You can now record your webcam and microphone without leaving Blackboard.  Using the new “Video Everywhere” function, you can record and embed videos in items, announcements, discussion boards and more.

Recorded videos will be saved using “Unlisted” privacy settings.  This means that your videos will not show up in Youtube search results or as suggestions when users view videos on related topics, but they can be accessed by anyone who has the link to your recording.  This level of privacy is similar to that of an unlisted phone number, and should not be used for private feedback to students.

Note:  You must have a Youtube account to use the Video Everywhere feature of Blackboard.

In this example we’ll create an Item featuring an embedded Youtube video, but the concepts apply to many different areas of Blackboard.

1. Click the Record from Webcam button on the textbox editor.

2. Click the Sign in to Youtube button.

3. Click the Grant Access button to allow Blackboard to access your Youtube account.

4. Click the Record from webcam button.

5. Grant the Adobe Flash Player access to your webcam and microphone.  Select the Allow option, then check the Remember box to avoid this confirmation in the future.  Once the options have been set, click Close.

6. Your webcam and microphone have now been engaged.  Click the Start Recording button to begin your video.

7. Click OK to grant Blackboard permission to upload to your Youtube account.

8.  When you are finished speaking, click the Stop recording button.

9. Click the Play button to review the recording.  If you are satisfied, click the Upload button.  If not, click the Start over button to record again.

10. Click Insert to embed the video into the text box editor.

11. Your recorded video should now be embedded in Blackboard.