

So sorry for your loss.  May you rest in peace baby girl.  RIP. -Ashley and Joe Seaton, Staunton, VA.

Sweet Baby Kiya, You are running free now and in no pain. We are so sorry for the terrible pain you endured by the hands of a sick human being. We stand here to promise you that we will not tolerate animal abuse and will remain vigilant in your memory. God Bless you baby

Jane Lindahl, Rochester, MN  


God Bless you, Puppy Doe! So sorry a vicious human had to do this to you. RIP pretty girl.

Mary Ann, Tommy, Samson & Georgia Gambino  Brooklyn, NY

Sweet baby girl. You who loved so much suffered so much. May you never suffer again over the rainbow bridge. May your runs be long and bright. May your swimming be plentiful. May you get every treat you ever wanted. We all love you and we all hate what evil you suffered. Be at peace sweet girl.  Kat.  Texas.

God bless you dearest and may you rest and find happiness in heaven.  With all our love Regina Enos and family.


RIP Sweet Baby, Lots of LOVE. Dawn, Skylar and Mooshie  Fly free little one.  

Rest in Peace precious baby. You will not be forgotten. Donna Krey Joliet, IL

My sweet love.  May the loving arms of my Moses and Tien encircle you and may you be at peace.  You are safe forever. My pledge to you is that I will fight to stop any abuse from happening to all animals.  You are loved by many and we will never forget your sweet face.  - Bella, Mia, Zuzu, Halle and Lee Renda, Scottsdale, AZ

May your soul finally rest in peace sweet girl. We will pray for God to take you in his arms and heal you so that you may run and jump and play once again - McKeown Family (2 and 4 legged alike) Concord, NH


I am so sorry baby girl. Thoughts and prayers!! Sherry LIttle, Marion, OH

You are a beautiful soul, dear Kiya.  We are very sorry for the pain you endured.  Live free now - you will never hurt again.  Melissa Madden, Quincy, Ma

We are so sorry sweet puppy. you and all your kind deserve the best life has to offer.

we will do all we can to bring punishment  to  the person (s) who did this. rest in peace sweet one. you are safe and free from pain now.  Lisa Copensky-Tucker Raleigh NC

I cannot stop thinking about you.  I live in Quincy and that thought that you were on the street alone and probably wondering what did I do wrong, I’m a good girl...breaks my heart into pieces.  I wish that I had known you because you’re an angel.  My heart is broken, you are a beautiful girl, and you did nothing wrong.  I never had the honor of meeting you but I truly love you and will never forget you.  May you rest and run and play in peace with no fear ever again.  No one will ever hurt you now.  I would have done absolutely anything to help you, I so very much wish that I had known what you were going through, I would have been there and taken you away from all of that pain. AO Quincy, MA.

RIP Sweet Puppy. Maureen Hurst Centereach, NY

Rest in Peace baby girl.  My heart is broken for the pain you suffered.  May the person who did this to you be caught and punished to the fullest extent of the law and beyond!!  May you run free in heaven where you will know only love.  You will forever be in all our hearts

Rest in peace Kiya we are sorry that we failed  you but you will be in our hearts forever and we will find the person who caused you so much pain…. Please look for my Baby she will play and run with you over the rainbow bridge……..

Poor baby girl. Go find our beloved Guinness at the rainbow bridge and he will show you unconditional love as he did for us. You deserved so much better in your short time here. Rest in peace sweet Kiya. Moira, Charles and Roxie Smith. Marshfield, MA

RIP sweet Kirya...hopefully we will see justice for are safe now. Judy Lepin, Newburgh, New York

Baby Doe….I never met you, but you  have touched so many hearts…When I read about you, I couldn't sleep at all that night.  .You are probably running through the green hills, playing with all the doggies there.  Run free baby girl, we love you and never will be forgotten.  Sweet Kiya you will never have to worry about being hurt again, because you are in the hands of the angels.  We are going to catch these demons that hurt animals. XXoo Love you Kiya  Sonya Nunes, Concord,CA.  


Sweet Kiya...RIP and run free without the fear of being hurt again! My heart hurts for the suffering you went through and I will never forget you!! I pray that the monsters who did this are caught and punished to the fullest!!   Thank God your last minutes were filled with kindness and love!! Love you pretty girl!!!   Jan D Pittsburgh, PA  xo

My heart hurts for what your life must have been after you lost your loving home. You will not be forgotten and justice will be served. RIP precious Kiya. Cindy Alvarez North Carolina


I am broken hearted to the core to read the story of what you endured I do believe that God has a place for all creatures and you are now safe and loved in that place.

Carol Donofrio  Lakewood, Ohio

Run free sweet angel…...Joan and Dean Hartlieb, Orlando, Florida

Rest in peace Sweet Kiya. No one will ever hurt you again in paradise. Everytime I think of you

my heart hurts but I am happy to know that your last moments were filled with love. Valerie Guimont, Toronto, ONT, Canada.

RIP The Gilfillans, Gaffney SC

You poor baby girl, just wanted to be loved…  Sorry society let you down… Run like the wind little girl!  No one will ever hurt you again

Debbie, Des Plaines, IL

Rest in peace sweet baby girl. Your new life of love and peace is just beginning. Run free baby.

Cheri, Hastings, MN

You’re beautiful, and may your death be life for others in the future.  Run girl run.

Catalina, Watertown, MA

Know that you were loved by so many and may you finally find a life of peace and happiness and without pain.  Rest in peace you sweet angel.  Find my Gypsy over at Rainbow Bridge.  She would love to play with you.  Tracey, Sugar Land, TX.

May you rest in peace, The Richard Family, Whitinsville, MA

Beautiful angel, you earned your wings. No more pain for you. Fly free. Lots of love. Ani, Melbourne, Australia

Sorry, Norma.

No living thing should ever have to suffer the way you did. I wish your life could have been filled with love and happiness. Humans let you down when all you wanted was love. You’re free from the pain, but you should never have had to endure it at all. I hope you’re running free and happy now.

Diane Dinsmore, TX

Cassandra  Wilton, WA

Kiya, I pray that you have crossed the rainbow bridge & found peace. I hope you abuser will be found & will pay for what was done to you. The Tomczaks

Jaq Maddocks, North Wales, Great Britain rip sweet angel xxxxx

There is a special place in Hell for your tormenter...Hopefully I can watch throughout Eternity as

he is punished without end the same way he did to you...RIP Kiya…

Sherry Goodyear, Jonesborough, TN  May you rest in peace as you could not on this earth.  We will carry on the fight for justice against animal abusers.  May this person rot in HELL.

I truly hope you can see how many people you have touched. Your life will not be in vain, there are many good people who will work very hard to make sure of this. Your name will become a rallying cry and we will make sure that we finally do you proud. Run free and be at peace sweet girl. The Carrigan Family, Rockland MA

May you Rest in Peace Sweet Baby Doe/Kiya. My heart is broken due to all the humans that failed you. We may never know the whole truth, but the psycho that did this to you will pay eventually! Love you sweet baby girl...Run free without pain now sweet angel. Anastasia from NY

REST in Peace sweet little girl. You will be remembered. Sheila Murphy, Quincy, MA

Run Free baby girl Run Free, you will never be forgotten , so very sorry this happened to you….

Petra Lakes ,  San Bernardino Calif

Rest in Peace Sweet Baby Kiya…..You still gave unconditional Love to those that were trying to save you even after the torture you were put through by others. Enjoy your new home across the RAINBOW BRIDGE with no memories of pain and suffering. Shawn Armstrong Boerne, TX

Sweet Angel. Please know you are loved by me. I am so sorry for what you went through. We will get justice for you. Kim Bialecki, Monee, Il

Decker Warner Thousand Oaks CA  Poor sweet little girl the Lord will accept and love you. And he will deal with the horrible so called human being that did this to you.

Dear innocent baby, I am so sorry for the evil that was done to you and I will think of you always.

You will never be forgotten sweet girl. Your precious face and the horrible acts inflicted upon your innocent body will forever be etched in my mind...along with so many thousands of others. We will continue the fight in honor of you and the suffering you went through. No animal, No being should ever feel the pain that you went through. The monster(s) responsible for these crimes will pay...and will pay dearly. May your spirit soar high above the evil that we deal with here on Earth….run free and be happy at the Rainbow Bridge. Your work is done...ours has just begun. xoxoxo Sandy C, MS

Rest in the sweetest peace baby girl. You’ll never be forgotten. I hope you run free in doggie heaven and have all the love you always deserved. You’ll never be hurt again. xo Love from Norwood, MA

So much love pouring out for you now baby Kiya.  I’m so sorry you aren’t alive to feel all this love now.  We WILL catch those responsible for doing this to you  You will have justice.  Run free now over the Rainbow Bridge.  We love you sweet girl.   Claire Gerlach   Waukesha, WI

Kathy Warnock, New Boston, NH - Kiya I am so sorry someone did this to you.  My heart is broken and I can’t stop crying.  We will make sure that whoever did this to you will pay dearly for what they did.  RIP sweet innocent puppy.

Sweet baby kiya, I have no words! I am numb! Rest in peace sweet baby girl!! Amy Stonebraker and pony( the apbt) from Freer, TX

When someone can be this cruel it makes me wonder what we can do to one another. RIP dear one.. you will never be forgotten Mary Adkins-Matthews Dayton Ohio  

RIP Sweet girl we will hunt them until they are found. Kathi and The bunch

My heart aches for you baby girl! RIP Kiya, may the sick trash that did this know your pain! Mike Deboni Burlington, Ontario Canada

Sweet Baby Kia, I am sorry for all the pain and suffering you endured. Know that you are precious and you are loved.  I am thankful that in the last hours of your life, you felt tenderness and immense love and care. Rest over the Rainbow Bridge, and know that we will not stop until we find the horrible person/people who did this to you, and we will see that they are punished. I love you, precious girl.  Lisa Ratliff, Johnson City,

Stacy Steil, Minneapolis, MN...Kia, I am so sorry you were not able to be loved like you deserved.   Janice Ross - RIP Beautiful girl.  No more suffering.  

From Zeke, Luna and Julie ~ we will track down the bastards that did this. We will see you at The

Bridge beautiful little lady.RIP.

Kiya, we are sending out love from Portland, Oregon.  My dog has the same name as you and weighs what you should have weighed, it breaks my heart to know that you weren’t treated with oodles of love every day of your life.  Rest in peace, chase the squirrels in heaven and eat all of the doggy heaven treats that you can.  Sue Spooner

God Rest your most precious soul my sweet baby….I LOVE YOU xxxxx, Valerie Hildebrand

Joelle Bradwell Surrey BC Canada   Gone but not forgotten, Kiya, we will never forget how brave you were to have gone through this horror. We love you sweet girl, may you rest in peace sweetheart  xoxoxo

Baby Doe/Kiya, I’m so sorry for all that you had to endure during your short life!  You deserved so much better! RIP and know that your beautiful face is helping to bring people together for good and may help save more animals’ lives in the future.  Angela H. in AL

Stephanie Sarver-Bledsoe- we won’t stop!!! RIP Kiya Terre Haute, IN

Dear beautiful baby Kiya, RIP sweetheart. You are safe in His arms now, no more pain to feel, no more tears to cry and no more suffering to endure. Run free now baby girl, chase the butterflies, enjoy the treats, play with your other furmates, heaven is your loving permanent home now. We love you angel, and we promise you that you will never die in vain. Whoever did that to you will be caught and brought to justice soon. XoXo. Az Ashburn, Malaysia.

Wishing you had been mine, Kiya …you’d never have suffered one moment! Greg Fall, Milton, MA

There hasn’t been a story of animal abuse that has torn my heart apart like this of poor sweet Kiya.  RIP sweet girl.  I’m so sorry for your torment and pray the perpetrator gets his due.  And then some… I’m horrified how some people can be so evil.  But seeing the outpouring of love for you is inspiring.  You are loved and will make a difference in the world.

Leona Fortheloveofpaws Perez

Precious Little Angel you have awakened hearts around the world. Your pain and suffering and death were not in vain precious little one.  It is because of you many will be saved.  I pray for the ones who did this to you…may God have mercy on their souls. Swansea, MA

Heidi Thomson - Rest in Peace more pain xoxooo

Cheryl Adams, Huntington, WV  RIP sweet baby Kiya. My heart breaks for you and what you had to go through. I cannot believe the evil that exists in this world, the things people do not only to animals but to their fellow human beings.  I only pray that your death will awaken anyone and everyone that even thinks about posting a pet on on Craigslist. RIP sweetheart. You were not loved in life but you are very much loved in death. God Bless You Kiya. You are truly one of God’s special angels.

RIP Kiya.  I never met you but I am still heartbroken about what happened to you.  Hope you

have found xxxooo Kunz, Perth, Australia

Faithful and true, even in death.


RIP baby girl..I would have taken you in heartbeat

RIP Kiya.  My heart aches knowing you were treated so badly.  I pray you have found peace and

that those responsible for your suffering are brought to justice.  Christine C, Abington, MA

Heavenly Father please hold this sweet girl close. We failed her here on earth. Let her death not go in vain because sweet Kiya will be the one that makes us change.  We suffer her treatment here on earth but we know she is now safe.  Rest in peace sweet Kiya in knowing it will be because of you that we become better people.  Kim, Boston, MA

I’m so sorry you were failed little girl, I know you are healthy, happy and pain free in heaven, RIP Sweet Kiya.  Suzi S, Pittsburgh PA

Rest in peace beautiful girl. I live half the world away, but your story ripped my heart out. May justice be served, may this monster pay for all he did to you in this world and the next. I swear one thing in your name, i will NEVER stop fighting for the ones that have no voice. We love you. Evgenia from Samos, Greece

There will always be a place in my heart for you, I only knew of you after death but I have cried daily for you. RIP little one justice will be done. Donna Griffin. United Kingdom.

RIP BABY GIRL.  Joanne Mcintosh, Bovina, NY

RIP Baby Doe / Kiya ...Run free and I pray you find peace in the arms of the the Angels ...No one can ever hurt you again ...See you on the other side … Janice Tuzcan Baltimore , Md

Each time that I look in the eyes of my dogs, each time I pet them, feed them, give them cookies and see them playing and wagging their tails, I can’t help thinking of you, Kiya… that is what your life should have been for many years. And I hug them a little bit tighter because I am also embracing

you… And my heart sinks…  Céline Dussault, Picton, ON, Canada.

 I’m so sorry for the pain and sadness you had to endure. Tania Marsden, Collie W/Australia.

No words can ever say what is in all our hearts for you have come into it with such sorrow each of my furry friends are with me all the time I look at them and could never ever think of something happening to them what you went through so sweet little angel RIP and let our hearts take the ach from now on and when it shouts with glee you will know what that means KIYA ….Ingrid Smith London England UK and my six furry friends woof woof woooooooooooof xxxx

Bob Shepherd, Worthing, UK. RIP Baby Doe / Kiya, may you run free over the rainbow bridge.

[*][*] Kiya  [*][*] ♡♥♡   I am so sorry it happened to you ♡♥♡ Kiya [*][*]
Ten kto Ci to wszytko zrobil, niewatpliwie w piekielnych meczarniach bedzie do konca swiata cierpial, za zlo jakie uczynil! [*][*]   Katarzyna Sochacka  Yakima, WA USA

Run free precious baby, You are loved by so many and we feel your pain but now , no more pain, you are free , I will remember you always, and keep fighting to help find who did this to you,

Dogspeed little one I am so sorry <3  Debbie Bishop  Cottonwood, Ca USA

My heart aches for you even though I never knew you ,but I see you through the eyes of my sweet girl Diamond. Your safe and whole now in the Lords care. Please know that your tragic death will not go unpunished. And you will not be forgotten. Retribution will be sought by those who truly love animals and want to seek justice in your honor. Much love Christine, Stockton Ca

You came back to rally in thousands, those who have so much love for you and outrage on your behalf, little pup.  We are gathering with strength and unity to protect other innocents.  Your brave short life as important as Laika, sent into space.  Hope you are playing happy in the sky together along with our Nook and Barney.  Love and love from Su and Nancy dog in the Isle of Man x x xSo sorry you had to endure this torture! Rest in Peace! Jayann ~ Idaho Falls ID

Run free over the rainbow Bridge. You poor, sweet angel. No more pain for you :’(

All our love, Joanne, Martin and fur babies Frank and Hailey. Ireland.

For ever in our free sweet baby at the rainbow bridge with Lennox,Justice,wyatt and all of those who we have all come to know and love and for those who went alone. We will never forget you and will continue to fight for you and others in your name, Sue,Steve,Ruddy,Puddles and stinky Ellsworth, Maryland

Kelly Pretorius, Cape Town, South Africa - RIP sweet baby girl, your pain and suffering is a thing of the past.  Rest assured that your torturers will be found and brought to justice.

RIP little girl (Baby Doe/Kiya) … you are totally at peace now.  We, the above, promise we will do everything we can to make sure that NO other animals goes through what you have gone through.  I am so sorry for the pain caused to you by “M A N” … we are all not like that, you were so unfortunate.  Run free baby girl.   = ^.^ =   Gail Martin, Morayfield, Brisbane, Australia xoxo

My heart breaks for you sweet baby Kiya.  I’m so sorry humans let you down.  You are loved by so many caring people and we will fight to get you justice.  RIP sweet girl.  I love you.  Terri Sanford, Prattville, Alabama

David Moses, Madisonville, TN

Rest in Eternal Peace little Kiya run free without fear or pain now , we will find whoever inflicted so much evil on you , I’m sorry you suffered as you did I’m ashamed to be part of the human race . bless you sweet baby . Christine Beresford and gsd Boo  Blackpool England

Woofs and Sniffs from Sully, Bella, Boo , and Jax, and Bullseye  RIP KIYA  in the UK

RIP precious girl. We are trying to get you justice. Eva Recchia Chicopee, MA


RIP Sweetheart….You’ll never be forgotten!  Ellen Welborn, Fredericksburg, VA

RIP sweet girl...your life was a day by day hell and others allowed this to happen...these monsters MUST PAY for your darling little girl KIYA...u r now free to meet new friends over the Rainbow Bridge..Deirdre Weber - ADELAIDE, SOUTH AUSTRALIA, AUSTRALIA

The Hunter Family -Redmond, Oregon  No words, just tears

RIP Little Darling. You will not be forgotten. May the rotten filth that did this rot in jail. Claudine, Canberra, Australia

"The purity of a person’s heart can be quickly measured by how they regard animals.” Thank goodness her last days were spent in the arms of those who cared. We will be your advocates your voice and we are determined to avenge your death by finding those responsible. REST IN PEACE little angel. Valerie, Malden, Massachusetts

Sweet little angel, how could anyone be so cruel? =( I love you - Tara Stef from Colorado

Cecilia Carrillo  Huntington Park, Ca.  You are God’s creation and now you are in paradise. R.I.P. puppy doe. You are in the arms of an angel


Sweet little girl we won’t forget you. All of us will make sure and find who did this to you and make it right. You just sleep with the angels and be at peace. No one can hurt you now.-Petra Siva, Rancho Mirage,Ca.

Since I saw this story on facebook 3 days ago, I have been thinking about you since. I'm brokenhearted, furious and disgusted that this could happen to an innocent, trusting and defenseless creature. In my eyes the person or people that did this are a danger to all of society. No child, elderly or disabled person or anyone who might be too trusting or too weak to defend him/herself will be safe Our justice system has to punish and remove this or these offenders from society. This is truly the work of an evil, WEAK-minded person. A person with no self control, no morals, a cowardly, weak-willed person. Who else would beat up a puppy? There is no hope of "helping" or rehabilitating someone like this, because he/she does not even have the strength, the courage, to live as a decent human being. He or she will always be a pathetic, cowardly loser who could never live among us because of his immense inferiority. Sorry, Puppy that you had to be a martyr. You have brought all these people together to fight  against the abuse and violence on innocent, trusting defenseless beings. You, Baby Doe are a true hero. You will be the reason that laws will be changed to protect the innocent. You will be the reason that we see that violence against humans can be prevented by punishing animal abusers and removing them from society. I think of you and give my two dogs extra love, my children and spouse extra love. Thank you, Baby Doe for reminding us humans that good can prevail over evil. Again, I am sorry that you had to suffer and again you are a hero for surviving to educate us. -Candace Burghardt and family, Franklin, NY  

So sorry you left us soon .  I never met you but I know and love you Puppy Doe.  We will not forget you and will look high and low until the “beneath sub-human/humans that hurt you are found.  Look for little black boy name Skitter and you will have another friend forever. I LOVE YOU PUPPY DOE!!    Peggy Brown Midland, Texas 09/23/2013  ps. We are angry at the stupid woman that gave you to Craigslist.

Sweet Kiya, your story broke my heart and I still weep at the thought of what was done to you by evil vermin in this world. You will be remembered always, not only by myself,but by all animal lovers around the globe. You deserved so much better in your short life. Sleep well Baby. From all the family and friends of Sue Fakorede, England.

Poor baby, r.i.p. little girl you’re  free now. They have those bad men that hurt you. Though l think they should get more than the law can give. So sad that Humans can do things like this. Shame on us. Rip and loads of  Love from R Shield in England

So sorry you had to endure so much free sweet girl! XOXO =Pelzars, New York

Kiya, I am so, so very sorry that one second of this horribleness happened to you. You deserved so much love and we humans failed you. We are trying now to fix this. We intend to avenge you. Enjoy your time with God now and your permanent home at the rainbow. Be free. -Mandy Doll from Georgia with love

I am so sorry that you knew this pain little girl. I am sorry that people hurt you. But know that in your death people are loving you and fighting for you  ~ Carrie High from Bolivar, MO

Kiya, I am so sorry for what happened to you, you will forever be in my heart.  I will not be silent until your abuser is caught and punished.  So sorry we failed you!  Run free sweet girl.  Ramona from ST. Louis, Mo

Kiya, my heart breaks over what happened to you. May St. Francis of Assisi watch over you in Heaven. MJ from Agawam, MA

Your story has touched my heart and do it sweet girl. I'm so sorry for the pain you suffered and I wish we could turn back time and change that. I'll never forget

Sorry little girl.  Jim Ketchum, San Dimas, California

You run free now, I know you are happy and safe and we will find the monsters that did this.....Love you baby Doe xoxo  

Baby Girl, I am so sorry this happened to you at the hands of Humans, Go find my Genni at Rainbow Bridge & Fly with all of our Furbabies!! No one will ever hurt you again Sweet Angel!!  R.I.P.  Susan & Bill Regan- Ohio….and “woofs” from our Samantha……-still miss you everyday Puppy Doe - Kiya so she is not afraid!!

Prayers to a sweet Dog, may you Rest in Peace.  The Nasson Family, Wrentham, MA

RIP Sweet Kiya -Tears for what you had to endure - run fee at Rainbow Bridge with all the special babies there.  Love, Gail Larkins, Lisbon, MD

Rest in peace Kiya, you will have no more abuse. I hope and pray they catch the evil monster who did this to you. Dawn Sartori, Malden Mass

Your story of the wicked abuse you suffered has broke my heart, run free with no pain and feel the love from rainbow bridge sweet little Kiya, justice will be done but it won’t bring you back, xxxx

Fiona Mcphee England UK

I’m so sorry for the pain you endured little one, RIP.  Pat O’Neil, Rhode Island

Little girl - when I first posted the story of what happened to you - some folks did not want to see.  But so many more did - and shared - and now folks from all over the world are championing your cause.  We are sorry we let you down.  Sorry for the hurt.  Sweet little girl .  .  .TL Topsfield, MA

Dear precious angel, there are no words to say to take away the pain you endured. I cry looking at your sweet face each time I see your picture.

Let us use this horrific experience to reform the animal abuse laws .

Sweet angel, may you find peace and know you are finally loved.

May God Bless you and welcome you Home.

Love, Jacqui & Kashi Quincy, Ma.

No words for what you have been through. Ana Aveiro, Portugal

Kiya your story touched my heart, I’m so sorry for what you endured no animal should have to suffer in such a way..all my love to you sweet angel rip run free on rainbow bridge xxx

Love Lindsey UK


Dear Kiya,  There are no words that can take away the pain and suffering that you endured….You have touched the hearts of the world…..We will never forget you...your spirit lives in all of us….Run free in Puppy Heaven...Love Francesca Marone, Newburgh, NY


Kiya your story touched my heart, I am so sorry for what you endured

all my love to you sweet angel rip xxxx   Lindsey Lewis UK  

RIP sweet Baby Doe.  Dawn, NJ

RIP Baby girl,You are in our hearts forever!  Laurie, NH

Sweet Kiya/Baby Doe - you will only know love and peace over the rainbow bridge.  We will always love you and never forget you!  RIP sweet girl.  ~Karen, Myko & Hank, Silver Spring, MD

I can’t imagine the pain your endured, so very sad, not all humans are wicked, rip

Kiya,  your disgusting/depraved treatment at the hands of the worst of humanity will be punished. But that doesn’t take away the pain you felt and could not understand. May your soul fly free never feeling pain again, and remember the thousands who love you.When sadistic abuse occurs like you endured and due to your stength still remained  alive, God seems so far away, but, Kiya, you know now better than us that GOD is HOPE  Cary G Petry, MD Birmingham, Al.

May you now know peace, poor baby girl :(   Crystal Newell, Whitinsville, MA

RIP Baby Girl...Your bravery has touched a nation and we will remember your huge heart forever.  May you run freely in heaven with many new found friends that will never hurt you! **HUGS** Carolyn & Dan Plumb Naperville, Il

Rest In Peace Kiya, you are with all the other angels now, run and play, have fun and know you are loved.  Gail Saquet, St. Petersburg, Fl

The Schena family (John, Mary Helen, Lauren & Drew), Tucker, GA.  Rest in peace.  May your story bring change to BSL and breed discrimination.

RIP...Kiya.  I am so sorry you were failed so miserably ~~~  Angie Anderson, Springfield, MO.

My heart is broken. I will continue to pray that the person responsible is caught. I will be looking at Craigslist and calling all of these people that list their pets for free. Some are just not very educated. Rest in Peace, Kiya, you were loved. I wish I could have taken away all of your pain. You will not be forgotten. The Strang and Best Family

Our hearts are broken little Kiya, but we will never give up.  Feel all the love being sent to you and run and play with abandon! Bev Allen, Fairfield, IA

Babygirl, my heart hurts so much for you, When I first read what happened to you, I felt  this horrible feeling that I had never felt before. I am praying that they catch the despicable person that made you suffer the horrific pain you had to endured. Even though I wasn’t lucky enough to meet you, I know just by looking in your eyes, that you were the sweetest baby, I love you Kiya and your death will not be in vain :(....Vivian Francisco, Sao Paulo, Brazil.

You are in a place where you will ever know pain and hurt ever again.  I’m so sorry for what you went thru, but please  know that not all humans are like the scum that hurt you so bad.  Rest in peace and run free at the bridge, baby girl.  Lynn West, Pensacola, FL

Sweet Baby Doe/Kiya, my heart is so heavy for what happened to you.  You should never have had to suffer such torment.  Your tormenter/s will pay for this, one way or another.  Just know sweet girl, that everyone who knows your story is grieving for you!  Laws will be passed to prevent this from happening to another one of God’s creatures!  I know you are so happy and free across the rainbow bridge and with others that have gone before you!  We all love you, sweetheart!  <3 <3   Shirley Isham, Longview, TX

Karen Herbert Long Beach NY….Gone but will never be forgotten

RIP in sweet Kiya - You have touched our hearts so very much; we cannot let your death be in

vain.  Run free at the Rainbow Bridge sweet Baby Doe. Love and  Hugs - Lynette Brozo Camino, CA

You have the eyes of an angel and now you are one. RIP little one and know that you are loved around the world. So sorry that you endured this pain and suffering.  Diana Hidalgo-Eysie, Quincy/Kingston, MA

Sweet Puppy Doe/Kiya, You have been in my thoughts, prayers, wishes, and in my heart since I heard of your story..  It brings tears to my eyes to imagine what you went through, feeling all alone and helpless.  I feel the pain that you were in and I am thankful that you will not have to suffer any longer..  I know that you are safe and watching over us, I have seen the signs around me that your spirit is happy and free now.. Know that we all love you and will dedicate ourselves to finding who did this to you, demanding justice for you…  I have named my new clown loach Puppy Doe in memory and honor of you…  I will be at  your vigil and memorials in spirit and will be lighting candles for you sweet girl… you deserved so much better and I am so sorry we couldn’t be there for you to rescue you, hug you, kiss you, and stop your pain..  Thank you so much for reminding me to hug all my pets a little tighter and waking up my heart and passion for justice for animals..  You are a true hero and your memory and legacy will grow and live on forever!!!

Run free sweet girl, we love you forever!!!

Kristin Blexrude, Eau Claire, WI, (and furbabies Bubba, Moonbeam, Sagie, Tigress, & Big Kitty)

Although we never met you will always be in our hearts. Billy and Kellie Self- Stonewall, LA.

RIP Sweet baby Kiya. My family (including my fur baby) and I have been praying for you and know that you are now in a safe place, where you will never have to feel pain again.  Our hearts ached for you, but now we pray that you will know peace. Now you are free to run, play and be loved by many across the Rainbow Bridge. Justice will be served for whoever did this to you babygirl. Rest in peace sweet baby.

The Hansen Family * Joe, Toni, Brianna and our fur baby Mini - Jackson, NJ

RIP Kiya - you’ll never be forgotten.  Tracie Robertson, SC

Sweet angel. You will never be forgotten! Love from Veronica, Bub och Felix, Sweden

RIP sweet little soul. Lynda Allen UK

As Nat Nat said on Twitter: This is so humbling how one tiny broken girl could raise this growing army.  Kiya belongs to all of us now <3 David, Kelly & Jamie Austin of Vancouver, Canada along with Zeda, Memphis, Beans, Lilly and Fred our 4-legged kids.                                                                                                                                                                         Run free sweet girl,we will never forget you,we will never forgive,the pain you went through.


My heart aches for you Kiya… hopes that your suffering will not be in vain….we need to make animal cruelty  a crime that be punished by the death penalty to thugs who abuse animals.  Your story has touched many hearts and I hope we can unite and raise our voices for justice!  I think of you daily since I heard the news…..may I meet you in heaven someday…..I hope all my doggies will be there to greet me in the end :)  Marilyn Benavides, Texas, USA

Run free on the other side Kiya………..we will never forget you.  Mary Stivers, Watertown, Wisconsin

Rest in peace sweet Kiya.  You will be in our hearts forever!  Tamara Carnicello, Cash & Elvis - Orange, CA

Poor little baby, Kiya.  I’m so deeply saddened and angered over the horrific suffering you experienced.  You did not deserve that.  My deepest hope for you is that the perpetrators will be brought to justice and dealt with accordingly, to the fullest extent of the law.  And my hope is that the law will change to more stiffly punish such cruel people.  All of our domestic animals are precious, and richly deserving of love, care, companionship, and affection.  You are our four-legged family and friends.  Be at peace, sweet pup Kiya!.  Kim Calvi, Boston, MA

Jennifer Bettuchy- Formerly Quincy Ma, - Naples, Fl

Tracie Milligan-McDowell and my babies Kira, Kayla and Max North Carolina

John Pennio Brockton, MA

The Cashins- Washington, NJ

Sandra Rothenberg and my girl Genny, Boston MA

May this never happen again to any of the sweet dogs or other animals in the world.

Dear Puppy Doe,

I have been crying since Friday, I am so sorry baby girl. I want the monsters who did this to you brought to justice. I just wish that you could see how many people love you and would have done anything to protect you. Remember me because I will see you in heaven. I love you. Maureen-Wilmington, NC

Kiya aka Puppy Doe RIP I am so sorry for what evil human(s) did to you!
You did not die in vain. I will work forever if I have to on ‘Kiya’s

Law’ Play in Heaven’s Dog Park just beyond the Rainbow Bridge while you wait.

Tammy Lawson-Hernandez & Puggle Ariel Chicago IL USA

We can all honor Kiya by fighting to bring her torturer to justice, and by fighting to change the bullsh*t BSL laws that contributed to all this transpiring the way it did. Rest in peace, baby Kiya. You were too beautiful for this world.  John Markovic  Akron, OH

To Puppy Doe,

It saddens my heart knowing that this happened to you. I wish you could have seen what life would have been like living in a sweet, loving, and caring home. Now you are in heaven and a doggy angel that will never ever be forgotten. If you could only see the impact that you have had on so many lives and how you touched them. Your story will help other animals and bring awareness for the justice of animals. You will always be in my heart <3 RIP Love Kelli Clancy - Quincy, MA.

RIP Sweet Angel, now you are free!!   Coleen & Vinny-Wilmington, DE

Tammy French, Moore, OK

Rest in peace beautiful girl.  Samantha, Doug and Odis - Boston, MA

Nena, descansa en el cielo de los perritos y pide allà Al Creador, que los seres que Èl creo para cuidar de ustedes, algùn dìa entiendan esa inmensa y maravillosa responsabilidad y que no permita que èsto siga pasando ocn los seres de alma màs pura como son ustedes los animalitos

Ana Luz Navarro.- Guadalajara, Jal., Mèx.

Dear Kiya, I'll see you at the rainbow bridge and walk with you anytime you are able to ... Please be my angel. Love,  Ellen Mackin

RIP Baby Girl…… and to the MONSTERS that did that to you… Burn in HELL !!! .. <3

David E Hoffman Sr. Holden Beach, North Carolina

A Dog's Prayer

Treat me kindly, my beloved master, for no heart in all the world is more grateful for kindness than the loving heart of me.

Do not break my spirit with a stick, for though I should lick your hand between the blows, your patience and understanding will more quickly teach me the things you would have me do.

Speak to me often, for your voice is the world's sweetest music, as you must know by the fierce wagging of my tail when your footstep falls upon my waiting ear.

When it is cold and wet, please take me inside... for I am now a domesticated animal, no longer used to bitter elements... and I ask no greater glory than the privilege of sitting at your feet beside the hearth... though had you no home, I would rather follow you through ice and snow than rest upon the softest pillow in the warmest home in all the land... for you are my god... and I am your devoted worshiper.

Keep my pan filled with fresh water, for although I should not reproach you were it dry, I cannot tell you when I suffer thirst. Feed me clean food, that I may stay well, to romp and play and do your bidding, to walk by your side, and stand ready, willing and able to protect you with my life, should your life be in danger.

And, beloved master, should the Great Master see fit to deprive me of my health or sight, do not turn me away from you. Rather hold me gently in your arms as skilled hands grant me the merciful boon of eternal rest...and I will leave you knowing with the last breath I drew, my fate was ever safest in your hands.

Kiya, I am heartbroken for you, but know now that you are just over the Rainbow Bridge free of pain and free from the cruelty you suffered in your short life. You are an angel, a star in the night sky and you will look after us here on earth for you have no animosity toward anyone. The soul of a dog is beautiful. I am sorry we failed you here on earth and it saddens me to no end - I cannot stop crying. Rest my sweet “Puppy Doe”. You will be well loved and safe now - run free sweetheart xoxo

Christine Gardner - Ontario, Canada

Rest in puppy paradise baby girl! My heart is broken that you had to suffer all that pain and be so all alone. We are doing everything we can to bring the beast that did this to justice!! I will always remember you. Now go run and play with the other animal angels️ From Audra and Chloe girl!

You will never be forgotten Kiya.You are home now baby love, no more suffering. You will be in our hearts forever.  Sleep sweetly angel. *Da mi basia mille *xoxoxo

Jilliana Day -Andover, Massachusetts

Not a day has gone by that you are not in my heart, sweet baby girl!.  I cried when I heard what they did to you...first breaking your heart, then your body.  But they did not break your spirit….and in the end, there was still the love in your eyes.  I know you must have been so confused, wondering why we did not help, but I hope you know that we would have.  In your name Kiya, we will try our best to make sure no other animal goes through this again; in your name we will fight.  In your name, the REAL animals who did that to you will choke on the bitter reality of KARMA.   I love you, and I’m sorry

were all too late!  Play and love beyond the Rainbow Bridge…..please give Freeway, Syd, and Zeigfreid licks from me, blessed lil one!  <3  Jennifer L.Dawe, Molly and Tigger.  St. John’s, Newfoundland, Canada.

Pierron Philippe from Phuket Thailand RIP. Puppy Doe.

Dearest Kiya,

I can't stop thinking about you.  I’ve been crying since I heard your story.  I felt my heart break in half when i learned of what this monster did to such a sweet little creature.  You must have been so scared and confused.  You are with god now and all the other sweet little pups, running around free and out of pain.  I hope you’re having fun up there.  I promise you that we won’t stop looking for the human that did this to you.  I know that we will find him/her and your story will be heard across the nation.  I can only hope that we will have stricter and harsher penalties and jail time for people who hurt animals.

We love you Kiya.

Love Cheryl and Cooper <3 xo

My Dearest Kiya….I am so sorry that this horrible torture happened to you… lived a life of fear and pain...that’s not the way life is supposed to did know love and care until you fell into the hands of a monster….I’m so sorry that we couldn’t save you before it was too have touched so many lives and hopefully the laws will become stricter and this won’t happen anymore...God speed little one….I love more pain or fear...we WILL get justice for you!!! ….Carolyn Crawford-Jonesboro, Georgia

Sweet Kiya,I am so sorry this happened to you.  I am always thinking of you and wishing I was there to protect you.  I pray we find the person or persons responsible for this.  You did not deserve any of the pain and torture you went through.  RIP Kiya and you will never be forgotten. We love you.

Christine Sherman, MA

Run free baby girl,no pain now , just love,so sorry you had to endure such pain and suffering in your short life but know that I loved you as well as many many more and everyone is doing everything they know how to get who ever caused you this pain….love you baby Kiya..beautiful girl..with love and tears from Kingston ,Ontario,Canada..Bonnie Welch xxxxxxxooooo

I’m so sorry baby, your face is on my mind every day since I read the story.. . I can’t believe what they did to you… I just want to say I love you and justice will come for you…

On behalf of Bati, Celeste, Blanca and Violeta..

Natalia Quiroga Whittier CA

Precious Kiya,  I’m so sorry for you and all others who encounter the evil in this world.  I know you are at peace in heaven and feel only the love and comfort you didn’t have in your short life.  I will never forget your story, sweet little dog.  Pam Pearson   Sandwich, MA

Soooo sorry This happened to her, I pray they catch the sickos who did that to her. Tina Baker, Saint Cloud FL

Dearest Baby Doe, You are all I think about, I hope my love reaches you in heaven.  I hope all of this love warms your beautiful soul.  I believe you didn’t take any of the pain with you.  You are running free.  You are so loved, beautiful girl.  Melissa Madden  Canton, MA

Gail Phillips, Fort Myers, FL~~ rest in peace sweet baby girl. <3

Rest in peace Kiya....I am so sorry for your suffering….we will find whoever did this to did not die in free beautiful girl…..Joie in South Dakota

Baby Doe/Kiya -- You will never be forgotten. I’m so sorry for the pain you felt while those monsters were hurting you. I wish the Vet’s were able to save you, I’m sorry you went to Heaven so soon, But now you’re not suffering anymore. I love you even though I never got to kiss your sweet face. We all care for you and will try our hardest to get justice for you and find those Monsters or Monster and send them to jail! XOXO Alyssa Luby -- Allentown, PA XOXO

Brittany Cardiel Killeen, Texas

The pain is gone baby girl. RIP - Love Jarrod Drugge & Luca

Carol Whitfield - Thorsby Alabama  RIP ♥ ♥

Rest in peace Kiya.  We love you and will not forget you.  You deserved endless love and nurturing.  Our hearts are broken but we are glad you may rest in peace now.  

Wags, Smooches, Pats and Endless Love to you.  We wish we could have been your friend and we will do everything we can to end animal cruelty and punish the subhuman, monster(s) when we find out who robbed you of your precious life.  

Phoebe, Marty and Mini-poodle Frances from San Francisco

Your free now baby Kiya. Run free and play hard. Loves Kim and Wicket - Anchorage Alaska

RIP BABY GIRL Sam from Rochester,NY.

CeCe Cooper and MaryJane the boxer/mix….KC, MO.

Sweet Puppy Doe….We never met you, but we know you,....We never touched you, but we feel you,...We never heard you bark, but imagine your sounds of pain in our minds. You will live on in our hearts forever...We will NEVER FORGET!  We will continue the fight, your death will not be in vain.  Somewhere out there...the monster(s) still live….they inhale air that they don’t deserve. But we continue to work to find them, for there will be a reckoning. You should be here with us now...running, jumping, playing, eating, sleeping, prancing, taking long happy walks but most of all...breathing!  Life is so cruel! Why this happened to you, we will never know...never understand. How can we understand such depths of evil?  We pray that your soul is resting peacefully now...never to know pain again. Fly with the Angels Sweet Puppy Doe~Fly High…. signed, Sandy from Mississippi

RIP Sweet Kiya. Run free at the Rainbow Bridge. Your suffering is over. We love you and will never forget you. You didn’t deserve what happened to you and those that committed this heinous crime against you will be caught and brought to justice.  Karen and Mitzi,

Cape Cod, MA. ( former Quincy)

Rest in Peace, baby girl. You will forever be in my heart.    Brianne   York, PA

I’m so sorry you were failed by the human race, RIP :(

Shelly Bowman  Tulsa,  Ok

Baby Kiya, I am so very, very sorry for all that you went through in your short life. Thank goodness your horrendous suffering is finally over. Please know that you live on in the minds and hearts of thousands from all over the world.  With love from Ravi Hari (and Rocket Man, Reddy B)

Sweet Kiya, you are now in the comfort of God’s hands at the Rainbow Bridge & no one will ever ever hurt you again.  You knew love once so you know that He is good.  You will forever live in our hearts as you run free without pain or being scared.  I have 7 babies at the Rainbow Bridge & I know they were there to welcome you with tails just a waggin. God Bless you sweet Kiya.

Jeri Hartsell Valparaiso, IN

R.I.P. sweet girl. from Emma and Tyson the bulldog all the way from new zealand

RUN FREE!!! Dear Sweet Baby, Gift from GOD!! For now you can be happy and PLAY!!! What you had to endure is going to change so much here in your last life! NEW LAWS to protect your kind from such horrific abuses….. I will cry everyday until the person or persons are punished for what you have endured…….. A new law will be made in YOUR name to STOP animal abuse!!!!! GOD BLESS YOU……….. I LOVE YOU! DEB, from Indiana… USA

RIP sweet KIYA/PUPPY DOE. I am so sorry the human race failed you and I am just so glad nobody will ever hurt you ever again. I hope you are having so much fun playing with all your new animal friends up in the rainbow bridge. I could not stop crying and feeling saddened even to this day about your story. I never knew you but want you to know I love you very much and I hope I will meet you with my doggies up in the rainbow bridge someday. Bless your soul little one. Love always Kerry from the Gold Coast, AUSTRALIA

Rest In Peace Baby Girl….You will not be forgotten! <3….Alanna Morris #Nashville Tennessee

Rest in peace little girl. You have touched so many hearts and hope you know how much everyone cares. Wish we could have saved you...Otis & Jeanett Belcher and our pet family Chance, Boscoe, Lacy, Herbie, Emma in Penhook, Virginia

Rest in peace Kiya, you were so courageous and you mean so much to so many people.  At least now you have found true happiness at the Rainbow Bridge and know how loved you really were.  Lachlan Read, GOLD COAST, AUSTRALIA.

Rest peacefully sweet baby girl Kiya, I am so very sorry  for  what  you have suffered  and that  mankind  failed you.  You will never be forgotten. You will live in my heart for ever.  So many lost so young and too soon.   I  hope to meet you one day.  

Melissa Long, Downey, CA.


Rest in peace and let’s all sign the petitions and email Craigslist to stop this “free to good home” stuff.

John and Betty Fry, Germany

Rest in Peace beautiful baby girl.  Run with our Tyson, he will show you the ropes.  You are touching many hearts down here and we will remember you always.  Sue O’Neill, Attleboro, MA (Paris, Cody, and Lucie send their love too!)

May you be running fast and free with all of your friends beautiful Kiya - our hearts are broken for you

and all you went through. Never suffer again. Rita, Dakota and Diesel, Irvine, CA 

RIP Baby Girl - you are safe now and no one can ever hurt you again. You were loved by many and you mattered to us all. May you run free from pain and feel the love that surrounds you at the Rainbow Bridge. Mary Mooney and MayMay, Havoc and Sweetie. St Cloud Florida

Run & play forever gentle baby.  You did not die in vain because you will unite the world to fight against such atrocities.  Anyone who could hurt a gentle creature like you could easily hurt a child or other people.  We will find the monsters & give them their just desserts.  You were an angel during your short stay on Earth.  Now you will be an angel forever.

with love, Abbey, The Mambo Mama

How we all Love You  RIP sweet Kiya. L. Morgan, NJ

We Will Never Forget or Stop Searching Until We Find and Stop Those Responsible For Harming You. They Can Not Hide From God. I Will Pray Without Ceasing. New Laws Will Be Created In Your Name, Kiya. We Are All So Sick At Heart For How You Suffered...We All Love You With The Purest Love.

E.A. Wood ~ NJ and SC

You have touched my heart and soul sweet innocent angel...RIP in the arms of love.  We will give you the justice you deserve...your tragic death will not be in vain. Your life meant something to so many who will never forget you.

Elizabeth Hulsen--New York City

Jonathan Provencher St Petersburg Florida

Words cannot express how sorry I am that this happened to you. Nothing can make this situation better but to see the creeps reliable pay dearly for hurting you. I pray that your death changes these laws dealing with the abuse of animals. Kiya you are loved by many. RIP beautiful girl! ~April Louisiana

Prayers for the sweet girl Kiya. I wish we could have known you.   Loran Watkins, California

We hope you now feel and know how much we all love you and would have done anything to protect you, sweet angel. You will be forever loved.  We won’t stop until the monster that took your life away from you is found and pays for what they did. You deserved so much more … <3 ALWAYS <3 KIYA <3 xo Michelle, Troy, China & Dodger xo - Long Beach, CA.

Kiya you will forever be in our hearts!!! Rest In Peace sweet baby girl. We love you forever and always!!! xoxoxoxo <3 Love Danielle,Chris,Simba,Timone and Pumbaa Cape Cod, MA

💕"RIP sweet baby angel Kiya 💕 we will fight for you and never give up! Run free beautiful girl at the Rainbow Bridge, free from pain, and free from fear. Erin Martin, Stevensville Maryland

Rest in Peace baby Kiya, you will never be forgotten. Love you from the Mcenroe family in Tustin, Ca

Kiya, your beautiful soul has crossed the Rainbow Bridge, and I am so sorry that life was brutal for you in the short time that you graced us with your presence.  Please know that I will pray for the capture of your murderer and resolve to continue helping animals in need.  Much love and light from Jennifer of New York.  Your spirit has risen above and no one can ever harm you again, baby girl.

Dawn and Son Rick, Hollywood, Florida

May you find only PEACE & LOVE up above  <3 !!!  No other living being should have to endure what you did. I know you are at peace and looking down upon us who are fighting for justice for you and others. RIP my sweet Angel  YOU ARE SAFE NOW AND FOREVER. WE ALL LOVE YOU <3 FLY HIGH with your BEAUTIFUL ANGELS WINGS!!!

Kyia, sweet baby girl my heart is so broken for the horrible pain and suffering that you endured by some horrible monster. This should have never happen to you and I hope the person responsible for putting you with the horrible monster has a guilty conscience and has trouble sleeping and dreams about what you have went through. I hope the monster is caught and dealt with severely to the fullest extent and beyond of the law. The monster that did this to you is so evil and sick. You are free of them now Kyia and in a far better

place. You are free of any pain and torture. You are there amongst angels who will love you and care for you. You can run free and be happy with no more worries. God will deal with the monster that hurt you Kyia like he will deal with all the evil sinners of this world. RIP sweet baby.

Mary Barley High Point,NC

RIP sweet baby ~ run free and happy at the Rainbow Bridge…...there will be many of us looking for you and wanting to give you lots of love when we arrive……..Ann Batterton, Spartanburg, SC

Kiya you are in our hearts..we will not rest until the evil psychopath is caught justice will be done in your name. RIP sweet angel..we love you. ♥♥♥ Lory Ghezzi, Ontario, Canada.

Rest in peace, sweet baby Kiya!! We will never forget you!♥

Please, forgive us, we didn’t know what they were doing to you, otherwise we would never allow them to hurt you…unfortunately human beings are bad and sick, real monsters sometimes :( We will keep praying to God give you revenge and whoever did this to you could pay for it twice!! But I am glad because I know that you have a beautiful life without pain and suffering over the rainbow bridge, now, playing free on the Lord’s field near to Angelito and all the innocents who have been leaving this world very early and in a tragic way.

 ♥ Much love for you 4ever, from Maria Angelica Barudi (Foz do Iguaçu, Brazil)

Lindsey Parry

RIP Baby Kia

Scunthorpe, England

Rest in peace  Kiya , run free over the bridge ,  Daniel Beresford  England

RIP Kiya, run free now. You touched my heart along with so many countless others. May you be at peace and free of pain. You didn't deserve this and it hurts to think of what you endured. I pray they find the monster who did this to you. I hope he gets what he deserves, and more!

♥♥ Peggy & Rich Jacksonville, FL

RIP sweet Kiya. I think of you everyday and what this monster put you through but you’re safe now.   Nancy, Newark DE

Kiya, may you find peace and joy finally.  Susan TR

Dear Kiya, even though I’ve never met you, you are entrenched in my heart. I think of you often and wish things had gone differently for you. I’m so sorry for everything you had to endure. RIP sweet girl. Eva, Weymouth MA

RIP sweet baby girl, your time on this earth was too short.  You did not know it but you were once and always will be LOVED.  Your pain and sorrow is gone now all you feel is love and kindness.  Thanks to you sweet Kiya aka Puppy Doe the fight to end animal cruelty has just gained more allies, our voices will be heard, your voice will be heard!!!  The laws will change, the punishment will change all because of one sweet little puppy that endured so much pain.  We love you and know that you are looking down from above waiting to see what happens.  RIP sweet baby, RIP.   -Deborah Bond, Chattanooga, TN

Sweet little Angel, I am so sorry for what had happened to you.  Rest in peace, your eyes full of pain will never be forgotten. - Svetlana L, West Roxbury MA

RIP sweet baby girl, you have been through the worst of the worst in your little life, but now run free from pain and the heartache your abusers put you through, not all of us humans are like them, You are free, enjoy your painless eternal life. You will always be remembered, and your legacy will save the next.- Wendy C. New Orleans.

RIP sweetie sleep tight god bless Sarah Steer UK

With a heart that breaks for such cruelty Mary D. New Port Richey, FL

Sweet baby girl, we haven’t stopped crying for you since we “met”you. Our hearts are in broken for you and for your suffering. But now you are free and we are so happy that you can rest peacefully and give kisses and play again! Please know that there are so many hearts that you have touched and you will never be forgotten. We love you. And our little girl Bella gives you pittie kisses and loves you too! Kisses to you from us all, A., R., M., and Bella in Virginia.

Sweet Kiya, I haven’t been able to stop crying since I heard about the horrors that you endured.  How I wish someone had heard your cries. I am so sorry that you went through so much pain, words can’t even express how I feel.  I pray that when you woke up you were in the Lord’s arms and all your pain is gone, free to play with all the others at Rainbow Bridge.  Love you Kiya, rest in peace. Maria Sturm, Bellingham, MA (furbabies Oliver and Anabelle) xxoo

Run free beautiful, Summer Cobb Bellevue NE

My heart is broken for you sweet Baby Doe…… living being deserves what you endured. Your story will raise awareness around the world!! I know the monsters responsible for this will be brought to justice. I know you are whole now, flying with the butterflies at The Rainbow Bridge!

We love YOU!! Lynn, Abbie and Layla ~ Lakewood Ranch, Florida xoxo

Always in my heart - Isis K. from NYC

Kiya, You did not die in vain. Your tragedy has ignited a flame in the hearts of all who read your story. We will fight to end the needless suffering of those like you. RIP little one, you will be remembered as a catalyst for change. We won't let you down, Craigslist will change. NO FREE PETS!         Laura McLaughlin       -        Hingham, MA

Kiya, I am heartbroken every time I think of what you suffered.  You have touched so many hearts all over the world.  We will never stop fighting for you.  RIP beautiful, precious girl, sleep well, you will never suffer again.  We will always love you and we will never, ever forget you.

Anne Brooks, Shropshire, England, United Kingdom

Sweet Kiya - I am sorry you were not loved while on this earth, but now will you have everlasting love from God.  He will make sure you will NEVER feel pain or suffering again!  You are loved and running on those broken legs and finally happy!!  

Debbie Crowe, Evans VI

Baby Kiya, I have no words to write that will make sense of what happened to you.  But I believe you will change the world and save so many more that will be coming after you.  You will be the guardian angel to many who need you and you will push us all to make this world a safe and loving place for God’s innocent creatures.  I can see you proud, strong, and beautiful at the right had of the Lord… guarding and watching the gates.  Your death will not be in vane.  Your life matter and will hopefully make this world a safer place for God’s furry creatures.  I love you and hope to see at the gate when it is my time.   Run free baby girl.

Vicki Borowiak, Perry Hall, MD

R.I.P., sweet angel  Gary Streeting

R.I.P. Kiya.  You Dear Kiya: You were only on the planet earth for a very short time, but, your little soul suffered so because of some people who really didn’t care about you as a family member. My heart goes out to you.  You are over the Rainbow Bridge, without pain playing with other dogs/cats that have gone before you.  May your little soul be at rest…

Rest in Peace,

Roberta Limoli and Andy Nathan Limoli, MA

The Day The Music Died..that is how I feel inside for you..may you be running in tall grass with my Madi from Washington State .

Sweet baby Kiya - May you rest in the arms of the angels, play with puppies that went before you, and have everything denied you on earth. You have touched so many hearts and we love you and mourn for your life. Rest in peace and love.

Jean Inman, Texas

RIP sweet angel, Joey Tonnous, OH

RIP sweet Kiya, <3, Isabel Valadão, Portugal

RIP Kiya, I’m so sorry you suffered so unnecessarily at the hands of a

monster masquerading as a human. Unfortunately, there seems to be more and more monsters. There is a whole army of us that love you and are sharing and doing everything in our collective power to see that monsters like yours are brought to justice. Eventually, they will answer to God and He will heap all kinds of vengeance on them for their heinous acts against defenseless animals like yourself. Run free sweet girl never to know fear or pain again.

Kiya, You were just a sweet little puppy who fell into the wrong people. I can’t stop thinking about what you went thru in your short little life, and why GOD would let people like that live? It just does not seem fair you did nothing to deserve this, all you wanted was a family to love you and you got monsters out of a horror show it breaks my heart what you had to endure… we will not forget you.. we will not let them forget you… we will find who done this and get justice done for you someway somehow this cannot be forgotten we cannot let this be forgotten somebody seen something, they have to come forward how can they live with themselves??? How would they feel if this was their dog? I know I would not rest till I found them Such a poor little baby I hate it when I see things like this I just don’t understand how people can do this to a living thing it hurts just like you do, they have feelings, they feel pain, To think of the horror she felt when she heard them coming, and knew they were going to hurt her again and she had no place to hide to get away from them , just makes me cry again and again… Rest in peace little one  You are at the RAINBOW BRIDGE they cannot hurt you any more now you can run free in the grass that you never got too before and have lots of buddies now to comfort you, my babies are up there they will play with you and be your friends and there are many other ones its just too bad you did not have the chance to have that here on earth, and I am so sorry ,for  no dog should have the kind of life you had to endure. You are free now baby do all the things you could not do here play, run, eat, sleep free of pain we will never forget you…. R.I.P. Baby……      Carla Coughenour Windber Pennsylvania

I have cried a tear for you everyday precious one. Teresa from Rocky Mount, N.C.

On behalf of all those that have cried so many tears, I apologize for the horrible abuse you suffered in the hands of those that are supposed to protect and care for you.  Peace to your heart and soul. Kiya.  Your suffering is over and may the fire you have started light the way to end the suffering for so many others.  Rest in Peace….. Becky Cary, NC

Run Free on the other side, I am so sorry you had to endure such pain. You will NOT be forgotten and know there are MANY, MANY of us trying to find those that did this to you and make sure it never happens again. Love always, sweet kid! - Chuck McFarland - Madison,


RIP Puppy Doe aka Kiya….hopefully this horrific tragedy done to you will change some laws… will not bring you back but your memory will live forever……..You are safe now, no can hurt you anymore  P Detlor Peachland BC

Kiya, May your death not been in vain and people everywhere rally to change the laws regarding cruelty to animals and bring those who did this to this innocent animal to justice.    

Ray, Paula, Coco and Jacob from Albuquerque, New Mexico.

God bless you baby. I wish I could have helped you when you needed help. You are so beautiful I want to kiss your face. I can’t stop thinking about you. You will be forever in my heart. Love <3 <3

Madeleine from North Carolina (Formerly from New York)

Kristen Walsh Quincy MA You deserved so much better.

Wishing you a Wonderful New Journey Jennifer OH

R.I.P Kiya, forever in our hearts and we will get justice for you.  We will not forget.  Run free in rainbow bridge.

Nina, Ele, Tao, Juan

Phoenix, AZ




Dala Kirkpatrick, Oklahoma City, Ok

R.I.P Sweet Kiya, You are in our thoughts and prayers everyday and will not be forgotten

Peter, Siobhan, Saidee, Gizzy, Nyssa, Bambi, Tinkerbell Girard

Port Richey, Florida



RIP Kiya <3 Hillary Boston MA

RIP sweet Kiya.  May GOD forever keep you safe and protected as you run free.  We will never stop fighting for justice for all of you.  Love and peace.  W Maltinos,  Oldsmar, FL

RIP Baby Girl Kiya. You will never be forgotten.  

Tammy Williams Hillsboro, TN

I’m so sorry little baby, so sorry for what bad people did to you and I wish they will be judged in the Gates of Heaven and you run free sweet Baby Kiya. We will never stop fighting for all of you, never.
Paivi Partanen, Lohja Finland

Rest in Peace beautiful soul . . . you have touched so many people now, it’s too bad that the people that knew what was happening to you didn’t step up and stop it ……. you will be remembered for your bravery in what you endured….sweet baby girl xxxxx kisses for you

Cynthia Carmichael .. Toronto Canada

Dear Kiya, I cannot get you out of my mind or my heart. I wish I could have been there to protect you and to keep you safe. There will be justice for you, the truth will be told about who did this. May you rest in peace, the only way that I can deal with this is to know that you are no longer in fear or pain.


Kathryn Baker, Sarasota Florida

Rest in peace sweet kid. I am so sorry that you were stuck with the worst of our kind for so much of your life. Bless those who gave you love and comfort while they could. Run forever free, you will never be forgotten!

Chuck MCFarland, Madison, WI



Kiya, I am so sorry for what happened to you!! I will never forget you!! We will get the Justice you deserve!!  I am so sorry no one could  prevent what happened !! RIP sweet baby  girl ! We all love you!! We will get the Monsters that tortured you!! Janice G Cape Coral FL

Sweet baby Kiya, I am so heartbroken that no one came to save you and you had to suffer so much at the hands of a depraved monster. So many love you. I only wish we could have gotten to you first before the monster are loved little one and so many tears have been shed for your suffering, you will never be forgotten. Rose, Philadelphia PA.

Sweet little Kiya, I am so sorry that you endured such pain and suffering in your short life. It angers me so!!!! I hope that the person(s) that treated you so horribly will be caught and brought to justice. RIP sweet baby. Barb, Orangeville, Ontario, Canada

Your tragedy shook me to my core. I have such difficulty with human beings that believe they have a right to harm other living beings. Rest in Peace sweet baby girl, with all of my heart when I saw you I wanted to hold you and kiss you and let you know everything would be alright.person or people who did this to you will be found and will be dealt with.

Karla Brown, Plymouth MA

RIP Sweet Baby Girl, Praying your death will not be in VAIN…..

Donna Koellner  Woodword OK

KIYA, I’m so sorry this happened to you.  I just hope you crossed the Rainbow Bridge and are running around and playing in the happy, healthy body you should have had here on Earth.

Dorothy G. Pickrell, Braintree, MA

Quincy Animal Shelter, Canine Team

RIP Sweet Kiya . Sorry we failed you. Fly free at the bridge. Marianne  

I wish you would have been here with me, Kiya! I would not let anybody harm you! Even though I did not know you, I love you because I love all animals. RIP, SWEET BABY. TINA HOFFMAN-MURPHY, NC.

Rest in Peace Kiya, you sweet little girl.  I pray you rest easy and those who harmed you may they never rest easy again!  Yvonne Edwards - FL

Rest in Peace Sweet Kiya, may you run across the rainbow bridge and smile your loving smile. I will see you one day, until then, keep playing with my beloved doggies, Taz and Ginger Snap. <3  Jacqueline Guerrero, California USA


You have been on my mind since I read the story last Friday.  I too hope you find my many beloved pets who have gone before me and are waiting at the Rainbow Bridge.  You will never hurt again. There isn’t a deep enough place in hell for the person or persons who did this to you. Love, Cathy King          

So sorry this happened to you sweet girl. We will make justice for you. xoxo Heidi Chicago

Rest in peace, sweet soul. Love, Tucker, Katie, Athena & Hades English - Wilmington, NC

Sweet little innocent girl, my heart is aching for you and I cannot fall asleep knowing that the monster who tortured you to that extent is still free.  I pray God that he is found and no other living soul will be hurt by him.  I never knew what hate is, but I know now.  I hate him, or her, or them so much that I wish them sufferings, severe sufferings so that they learn how it is to live in pain and fear every second..  Rest in Peace, and know that you will never be forgotten. Love you, -  Irina, New York


Run free of pain and care, little one.  Know that we who love the furry ones will always remember you, and will not rest as long as the evil ones remain at large.  Patsy’s mom - Roanoke, Virginia


To those who abandoned you, you may have meant little, and to the evil being who caused you such suffering, you were nothing at all; but to every soul your short life has touched, you will remain in our hearts to be forever remembered and eternally loved.   Donna, Leesburg, FL   

KIYA, I hope your passing  will open the Human’s eyes, and will help stop Animal Cruelty, I pray they find who did this to you.  R.I.P. Baby Girl   Mary, McAlpin Fl          

I am so sorry you had to suffer so much Kiya. I hope you are now not suffering and you are resting in peace. You are a sweet little angel now.

Concetta, Middletown, NJ  

Kiya, Humans failed you, when they were suppose to protect you. I am so sorry that there are such horrible evil humans in this world. Hope they catch the one that caused your torture, and pain, while all you wanted was to be loved. You will be remembered always, and there are those out there that will keep fighting against all the abuse on animals. The fight will continue to find who did this to you, and to stop animal abuse. You are pain free, running with the angels now.  RIP Sweet Kiya

Shirley Dilbeck, Niota, TN.                                                               

Love  you so much Kiya. You were a good dog. Mary Hormel Ohio

Lisa & Chynna Burroughs, N.Y. - Rest in Peace Baby

Rest in peace, precious Kiya. Rita Blackman-Bailey, Garland, TX

I would go thru hell and back to find out which animal did this to this innocent baby. Craiglist should have the name and number of exactly who did this to this precious baby. I hope that when they catch that monster they give them life and yes life in prison and to do hard time so another person will think about it before doing that again. The Senate should pass a law that if you abuse any animals big small dont matter automatic prison time I’m ready to go to the Senate for harsher time for those animal abusers. May you rest in peace our precious angels

Bernadette Hernandez Storm Lake IA

Rest in peace, sweet innocent little dog

May you rest in peace sweet angel Amanda Dingey Zanesville, Ohio

Kiya, In the arms of the angels now is where you’ll always be

no longer can they hurt you in this place where you are free.

(Rest in peace my sweet angel) You will forever remain in my heart

Diane O’Meara  Quincy Ma


Rest in Peace Kiya, never to be hurt again. Go run over the rainbow bridge and enjoy yourself. Miller Jarrettsville, MD

Love you  Now no more pain.   Nancy & Bob Kohler  Rockford, Illinois

Rest in Peace Kiya. My heart is heavy with such sorrow for you sweet girl.

Ellen May Middleboro MA

Rest In Peace sweet one. God is your home now. This should have never happened to you. I pray they get who did this to you. You are so very loved.

Jessy Lytle Peoia, Ill

Puppy Doe… I’m so sorry so many humans let you down time and time again., You’re in a better place now. In your death, you have opened a lot of eyes… You will make a difference. Rest in Peace and Run that road you weren’t able to before. A lot of people love you Pretty Princess and I hope you see that. Love From, Diane, Alyssa And Rocco Nemedy.  Edmonton, Ab, Canada

RIP sweet girl.  Praying something really great comes of this.  Sending love, licks and kisses … Briela (Affenpinscher), Bogey (Brussels Griffon) and our humans from Boston, MA.

I think of you everyday, and when I wake in the middle of the night. I can only pray that at some point the pain stopped. I can’t wait until the day the scum that did this to you is caught!!!! Missy, Puppalotta & Tripper Unkle   Goshen, NJ  

I’m so sorry us humans failed you sweet Kiya.. We will not let your untimely death be in vain.  I’m so sorry for all the suffering you endured and I hope with all me you are running and playing free of pain and worry smiling, licking, loving and most of all being loved….Till we meet, I love you sweet Kiya! and will continue the fight for all animals with you as the wind in my wings xoxo     Rosalie Shepherd Mays Landing NJ.

I’m so sorry sweet baby. rest in peace now and feel safe in the arms of God. Thinking about you precious angel.

Christine Stevens from Belgium

Rest in Peace baby Kika  from, Rovinj and my 4 four legged babies.  Layton Utah..♥

Rest in Peace sweet baby Kiya.  You are loved by so many.  I only wish you knew that love every day you were here.  Love, Debbie & Dean, Sophie, Roo and Halle.  Southington, CT

I will carry you in my heart……..always. I love you Puppy Doe, Rest in peace Angel!

Sue Quick, West Decatur, PA

Rest in peace baby girl. You did not deserve this. Run free sweet girl and play like puppies are supposed to. We will find the monsters that did this to you and bring them to justice. You are loved. Cindy Ross, Alexandria PA

My heart breaks for you Puppy Doe, I have cried until I have no more tears. Rest In Peace my precious little soul.♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

Karen Gee, Ontario, Canada

Kate K.Heraklion Creta Greece Rest in Peace sweet angel :-(

RIP Sweet Kiya . Run Free………….
Paula Jones-Drake, Inlet, NY

Oh, Baby Kiya...I’m so sorry for what you had to endure. My heart breaks knowing the pain you felt. But you have crossed the Rainbow Bridge now. R.I.P. puppy Doe

Janice Sheeks, Hampstead, Md

May your soul know eternal peace sweet Kiya.

Nicole Weber, MD, USA

Rest in Peace Baby Kiya. I am so sorry that you had to go through all of the pain. But don’t you worry Sweetie, who ever did this to you, well they will get their day. I along with many, many, many of my friends are trying to stop this from happening to other sweeties like yourself. I know you are in doggie heaven. Please look for Tazzy that I tried so hard to save. I know you two will be very good friends. My heart breaks for you. But you now longer are in pain and treated very badly.I am sending lots of love and kisses your way. <3

Dear Kiya,

I’ve cried many tears over your suffering, torture and abuse.  I just can’t understand how someone could have done that---how could they have been able to stand your crying and screaming in agony.  Kiya, I truly believe there is a special place in hell for those who abuse children and animals.  As for me, I’m so sorry for your suffering.  You were a beautiful little girl who deserved so much more.  Thank God for the rescuers and vets who tried so valiantly to save you.  May you run free, now, happy and healthy on the other side of the Rainbow Bridge.    Judy from Illinois

Constance Franklin, Los Angeles, CA ~ Hundreds of thousands of people cherish your life and want justice for your suffering and death.  You did not pass in vain!

Innocent One, we will not stop until justice comes for you. You will be forever remembered sweet girl. Wanda. Alabama

All my love sweet Kira.  May you find the peace and happiness and love that you deserve, my precious.  Debbie, Arkansas

Rhonda Wickline


RIP sweet baby Kiya ♥♥♥♥♥  

Jody  Ohio

Kiya, I am so sorry this happened to you, sweet baby. You will be in my heart forever. I love you. You are now at Rainbow Bridge where you will never be hurt again. I hope you meet up with all my fur babies. They will love you, too, sweetheart. The monster that did this to you will suffer worse than you did. You did not die in vain, sweet baby, that BSL will be changed, if not eradicated. It’s what caused you to have to leave the loving, caring, safe home you had in the beginning. So, run and be free and happy, little one. You are very much loved, Kiya.

Millie O’Connor, Westford, MA

Oh, baby Kiya, my heart is full of tears for you.  I wish I could have stopped what was happening to you.  I wish that you had never known such pain, fear, and loneliness.  You have become a beacon in hearts across the world.  We will fight for the end of Animal Cruelty and Abuse.  The hideous human that broke your little body so badly will pay for his/her crimes.  Of that you can be sure.  You are loved the world over and I can only hope that you are running free across the Rainbow Bridge.  There are thousands of furbabies just waiting for you to reach them so that you will never be alone and you will never feel pain and terror again.  R.I.P. dear Kiya.  Your memory will live on in the hearts and minds of good humans the world over.   All my love lil one, Tamara Hayes  Milwaukee, WI  

Rest in peace, sweet angel. Your legacy will live on, and you will be in our hearts always.

With love Kiya, now you are free. Carmen Castro, Santiago de Compostela, Galicia. España

Jackie Winners  May you rest in  peace sweet angel our hearts are with you from PA

Heaven has greeted you.

Christeen Anderson-Crestview, Fl

Sweet baby Kiya. I am so very sorry for the horrible things that happened to you, and that no one was there to help you. Hope you can feel all the love from all around the world. Love and tears from

Marianne Ivarsson in Gothenburg, Sweden <3

You are loved much sweet baby Kiya. See you on the other side. Lynn Juozilaitis, Aurora, IL ♥♥♥

Sweet Kiya, I cannot stop thinking about you, and how we as humans, failed you. Looking at your pictures, I saw love in your eyes even after all you had endured. Rest in Peace, lovebug, no one can ever hurt you again. You are free to run through God’s meadows, whole and happy.I will always remember and love you, you have changed my life.

Meet up with your friends and make the lives of those animals left behind as free. Rest in the arms of the angels. I will never forget you and your story or the picture of that whole bucket of toys at your first home. How sad that and happy as we possibly can . Humans have let you down ---forgive us. Annie Statton  UK



PEACE & LIGHT to all the suffering Animals  AniMaeChi

You have touched the hearts of so many sweet angel. R.I.P you will never be forgotten. What happened to you breaks my heart and I can only hope through you we will fix what is wrong in this country that this type of abuse goes unpunished. Run free beautiful girl you are so loved.

Cynthia Savoie, Burlington, N.C.

Rest in peace, sweet baby… you are an angel now


Maria Spizzirri… La Plata, Buenos Aires, ARGENTINA.                                                                                

Prayers sweet baby, you deserved to be loved and treasured. God will watch over you and I have furbabies there that will love and you will feel loved  

Janice Wider- VT

RIP KIYA  Jessica Williams- Quincy, MA

I don’t know your story Kiya and don’t think I want to. Humans can be so evil but all these people from around the world who mourn for you give me hope. Why, oh why did you not find one of us instead of an evil monster? - Linda McKellar, Fort Erie, On. Canada. & Fionnaghan and Darcy.          


                                     /\   /\

                                     o   o  ----------/\

                                     /l 0 l\              l

                                    /////\\\\\ //////////\\\\\


RIP Beautiful baby. So sorry for the terrible things that you endured by the evil person.  Praying they are found so they can never hurt another innocent animal again. May you now know peace and love with the angels at the bridge. Donna Stevens, Bristolville, Ohio

Humanity is on its way to exterminate itself, I hope that we can do it quickly before we create more suffering and destruction. Rest in peace dear little Kiya.

Daniela Bress, Niedersachsen, Germany



Yvonne Atkins, Fallbrook, CA USA - So sorry sweet girl that there were cruel, heartless humans that did this to you…..thank God your last moments were with people that loved you RIP        

Heather DiPaola-Maranto, Tampa, FL - I am so very sorry that you had to face such cruelty and suffer so many horrors, beautiful girl.  God has a very special place for you.  I know that now you are happy, healthy, and playing with all the other wonderful animals who have passed over the Rainbow Bridge.  Rest In Peace…

Kiya, your story breaks my heart.  Please visit your ‘Mommy’ from time to time - her guilt must be unbearable.  Let her dream you happy.  People are trying to locate the persons responsible for the horror you suffered.  We will find the final perpetrators in time but today, the original assailants are known to us.  They start with the legislators that enforce our cities, towns, communities, insurance companies, landlords and others engaging in BSL practices and continues through every person that doesn’t stand up for the persecuted, targeted breeds.  Perhaps your pain will be the end of such ignorance and cruelty.   ~Kelli in Florida.

Rest in peace, Kiya. You will NEVER be forgotten. Barbara Young, Galloway, NJ

 Bill & Melissa Thissell, Weymouth, MA- JUSTICE FOR PUPPY DOE !!!   

“The hardest thing in this world… is to live in it.”

Precious Kiya now in Heaven, RIP sweet angel. Please know you were loved by me & so many caring people who you never knew. My heart is very broken for what you had to endure. May God Bless and keep you surrounded by love for all eternity.  Laurie H. Homosassa, Florida~  

My dear beautiful and precious baby girl, I talk to you in my prayers everyday. I love you and will always love you! I will not talk anymore about your suffering, for you are now in a safe and loving place with all the other fur babies that are no longer here on earth, and of course, you are with God and all the angels. You are now an angel too looking out for all of your friends. We will always fight and NEVER give up till animal laws change once and for all! Rest my beautiful “sweet pea.” You are now free...gone, but forever in our hearts! I love you baby girl! Teresa from Astoria, NY





Angel Kiya,  

Your exit from this earth is not in vain...we will do all we can to make some serious changes in many areas where we have failed you and so many other voiceless angels.   You are loved more than you were allowed to know when you were here.  I hope you see it now.  


 Rest in peace little Kiya.  Carolyn-MA

~I hope your demented abuser never enjoys another day of peace, laughter or freedom from guilt. Your suffering is over. I hope his has just begun. Rest in peace, sweet Kiya.

Susanne R. --NY

Joy Toney - Richmond, CA    

Sweet dreams little Kiya - may the angels take all your pain and suffering away.  Run and play as you were meant to do.  I believe that Justice will be done and the person who did this to you will be caught.  His/Her day will come when they meet their maker and you will be by his side.  I hope that this incident that happened to you brings justice and laws that need to be changed.  People need to pay for treating and killing a animal that the Lord made.  I cannot begin to think what you little body went thru.  Let JUSTICE be the gift we give you.  No more pain!

Patti - Cape Cod, MA

This Says It All

God bless you, sweet Kiya!  Chris C from Nebraska.

My love and deep devotion to you beautiful Angel Kiya, you are in my heart always. God’s Blessings to you my dear. Anas

Rest in Peace sweet dog,so sorry this happened to you. Bless you. Karen from Wisconsin.

You will always live in our hearts.  Bev, Iowa

Autumn in PA, RIP sweet Kiya! ♥  

Rest in peace beautiful baby girl. No one can hurt you anymore and you can finally be at peace. Please know so many people love you and will fight for you and all animals to make sure this never happens again. Run free Kiya! Kadee- San Jose, CA

God bless you forever, tiny one, may you and all like you run happily forever in the light of God’s love, playing and cuddling and sleeping in security and love forever -

Pat Armstrong.  UK  

God Bless you little Kiya!!! You are free from all wicked humans.

I hope with all my heart that whoever hurt you will never have a peaceful life ever again:(

Cheryl, Darran and Dwain.


Baby Girl, looking at your sweet picture fills my heart with so much love for you, I wish I could have held you in my arms before you went away and  told you how much you were loved. I wish you had lived to have a home and a loving family to give you what evil denied you. RIP with the angels,

Love from Pepa Kossewski in Houston Texas


I know you are in heaven now sweet Kiya, I hope someday to meet you! I am so sorry for the pain and unbelievable cruelty you experienced on earth.  As stated above, let justice be the gift we give you.

Lisa - Wilm., DE                                     

I’m so sorry… my heart is full of tears for you... RIP SWEET BABY!  You are in Heaven you are safe now..RUN FREE!!!!  

Elizabeth ,Scotland  UK        

Gene Sengstake Lincoln Nebraska USA  Should not have been allowed to happen.  Justice needs to be served - - - 

Andrea Sreiber, Serbia  

RIP Kiya, you’ll be missed <3

Peace and light to you, dear Kiya, angel sweetheart. God bless you and the humans who, after you’d gone through your ordeal, saved you from a heartless monster and gave you the love, care and respect you deserved in your final hours.

- Jeanie S, Brazil.

So emotional about this, nothing like this should ever happen. I hope an animal right activist finds the people responsible for this!

Kim Large  Buckley, North Wales, England

Home At Last

The trees were blowing in the gentle breeze, The sun was shining; thru the leaves on the trees, The meadows are green; and the grass grows tall, off in the distance; you can see a waterfall, Over the falls; down through the creek, the water flows gently; as a rabbit sneaks a peek, Far up above; in the deep blue sky, the birds soar high; as they fly by, The animals play; at the bridge by the waterfall chasing each other; and just having a ball, They play all day; from morning to night, there's no more rain; just warm sunlight, Off in the distance; the trumpets would blow,all would look up; and notice a bright glow, The harps would play; and the angels would sing as another pet has come home; who had earned her wings (Poem by:John Quealy)

We are so sorry that this happened to Such a Sweet & Innocent Girl. No animal should Ever be treated like the way you were!! Believe us Baby Girl “Kiya” There WILL BE JUSTICE!!! We LOVE YOU!!! Andrea, Devon, Eldon & Shaggy Boo, South West Florida-Kiya “Puppy Doe” R.I.P.

RIP sweet little one Cynthia Blais, Fresno CA

Rest in peace sweet little girl, you are safe now. Christina C., Helsinki,  Finland

My heart breaks for all your suffering and wants justice for you little one.  Now you have crossed the Rainbow Bridge you will have no more pain and many friends to play with.  Sue H in Canada

There is a song by Bob Marley,Kaya, pronounced kiya

you should get a copy for her memorial

poor little soul, it’s times like these that I hold my own for a long period, I have lost many dogs to aggressive abusers but their names were in peace

Tasunka maza, red hook, usvi 00802

Blessings, love, and peace be with you precious Kiya.  I hope to meet you when I take my long vacation.  ~Bryna P,  St. Louis, MO

Peace be with you now, sweet little one! - Elisabeth B., Austria

Rest in peace sweet soul. -  Winnie A. Bellingham, WA

R.I.P - Baby Doe - Love you sweety - love Donna, Tom, Becky C.  of Worcester MA

Rest in peace dear sweet Kiya.  I’m glad you knew love and had a nice meal before you were set free from your pain in a gentle loving matter. With love, Janet D.  - Central New Jersey

I wished that I could have hugged you Kiya before you took your last breath!

The Whole World mourns the loss of you!

Rest Well Little Sweet Beautiful Girl -

While we are trying to find the humans that caused you so much pain .

We All Love You , Judy Starr NYC, NY

So sad - RIP - Val Rose - CA

Sweet Kiya, you will be missed by many and never forgotten. May you run happy and free on the other side of the Rainbow Bridge. You will never be hurt by human hands ever again. Jane Sherry, Madison Heights, MI USA


May you forever run free…….you have made a huge impact on thousands who never knew you but loved you all the same.  Rest In Peace beautiful sweet Kiya!  You will never be forgotten and always

loved by us all!!  Sherri Martin, Gillette, WY  USA


R.I.P. dear pup.

Be sure of all our love and meet our belo

R.I.P sweet Kiya we love you Ivonne San Francisco CA

Rip Lil pup-Willet family, Carver MA


Rest With God Little one  Kathie Hutchison , Neosho, MO

Your pain is over now, you can run free now. We’ll see you at the Rainbow Bridge. Colleen Olson, Lees Summit, MO

God Bless your little soul baby girl.

Catherine Maker, Rowley, MA

May there always be warm sunlight to sleep in. Rip French and Griffith family Canton Ohio

RIP Kiya. You were a gorgeous girl. I am so sorry for what a monster did to you. My heart breaks for you. I hope you can feel now all the amazing love and support, even if it is too late for you baby girl. Run like no other & RIP. Krista M. Larsen, North Billerica, MA

Rest in Peace Little Kiya.  With your passing may others that come after you find some peace before its too late. Because of you, others live’s will be saved. And the piece of human trash that did this to you will most likely not shed one tear of regret because of he could he would never have done what he did to begin with. You are safe over the Rainbow Bridge now where you can run free and play with others that went before you. No longer will you be afraid no longer will you feel pain.  Only happiness and love always. You will never be hungry never be cold you will always have a soft pillow for your head.  Rest now little one the worst is over and the best is now at hand.  Michele Jordan Cudahy, Wisconsin

Rest in peace Kiya, I hope you are running in the sunshine and know that you are safe.  ((HUGS)) little one.  Kathe Newcomb, Andover, MA

RIP Baby girl, always in my thoughts and prayers. I know you are looking down and can see all the

good humans there are and are wondering where were we then. So sorry, we didn’t know. You will never be forgotten.  So Dance now sweetie.   Bonnie Reynolds, Salem NH

Kiya my heart aches for you and others like you. I just don’t understand. WHY?????? Now you are over the Rainbow Bridge pain free and happy. Running and playing like you should. Look for Gotti  I know he will love running and playing with you and all your new friends at the Rainbow Bridge. All are in my prayers. Have fun sweet baby. <3 <3 <3 Ivy Zacharias, New Orleans, LA

I couldn’t read your story sweet girl, but I know enough by the pain and fear I saw in your sad scared eyes. Your at peace and we will fight in your name to hold animal abusers accountable. RIP and may you have a blast with all the furbabies there with you. When I pass, I hope to meet you when I see my babies. As a matter of fact, come and visit anytime! Love and Hugs, XOXO, Gina Caracci, Cocoa, FL USA

I became a lawyer later in life for just this kind of situation. RIP sweetie. My furbabies are up there showing you the ropes, and I know you all will be waiting for me someday. Love, Carol, Lucy, Monkey and the rest of Carol’s Crusading Critter Crew; www.CarolRyderLaw.col  Ryder, Northport, NY

Blessed be, little one. May the goddess hold you close in her arms. May whoever  I should say WHATever….harmed you reap the karma



Lets please together find this violent animal who did this to this beautiful puppy girl , I will sign and do anything I need to to bring this CRAZY PERSON  behind bars so that he can get punched around every day for the rest of his miserable life,        BOSTON MA

I didn’t have the pleasure of knowing you personally but I feel as though you are my own now and the pain you endured and suffered while alive for the short time you were here is burned into my soul and I hope like hell that the sick monster(s) who committed these cruel and unusual acts upon you will feel the most cruel and heartbreaking pain and sorrows imaginable upon their sorry selves! I promise you that all humans aren’t like this and we are praying for swift justice for you sweet baby girl <3 RIP Precious Kiya <3 Gone but NEVER FORGOTTEN!! Angela S. Cleveland, GA

May your little soul run free, Kiya, my heart and soul aches for you. I’ve cried

so many tears, and hope the monster that did this is caught. love you little angel..

Gudrun B, Marshfield, Mass

Kiya, you are a sweet little girl and I am so sorry for all that you went through.  You were scared, alone, in excruciating pain and no one was there to help you .  I can not imagine how you felt.  We will not rest until we punish whoever did this to you.  We will send a strong message, in your name, that cruelty will not be tolerated.  Rest in peace little one.  You will never be forgotten.  Sue C., Pembroke, NH

RIP little angel.  Your pain and suffering are over.  You will not be forgotten .  Mary  L, Rockland MA

I love you Kiya and pray every day that the evil that did this to you gets caught very soon.  Tell my babies Jessie, Mischief, Charlotte and Lita I love them and I will see you all when I get there.  Lots of kisses to you. Doreen Sprague, Saugus, MA

You endured things no living creature should ever endure.  My heart is so heavy thinking of what happened to you.  I asked my Midnight, her nickname “Mama Hen’, to find you.  She will love you the way you should have been.  Rest in Peace baby girl. Cathleen Jungreis, Colorado Springs, CO

Until we see you in heaven, rest in peace sweet baby - Sally, Jon, Cu

Nothing can make up for the unimaginable cruelty you suffered, Kiya, but if we stand together in love and keep our eyes open for others (no matter how many legs they have) who need us, and don’t fear stepping in to stop this abomination, then you will not have died in vain.  I am so sorry you were hurt, sweet girl.  Come back next life to an existence filled with love. Clint, Savannah, Clementine and Smudge.  Brookline, MA

My wish for you, Beautiful Little Girl, is that you are now at peace, that you have been met on the other side by not only my much loved Shadoe, Bash, Desiree, Oliver and all the other much loved animal souls, but also by the humans who loved them. May they all hold you, care for you, protect you and keep you safe. Michelle, Jeff, Hero & Dottie. Leominster, MA

RIP Kiya.  You no longer suffer and are in my memory and heart. Maria Maria Restrepo Forte, Miami, FL

May you rest in peace, Darling Kiya.  xox

Poor Little Dog   i will keep You, in my Heart, Forever, and Always with All the Animals so much

Loved, and Lost, but never to be forgotten. So Sorry, for all your pain and agony. RIP Kiya. Jo Ardell


RIP Sweet baby. May your soul be at peace, please watch out for us. We love you. Melissa, Jay, Leo, and future baby Harlow. Methuen, MA

Rest in peace, sweet angel.  I am so sorry for your suffering.

Ede Salvadore, Quincy, MA

Kiya, In the arms of the angels, may you find comfort there…You will never be forgotten and Justice will be served. xoxo Jeanne, Boston,MA

RIP sweet girl, you didn’t deserve this and I’m sorry for what someone did to you. You deserved love and will forever be loved by thousands now. -Kat, Jamaica Plain, MA

Sleep in peace, baby girl. You’re safe, now. - Karen Gondoly, Cambridge, MA

God Bless your little heart, darling !!!  You did NOT deserve the pain and suffering you got, and I so wish I could’ve stopped them from doing things to you that hurt !!!!    Not all humans are like that, and so sorry you didn’t get to get treated the way you should have, by a gentle and caring hand !!!   You can now run and play and be loved like YOU want. You will NOT be forgotten, and we are all speaking out on your behalf !!!   XXXX OOOO

Mary Duck, East Syracuse, NY  <3

I wish we could have protected you from the monster that hurt you and took your beautiful life from you.  Puppy Doe..  you will remain deep inside  a million broken hearts around the world. We will love you…. ALWAYS.  We will miss you… FOREVER. xoxox Patricia Rodriguez, Johns Island - USA

I have cried a lot of tears over your suffering, torture and abuse.  I just can’t understand how someone could have done that to you Sweet Baby Kiya. …. I’m so sorry for your suffering.  You were a beautiful little girl who deserved so much more.  Thank God for the rescuers and vets who tried so valiantly to save you. At least you had some Love and compassion for awhile…. even a short while… And I hope you know how much you are loved by so many of us…. and that you will always be in our hearts…. And we will do as much as we can to try to keep this from happening again to other Dogs and Animals…… in your remembrance and also others,,, May you run free, now, happy and healthy on the other side of the Rainbow Bridge.  Much Love …

~Sending my love with hopes of a better place, for animals and mankind everywhere...thank you for your friendship~ ♥ ♥

Dee and Carmen Germantown WI          

Puppy Doe sad and horrific story broke my heart. Every time I look to Kiya photos, tears come out of my eyes and it is hard to stop.

It is impossible to measure how much suffering she went through in such short life. She was just a BABY….an innocent in the hands of a MONSTER.

I am committed to make efforts, everyday, until we find that MONSTER.

This story needs to came in national television.

We can not bring Kiya back….but we can do a little of justice in her name.

I have no questions about that we the “humans” have a lot to learn with animals.

Animals kill to survive …...we kill and torture for pleasure.

Paula Castro, Los Angeles CA

M. Darron Smith and Randall Soderquist.

West Wendover Nevada.

Honestly, I am at a loss for words.  This is the worst thing I have seen (in its sadistic-ness) to date.  I have been sick since I read it.  She was such a beautiful girl.  It makes me understand the love of my baby girl all the more.  She deserved better, much better.  

With much love, M. Darron Smith

Learning about Kiya/Puppy Doe brought tears to my eyes. I recently got my first addition to my family (Kenobi) this summer :) and I can’t imagine if this would have happened to him. What is this world coming to that someone can be so evil as to do something so cruel to this poor, innocent baby girl! The only peace we will get from this is that she is in a much, much better place now and she has brought so much attention to this issue! We cannot let this happen again! May you rest in peace sweet Kiya/Puppy Doe. Hope heaven is filled with lots of bones, toys and tons of room to run around in <3<3<3

With much love from BBand - Houston, TX

You are now free and happy over the rainbow bridge. may God please your little soul and keep you safe always.      my love is pouring out to you, little one.  

naomi cohen

L’ignoranza dell’uomo è tanto barbara quanto infinita, il mio cuore è pieno di tristezza e risentimento.

Nel mia mente una candela è accesa per il piccolo Doe
Curzio Bruni, Assisi, Italy

Little heart aches for what you have endured in such a short time. I have faith they will find these horrible people that did this and there will be justice.  Just know that there are so many people that will never forget will always be in their hearts...loved as you should have been when you were on this earth!!

Love and hugs always!!

The MacMurdo family (Tewksbury MA)

Kiya, RIP my little angel. I am so sorry you suffered so terribly. You will always be in my heart! Love you so much, Pamela (Boston, MA)

Carla Silva

Kiya, I am so sorry ~ you didn’t get to know the loving kindness you so deserved! Run now and play with the angels, you are free dear one! In your name ~ we will fight to rid all people like the one(s) that hurt you! May God be our Guide!          Rita Schalla (Woodbury, MN)

Tania Orechowski, Sao Paulo Brazil, R.I.P. little angel Puppy Doe, we never forget you!

You’re at peace now in a place where you will never be hurt or feel pain again.  Forever Puppy Doe you will remain in my thoughts, prayers and in my heart.  I’ll love you always.  The Feeney Family.

Meri Ervin - Plymouth, MA  Me and my fur babies all pray and mourn for you Puppy Doe. I pray the monsters who did this to you are caught quickly and brought to justice. You are in Gods hands now and out of pain. I am so sorry what was done to you.

Puppy Doe, may you rest in peace

Dear Puppy Doe.  I have never been to a vigil; I am 57. I will work through my panic attacks and be there tonight.  I will have a poster with an 8x10 of you, and one of my Wody wearing a sign:  “Wody would have loved Puppy Doe, played with  her, and smothered her in kisses.  He doesn’t understand why this happened and looks to me in askance.  Wody was saved from a Puppy Mill, barely living, and doesn’t understand why nobody saved Puppy Doe.”  I have a not slept, I cannot sleep because I keep thinking how SOMEBODY MUST HAVE HEARD YOUR SCREAMS!  I do volunteer work, mostly for Pit Bull rescue, and want you to know if I heard constant dog screams/yelps/whimpers from a house, I would have done something.  Linda Amato, Malden, MA.

The only thing that even makes sense with all of this is that you were chosen to be the one to make a difference and what a difference your life/death will make!! I am heartbroken that you had to insure such pain and fear. I can’t even imagine what you must have been thinking...The world loves you and will never forget you!!!

Rest in peace sweet Kyla!

Nancy in New Jersey

Rest in angels arms now. Run free Puppy Doe. Maria Lennon,Rose ,John and all your friends in Ireland.

Praying your torturer will be caught and punished severely! Love always, Cynthia and Blaze.

To My Precious...Puppy Doe….My heart breaks for you. I have not stopped crying since I heard. We love you and always will.  I wish I could have been there to rescue you!!! We will get the Scum who hurt you…..My tears are a symbol of you and what you went through….No one can imagine. I am just greatful now that you are not with these Horrendous people!!! You are our new Angel…...See you in Heaven….at least there you can run around and do what puppies should be doing!!! ALWAYS IN OUR HEARTS/NEW JERSEY  <3 <3 <3

Kiya, I promise to think of you daily and to fight for you and others like you or may bevome like you. You are not forgotten. Run free baby girl. Love Hilary, cocoa, bailey, Honey Badger And Izzy.

Animals should be held in the same esteem as humans, as far as I’m concerned. Puppy Doe should become a national hero/martyr.  All animals deserve the same regard as a human life. Through my tears, it warms my heart to see so much kindness and love pouring forth. I am truly convinced Puppy Doe/Sweet Pea was a special spirit sent to help mankind awaken.

May you finally get the peace you deserve free of pain.  God rest   THE SHERMAN FAMILY

Puppy Doe….our Angel……..No one was your voice and I cannot believe no one heard your cries!!!! Wish I was there to take you… will be forever in my heart….always in my mind…..I will love you forever. At least now you are away from this MONSTER. I wish he suffers 100x more than you did. Unimmaginable….Now you can run free and do what every puppy is doing  <3 <3 <3        New Jersey  (HEARTBROKEN)

Thank you Puppy Doe. It is your cause, that although breaks many of our hearts, is helping to make the world a better place so that these things no longer happen. And someday soon it will be so.I have never seen so many people unit for such a great cause on behalf of animal welfare. I know this is all part of the divine plan to turn us into spiritual beings evolving toward enlightenment and a loving world. You were the one help make this so. Humanity IS great, humanity is love. The majority of the world is beautiful and the light is overcoming the darkness.  Bless your beautiful spirit Puppy Doe!  Blessings and in Love,  Park City, UT

Rest in Peace sweet girl! I will never forget your story. The person who hurt you will be found and justice will be served. XO, Kristen French, Brewster, MA

I imagine you are running free over the rainbow bridge playing with other furry friends, maybe even my Leo. RIP, Dusti Hutchings/ Palmdale,CA

My sweet Puppy Doe,  I am so sorry that  by the hands of  horrible humans you were  harmed unspeakably,   I know you are in Heaven with all of our Fur children  who have crossed  the Rainbow Bridge.    You will be free and happy forever never to feel pain again.   We love you and you will never be forgotten,   Debbie Gacek  Buffalo ny

RIP sweet Angel rest in piece pain free I am truly heart broken we failed to protect you. You should        

have had to go through so much pain heartbreak and fear sorry u couldn’t be saved but at least you

are no longer in pain. RIP Ii will be out with a candle for u in Liverpool England <3

Puppy Doe forever u will be in my heart

You were all alone dear Puppy Doe, in a living nightmare of pain and loneliness.  You were failed all

along  the line.  I wish you could know how loved you are now.  I am riddled with guilt thinking of the

weeks,  possibly months, that you lived through your living Hell, while I lived blithely in my own world.  I

wish I could turn back time, and take you away from it all.  There is no place for animal abuse in our

modern world.  Everybody must make change.  The laws, the general attitude, and definitely the

unchecked internet.  Videos, Craig’s list etc.   All of my love sent to you darling angel.  You are forever

in my heart.  Broken as it is.  Love from Denise Yipp Doyle.  Nova Scotia, Canada

I can not believe someone could be so mean. Rest in peace … no one can hurt

you now.

Puppy Doe - we think of you everyday and it makes us so sad...RIP -love

Meatball S.

Dear Kiya, may you RIP, sweet girl!! Run free & know you are safe forever. Romeo & Dulcinea will

be your friends at the Bridge! Sending prayers that justice will be served!! Much Love, Heather xo

Fly high and free now sweet precious angel no more evil or pain ~ rest and play  in God's loving
arms ♥
I am so sorry you had to endure so much pain in your short life.  I can’t believe  that nobody
heard your cries! RIP sweet baby Kiya!  Run free and soar with the Angels at the Rainbow
Bridge. Look for my Katie, Teddy, and my other furbabies that are at the Bridge, they will all
welcome you with open paws!  Sending prayers that they find this scum that tortured you and
justice will be served! Love,

Jane from Scotrun, PA.

           Dora Ponce  - The entire world will always be with you Puppy Doe.

I am so very sorry this happened to you. R. I. P. Puppy Doe. You will not be forgotten. Karin, Marie,

Sheba, Cosmo,

Reno, Nv.

RIP sweet baby,such a waste of a life,but hopefully something good  can come out of this in your

name,we are praying for you this day,and now you have found happiness.You will never be forgotton


mandy boone uk

Dear Baby Doe,

God has a plan for you in heaven. We will find whom did this to you and he or her will be prosecuted

to the full extent. You are beautiful and always remember that. You did no harm a very deranged

person is the sick one.   Patty @ Spirit Golden Valley,MN

My heart is breaking every day over this :’( Run free sweet baby… no more torture… I am so sorry for

what you had to endure at the hands of such evil evil humans :’( Tracy in Millbury MA

We love you Kiya and will never give up until we get justice for what happened to you. So glad you are

not in pain anymore and are in the arms of God’s love. The Bogosian Family, Hudson,


Riposa in peace, Puppy Doe.   Rosanna De Leonardo Italy

Rest in peace sweet Puppy Doe.  I know that the humans who hurt you will be found and punished!!  

Sorry that the human race let you down.  Roxanne Shaw  Wisconsin

So sorry for what happened to you sweet girl, wish i could have saved

you. in the arms of the angels may you sleep xxxx

Lindsey, star, sid and riley uk

You’re in the arms of the angels.  RIP Kiya.  I hope they catch the horrible person that did this to you.  

Mary Myers, Hull, MA, USA.

Sweet Kiya...Run free over rainbow bridge...We will never forget you! Karma will get the horrible

person that harmed you! Gina Vuocola, Nescopeck, PA

We are so sorry that we didn’t know. We would give anything to be able to have saved you from such

horrific things that no living being should ever endure. RIP sweet Kiya. You have touched our souls

and we will never forget you.  Diane Dinsmore, Austin, TX

Rest in peace puppy Doe, May you run free and pain free with all the others there and may you never

again know or face the cruelty that you did on this earth… My Husband, Me, our Sweetie dog and all

the others that have crossed the bridge just want you to know we love you…… Tom, Jami and

Sweetie Lipe,  PA

Sam Privitera,Rochester New York

RIP puppy Doe aka Kiya

Rest in peace sweet girl! So outraged at what you went through and really hope we catch those who

did that to you and have them pay with no mercy! my 2 pups send you their love and so do I!

Veronique, Boston USA

Lifted up by Angels Wings to Romp in Paradise surrounded by love where you will never feel pain,

hunger, or be lonely ever again.  De’Ana Bloomer - Evansville, IN

Rest in Peace Kiya, I am so sorry for what you had to endure in your short life. God has a special

place set aside for you. Be sure to look for my furbabies at the Bridge, Honey Bear and Ziggy are

waiting for you, so they can play with you and keep you safe and happy. The monsters that hurt you

must be caught and prosecuted! I wish that I could be there for your vigil, but I am in Maryland. I will

be there in spirit. You are in God’s hands now, safe, warm and free from pain.  

Brenda Harris_Baltimore, Md.

I was born kiya, a happy pup.

then by my humans i was given up.

to hell i was sent, to suffering and pain,

each day i would wake up to more or the same.

finally i was rescued, too late i was found,

my injuries so grievous i was put down.

so in the name of others, those we may never know,

please work hard so i am the last lost puppy doe

rest in peace, on angels wings. our tears still falling

as angels, sing

karen lyons kalmenson

Dear Baby Kiya - I cry for the agony and loneliness you endured every day - who knew that one tiny,

little, broken puppy could bring forth so much love - from all around the world.  You will  live in my

heart forever !  Love - Vera Gregory-Donley and Bridgette in Stafford, Virginia

Baby girl Kiya,  I am so sorry for what you went through. I can’t believe humans let that that happen to

you. Please know that you will not be forgotten and we will fight to bring your torturers to justice. RIP

and run free over the bridge. Michele Vasso East Haven, CT

Dear Kiya- I am so sorry for all of the pain and agony you suffered every day. May you rest in peace

and run free at the rainbow bridge with all of your friends. May you be free of pain and know that there

are so many people in this world who love you, miss you, and will continue to look for the person who

did this to you. Rest peacefully beautiful angel. Ashley O’Neill

I don’t believe that such scandalous things still are happening in your beautiful country !!! You, the

American people need to take back the power you have to stop this kind of daily cruelty in the US !!!

You need to put the government under pressure and to boycott Craigslist  !!!

baby kiya you are in my thoughts and heart everyday!i will not rest until your tortures are brought to

justice!loving you forever eva,los Angeles california

Sweet Pea, I am sorry it has taken this long for people to be aware that your breed gets treated like

this everyday. It is time to punish the deed and not the breed. You are no longer on this earth but

forever in my heart even though I did not know you. Just glad that my friend’s sister found you and you

were shown love and kindness and heard the endearing name Sweet Pea. Cheryl Richard

Rest in peace sweet baby I have been thinking about you day night. So sorry for what you went

through. I will be with you in spirit and I hope you are free and happy now! Love you Baby Doe, From

Anna Magee, E Stroudsburg, Pa


There are no words that can describe the injustice that was done to you sweet girl.  The pain that you

endured, the loneliness you felt your final days.  I know that there is a God and that justice will prevail.  

That person will be brought to justice.  Your death will not be in vain.  Look at all that your life has

brought together.  In this tragic ending you are loved and mourned by so many.  You mattered

babygirl and you will continue to matter and set into motion the loudest cry for injustice on not only

abused animals but the injustice that is served to your breed.  GB you and may you forever roam free

in heaven.  RIP Baby Girl Doe  Love Yolanda Rodriguez from Pooler GA

May all our love embrace your soul and build upon your new found happiness in heaven.

Patty Welch, Newmarket, NH

No living being should ever have to suffer such abuse.We cannot call ourselves a civilized nation or

species if we allow this to happen.  Rest in peace,Puppy Doe.  There have been too many victims

like you, but you did not get your miracle like Patrick did.  We will find the sadistic person who did this

to you and that will be as close as we can come to making a miracle for you.

From Linda and her puppy mill survivor dog, Meg


SWEET BABY GIRL YOU WILL ALWAYS Live in our heart and you will always be

our special sweet angel baby love you and R.I.P.   Baby girl

LOVE Donna,Tom,And Becky C. in Worcester Mass.

Puppy Doe you will always eternally be in our hearts.. We mourn for you amid the pain that you have suffered.  We have all adopted you and will never forget you.. RIP Kiya

Sue Martin Chester NH

I’m so sorry that you had to experience so much pain and hate in your short life.  But know that your death will not be in vain.  People around the world know your story and will make sure that those who commit these heinous acts will be brought to justice.  And we will all work to make the world a better place for all the 4 legged babies.  Deb,and her 4