EPICS V4 Telecon, 2-Jun-2015

Agenda: Feedback from FRIB EPICS V4 training and EPICS meeting

Present: DH, MK, GW, RL, MD

Chair: GW

Scribe: RL

MK: We started with a description of the toolkit that the Developers Guide describes. Praised the SNS guys for their use of V4 without having a V4 developer in their team. DH was giving the introductory talk.

GW: We did not have a separate session?

DH: We had a two-hour session in the main meeting.
I was going through all the introductory material: getting started guide, where the main documents are, the NT types documentation, giving pointers to everything, showing how and where to download and compile stuff - everything to get someone going.

Ran the examples: pvaSrv example and the pvDatabase example, showed the command line tools. Explained the terms, showed different providers. Presented the helloWorld example and an introduction to creating a service. Showed the APIs for creating structures and introspection interfaces.

GW: <sounds highly pleased>

What was the feedback? Any hints from the audience on what to do next?

DH: Not too much feedback on the talk.

For our plans; Diamond is interested in areaDetector. Would be interested in what ESS wants on the IOC side: is pvaSrv enough? Do they need more work on the IOC?

GW: has a whole list of issues collected while being there.

ESS had no development environment. People were interested but not exposed. Contact persons: Clemens ? and Timo Korhonen.

MK: Bob is trying to get ESS towards funding some V4 work.

GW: Don’t rely too much on these very preliminary plans. Other funding options might be interesting, too.

MK: Did you (GW) realize the decisions done in the f2f meeting?

GW: Yes. Also realized the freight train (move to GitHub) coming onwards.

Who will do the documentation changes?

MD: Will provide the minimal needed policy document.

GW: Wants to have detailed step-by-step guides. With illustrations.

MD: Will provide references to existing documentation where helpful.

MD: Posted a plan for the transition to github in email (last week).

AI: GW to review.

DH: Do you (MD) see everything being done by pull-request, or will some things be done as push?

MD: Agree that pull-request is not done for minutia. But it’s a fuzzy line where the difference is.

GW: I don’t want Marty to be held up in having to post merge requests for his own modules - like pvData.

MD: Well, I would like him to. If the effect is high, then he should.

GW: Ok, so I think we’re in agreement.

GW:MD: We won’t require pvDataWWW to go through the pull-request model, because that would require a shadow web site.

GW: When might we move over to the new model?

MD: Well, first requires Andrew to verify CI builders.

MK: Do please put the notes on how to use the github model in a place we can all see.

MD: OK, I’ll put it on the github wiki page.

Meeting ends 8:57 am PST